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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Afternoon Tea At Betty's Tea Rooms

Last week my mum and I were invited down to York by Betty's Tea Room, to try out their Lady Betty Afternoon Tea. As you will all probably be aware, afternoon tea is right up my street - I mean, it has mini sandwiches, desserts and lot's of tea so what's not to love? I've wanted to try Betty's Tea Rooms for a while now, since Karl and I were in York in June so I was so excited to finally give it a try! 

Situated smack bang in the centre of York, we easily found the tea room and were instantly drawn to its wonderful, treat filled window. My oh my, I think I could easily have eaten my body weight in the delights that were there! I mean look at how adorable those little pig cakes are - (almost) too cute to eat. As we were booked in for our tea, we skipped the queue and headed straight upstairs to the Belmont Suite, where we were treated to a table right by the window, complete with a pianist who constantly filled the room with music and fantastic service from our waiter, who served us a glass of rose champagne as soon as we sat down. I don't drink so only had a few sips of mine before passing it over to my mum but I can tell you that it was actually quite nice, which should be considered amazing when it's coming from someone who usually hates any kind of champagne! 

We were given the tea menu which had a whopping 18 different teas to choose from - who knew that you get so many different types?! I went for Jasmine Blossom Green Tea while my mum went for the waiter's recommendation of Betty's Afternoon Tea Blend. The teas were loose leaf which meant they were absolutely delicious (as you can tell tea = life for me) and as we had extra pots of hot water, we had a virtually unlimited supply of it to keep us going.

As I've recently become vegetarian, I went for the meat free food so for my first course I was served tomato with avocado paste and lettuce while my mum had prawn cocktail with the avocado paste. They came in little glasses and were adorable but more importantly they were delicious and I could have probably eaten five of them! 

Next up came the afternoon tea stand, filled with miniature sandwiches including an egg mayonnaise and a goats cheese for me, and a coronation chicken and a Yorkshire ham for my mum. For the sweets, we got two scones each - a lavender and a sultana. I absolutely loved the lavender scone - the lavender was actually quite prominent but not overpowering and it was delicious (I'm now sitting here writing this wishing I bought a year's worth of them I loved it that much). We also got a selection of cakes, ranging from mini fruit pavlovas to a strawberry macaron, which were again all absolutely amazing. 

Overall the afternoon tea was absolutely beautiful and my mum and I both loved it - the tea, the cakes, the sandwiches, the atmosphere, the service. Everything was stunning and I would love to go back and do it all again! To make it even better, we got a complimentary pot of Betty's Tea to take home with us which I can't wait to try as soon as I get my hands on a tea strainer! I mean how adorable is that?! 

 The Champagne Lady Betty Afternoon Tea including all of this is £39.95 so although it's probably a little bit pricey to go and do evey week, it would make an absolutely lovely gift for a birthday or special occassion, or even just a little treat for yourself. I know I'll definitely be going back as soon as I can! (Give me ALL the tea and cake!) 

Amy x

*Lady Betty Afternoon Tea was provided c/o Betty's Tea Rooms. All opinions and comments remain my own*

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  1. My favourite place to go for afternoon tea in my hometown, I can't wait for my afternoon tea in October! I know I will be buying all the macaroons ❤️
    Bee | QueenBeady.com

  2. It sounds like you had a fab time Amy! All those sweet treats just look divine x


  3. Betty's is my favourite place to go for afternoon tea, the food is wonderful.

  4. What a cute day out! Everything looks so amazing. x


  5. so nice!!;))

    new post


  6. Well, this made me just a teensy bit hungry; it looks delicious xo

    Emily | emsalice.com

  7. Everything you've mentioned looks yummy! I love afternoon tea and this one looks fab x


  8. This place looks amazing! And the food even better


  9. That place looks like the cutest tea room ever! I need to go...

    infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  10. All of the food looks so yummy, and I really love the decor!
    Jodie // Jodie Loue

  11. Wow its so nice, id look like a tramp in there haha =]


  12. I always daydream about going on a little tea date like this <3 Finger sandwiches and small cakes---just perfect~ How can those sweets get any cuter?!
    She Will Be

  13. Look's very fancy, I would like to go to an afternoon tea some day xx

  14. I love Betty's - it's so beautiful inside and the food is lovely! This afternoon tea looks great x

  15. Everything looks so yummy! It seems like a really lovely place. x


  16. Betty's is adorable, the swiss fusion food at brunch is divine but you have given me a massive craving for a proper Betty's scone!
    xo Kirsty

  17. oh wow! these cakes look way too perfect. and i'm such a big lover of scone. one of the reasons why I miss UK so much :)
    Vaida @ www.donttellanyone.net/blog

  18. I've always wanted to go to Betty's - their fat rascal cakes are to die for! Beautiful photos and looks like you and your mum had a lovely afternoon! :)
    Lucy @ Lucy—Loves xx

  19. Betty's is lush, I love going there for a treat... the queue that's always outside speaks volumes as to how good it is I think!

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

  20. Shouldn't have read this before lunch! Hungry now ha! x



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