Sunday, 16 August 2015

Raspberry Cupcakes Recipe

Hey guys! Today I'm back with a recipe for you. I haven't done a baking post in a while but my sister and I whipped these babies up the other day and they were so good I had to share them with you! I'm a sucker for anything with fruit in if I'm honest so I always like to try and include berries in with my cakes and as I'm sure you all know, raspberries and white chocolate are a dream together. The cakes are raspberry and vanilla with the white chocolate buttercream, finished off with a sprinkling of white chocolate chunks. Drooling yet?! Let's get started!

◆ 110g self-raising flour
◆ 110g sugar
◆ 110g butter (for the cakes)
◆ a teaspoon of vanilla extract
two medium eggs
◆ 250g butter (for the icing)
◆ 600g icing sugar
◆ a packet of white chocolate chunks
◆ 4 Milkybars
◆ A packet of raspberries

T H E   C A K E S 

1. Pre-heat the oven to 190 degrees.

2. Combine the 110g butter, sugar and flour in a bowl and mix. 

3. Beat the eggs and add slowly to the mix and follow with the vanilla extract.

4. (optional) Add a dash of milk to make the cake mixture a bit smoother if you need to.

5. Chop half of the raspberries into small chunks and add to the mixture in small handfuls. Fold the raspberries into the mix rather than stir otherwise they'll end up breaking up and you won't get the nice chunks in the cakes. 

6. Add the mixture to cupcake cases and bake in the oven for around 12-14 minutes. 

7. To test if the cakes are done, insert a knife into the centre of one. If it comes out clean and dry they're done! 

8. Eat the leftover cake mix. NOM.

T H E    I C I N G 

1. Melt the Milkybars together in a bowl over some boiling water on a pan and leave to cool for around 15 minutes (otherwise it'll melt the icing! Not good.)

2. Combine the icing sugar and the rest of the butter. It is so much easier to use an electric whisk for this part but if you're like me and don't have one, you can do it by hand. I found it easier to mash the butter up a little bit with a fork before whisking - it just made it softer and warmed it a little!

3. Slowly add the melted chocolate to the icing and whisk it up. 

4. Leave the icing mix in the fridge to set for a few minutes. Depending on how warm your chocolate was when you added it, this shouldn't take long - I only needed to leave mine for a few minutes!

5. Add the icing to a piping bag and pipe onto the cakes once they've cooled! Ain't nobody got time for melted buttercream everywhere!

6. Add raspberries onto the top of the icing and sprinkle with the white chocolate chunks.

And the result will be these delicious (albeit a bit naughty!) little cupcakes! I'll be honest they didn't last long in my house - they are simply amazing with a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon! Let me know if you make them - I'd love to see your creations!

Amy x

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