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Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Sunday Post: Nominate Salt and Chic For A North East Blogger Award!

Hey everyone! As you're all probably aware by now, this is the time of year the nominations open for all of the different blog awards! I'm not quite sure what happened to the Cosmo Blog Awards this year but the nominations have all been announced for the #BloggersBlogAwards which was set up by Tea Party Beauty so congratulations to anyone who has been nominated for one! There are some absolutely fantastic bloggers nominated and I found it so hard to choose which blogs to vote for - there are some absolute mega babes in there and every single one of them deserves an award. 

Anyway, following on from that, the nominations for the North East Blogger Awards are open and I need your help to try and get nominated! I work so hard on Salt and Chic and I'm absolutely over the moon with how far my little blog has come over the past two years. Never did I think I'd get to go to so many places, meet so many people and take part in so many amazing projects when I started this blog as Salted Roses back in 2013 - sometimes I have to remind myself it's all real! I put so much of my time into this blog and it can be really difficult to keep up with while studying for a law degree and working two jobs so I would absolutely love for my hard work to get a little bit of recognition and it would mean so much to me if I could be shortlisted.

If you do enjoy reading my blog (and I really hope you do!) I would love you forever and ever and ever if you could take a second of your day to nominate Salt and Chic for a North East Blogger Award in the category best Instablogger. I use Instagram daily and it really helps me to be creative, promote my blog and also keep in touch and up to date with so many of my favourite bloggers - Salt and Chic would be nothing without it!

Click HERE to nominate me for BEST INSTABLOGGER, filling in my Twitter handle as @a_daawg and my blog URL as www.saltandchic.com along with your email address and your favourite post of mine. 

Thank you so much if you nominate me (*sending many virtual hugs and kisses*) and again, good luck to everyone nominated in the #BloggersBlogAwards and any other awards!

Amy x

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  1. Have voted for you and your lovely blog! Good luck :) x
    Charlotte's Road

  2. I will definitely vote!! By the way, you're in law right??! Can you help me a bit with a story I'm writing?

  3. Oh, are you in law school? It's so cool! It's incredibly difficult to find a good lawyer! My husband and I never made it through, so we had to fill out WA divorce forms online. I hope you become a good lawyer!


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