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Friday, 28 August 2015

Being Savvy In The Sales

Sale shopping. The two words that us shoppers both love and loathe. Say hello to hectic and unorganised rails and being pushed and shoved every which way so that people can get their hands on that item (let's face it that is not fun) but also say hello to a bit of a healthier bank account and lots of savings and we all want that don't we?! Think Money's Basic Bank Account challenged me to spend £50 in the sales this year in the most savvy way I could and tot up the total to see just how much I saved. I'm a big fan of sale shopping to be honest but I never really sit back and think just how much I've saved so I was really looking forward to seeing just how much I could live up to my bargain hunter reputation!!


Of course I decided to head straight to the Topshop website to spend in the sales - I love how much they knock off their prices toward the end of the season and I think if you're prepared to really search through the pages upon pages of products you can find some real gems among there. First up I picked up this simply beautiful swimsuit for my jollies next week. I'm not usually a fan of peplum but I think this style is actually really flattering - get me on the beach now! I was actually planning to buy one of the Topshop swimwear pieces a few weeks ago but thought they were a bit expensive so it just proves that if you wait until the end of the season, similar products may go into the sale. Obviously this isn't ideal if you're going on holiday at the beginning of the season and need your gorgeous swimsuit there and then but if you're going a bit later like me it's definitely a good idea to wait! 


Next up we have some good ol' stripes. Now this isn't the usual type of stripe I would go for with the fluro pinks and blues but I think the colours in these actually look brilliant together. Not only will they be fantastic for my holidays (yep, I certainly had holiday on the brain when purchasing these) they'll also look fab with a high necked jumper and tights in the winter which is a bonus. 


Yep, you just read that right. I got these jeans for five pounds. FIVE. POUNDS. A fiver! Can you believe it because I just cannot get my head around it. Who knew there was such a thing as Topshop jeans for as little as £5? These were definitely my best bargain find as they'll take me right through winter and I would have undoubtedly spent the full £40 on them had I come across them prior to the sale. My mum's friend once told me that the way to actually save money in the sale is to only buy things that you would have spent the full amount on and I've found this actually works. Instead of ending up with a load of stuff you only bought because of how cheap they were, you end up with a few real key and stylish pieces that you've wanted for a while. Definitely a tip to keep in mind!


This was another piece I picked up for the transitional period between Summer and Autumn. I'll admit I wasn't a fan of white denim until earlier in the year when I picked up my white denim a-line skirt but now I cannot get enough of it. I'll be wearing this in monochrome outfits with my trusty black jeans for casual days at uni later in Autumn or with patterned dresses for a smarter look - watch out for an outfit post soon!

Now onto the fun part... totting it all up, how much did I save? A grand total of..... a massive £88!! How amazing is that!? I think I've definitely proved here just how much can be gained from being a bit savvier in the sales (£88 to be precise!) so instead of being one of those frantic sale shoppers who pick everything up they can see, it definitely pays off to take your time and really think about what you're buying.

What have you picked up in the sales recently?

Amy x
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  1. The boucle shorts are absolutely stunning and I love the white denim too- great savings!! xxx


  2. Cant believe the bargains you got, topshop things get marked down a lot by the end! I'm rubbish for buying something just because it is a bargain and it ends up still having the tag in it 6 months later, I like the tip anout only buying it if you would when it was full price x

  3. Love those shorts! I can't bare sales shopping usually.

  4. I adore the Topshop end of season sales, some great finds in there!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

  5. Oooh I love the swimsuit, that's stunning!! You can't beat a good sale but it's so easy to just grab things because they're "cheap" - so only buying things you'd buy full price is a brilliant tip!

    Jess xo

  6. That tip about only buying stuff you'd pay full price for is a phrase to live by! Now I can't wait to shop a sale!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  7. Wow, you really area top bargain hunter! It seems I ought to sift through the Topshop sale more - you got some real gems! :D

    Style Sunrise☀


  8. I always struggle to find goodies in the sale's :(
    All thats left are scraps of clothing with foundation on them! haha :)

    Anna x

  9. These pieces are such staples as well so you've done an amazing job to find these!
    Usually I'm one to make the most of sales but this year I was just uninspired by everything, even what I saw in Topshop!

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  10. I love those shorts so, so much! I'm such a bargain hunter as well, nothing makes me happier than when something I've been eyeing up goes on sale. x


  11. The shorts and jacket are lovely, but I can't get my head around those JEANS FOR 5 POUNDS. A fiver for topshop jeans????!! Well done you that was quite a find indeed. I rarely tot up how much I've saved in sales, it's really surprising how much you can avoid spending if you just wait that bit longer!

    Fii | little miss fii

  12. I've been there with the 'whoa, this thing I surprisingly found in the last of the sales is reduced from 50 to 5€ FIVE EURO WHAT'. Those jeans look awesome.

  13. great stuff!!


  14. OH MY GOD. A fiver?!! That is impressive. The feeling when you save in the sales is immense. Great finds!

    Saskia / girlinbrogues.com

  15. OMG!!! That swimsuit is so cute!!! Love it!!!
    £88 that's A LOT! I love sales, I got a dress from Molly Bracken for 34€ and it was 68€. The best part is, in Portugal, girls don't really like the type of clothes that Molly Bracken has. So I had the entire store for myself hihihi

    The Vintage Owl | Bloglovin


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