Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Velvet Teddy


Usually, heavy colour coordination isn't my strong point (I like to clash things okay?!) but in this outfit I think the whole overall "velvet teddy" colour is pretty great! On the subject of Velvet Teddy I finally caved to the hype earlier in the year and bought it and it's one of the only over-hyped make up products that I've ever actually full on loved. It's been my go to shade during the day for the last few weeks and I knew this whole outfit would be finished off with a slick of the good ol' VT.

I've already admitted a few weeks ago that I'm excited for Autumn, not only because of all the festivities that happen between September and December (namely my birthday, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas!), but because I love the autumnal colours. I love it when the leaves start to change colour - the browns and golds and dark greens are just the best colour palette ever and it's easy to see that's where the inspo for this particular outfit came from. The dress is a little number I picked up in ZARA (when I wasn't actually supposed to be buying anything but y'know) and I think it goes perfect with the brown accessories, the jacket and of course, the auburn hair. This is my favourite hair colour I've had for a while and I'm hoping it stays like this but you know how hair usually behaves (the opposite to what you want!) so let's keep our fingers crossed I don't do something disastrous to it before the season is out!

Amy x
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