Monday, 26 October 2015

The Winter Wardrobe Essential


If there's one thing your wardrobe needs this winter, it is most definitely a cape. Yes, traditional thick parkas and the trusty checked boyfriend coat are all well and good but capes just bring a whole new ball game. Not quite a coat and not quite a shawl, capes give off an air of elegance, despite being something you literally just throw on. This beauty is from JOY and is absolutely perfect for this time of year. I already own a cape, but it's more like a blazer whereas this one is definitely closer to being a coat. It's really thick meaning it hangs beautifully and can be styled in so many different ways. Here, I've styled it with a pair of ripped skinnies, a classic white shirt and my striped Daniel Wellington watch, giving a casual but sophisticated vibe. There's something about thick, heavy capes like this that just give a real air of elegance, no matter how casual the rest of the outfit is. 

I love how it looks with the messy ponytail and red lippy, although I'll admit that the messy ponytail was a bit of an accident due to my hair being almost-but-not-quite-long-enough to tie up. 


I think the beauty of a cape like this is that, due to the real luxurious feel of it, it can be either worn as a casual, day to day cover up, or it can be worn to glam up an evening outfit. We know how cold it can get on nights in the winter but that doesn't stop us going out in our LBDs with bare legs (yes we are crazy sometimes!) so something like this is really easy to throw on over the top, actually making your outfit rather than ruining it like most jackets do. 

What's your winter wardrobe essential? 

Amy x
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