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Monday, 30 November 2015

House of Fraser: #SecretStylist Secret Santa

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for a secret santa. I'm involved in a few blogger ones this year and I'm super excited for them as you really have no idea what you're going to get. Plus, isn't it always lovely to spend time finding out what people like and choosing the gift that you think is going to be perfect for them? House of Fraser challenged a few bloggers to choose some jewellery for their assigned Secret Santa, acting as a #SecretStylist and figuring out what they will love so this post is about the jewellery that I myself recieved as a gift from my own Secret Stylist!

So I got two things from my Secret Santa, the first of which was this beautiful feather necklace. This is definitely something I would have picked for myself as I'm a bit of a fan of dainty necklaces and I'm loving silver at the minute. I love little symbols and cute things like that so my secret santa did an amazing job choosing this for me - bravo, whoever you are because this necklace is just me all over!! The second piece got another huge thumbs up from me and it came in the form of this simple little ring. Again, it's silver and it has a cut out arrow symbol, keeping with the theme of the symbol of the necklace. I'm not sure if I would have picked it myself but that's matterless as I love it and it fits perfectly thanks to it being adjustable, another thing my secret santa gets a huge thumbs up for. As someone with very scrawny fingers, finding rings can be quite a task and even XS usually slides right off, so yep, another round of applause for the buyer please!!

If you're still in the midst of your Christmas shopping, House of Fraser jewellery is definitely worth checking out. They have some beautiful pieces for every budget, from necklaces and rings under £10, to the designer watch for that special someone you want to treat this season. I'd love my Secret Santa to reveal themselves - I'm too nosy not to know!

Amy x

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  1. Lovely pieces of jewellery. If you love silver, I would be eternally grateful if you would check out my website - it has tons of sterling silver jewellery (adjustable rings too!) featuring different gemstones.

    Btw, huge fan of your blog and Instagram page!



  2. Such beautiful pieces! I would be kinda obsessed too!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  3. so cute look ; -))

    i invite to me too


  4. Your gifts are gorgeous. It's always nice to receive a present that you wouldn't have chosen for yourself and your SS did a great job. I love the ring as have a thing for arrow motifs at the moment. I'm not taking part in any blogger secret santas this year but doing our annual one with my home besties - they are always a lot of fun! Li x

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