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Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Sunday Post: Preparing For An Interview

As someone who has worked since I was 15 and someone who has gone through the UCAS university application process twice, I've done my fair share of interviews and let's be honest, they aren't nice. Many people will have just graduated from university or college these past few weeks and we know what that means. Yup, it's time to adult. It's time for many of us to face the big world of work after leaving education and that most likely means attending at least a few interviews. So I've teamed up with City Calling to write this post about my interview tips and I hope you find them useful!

This is the thing that I usually struggle most with, despite it being the most important in my eyes. Try and remember that the interview isn't the be all and end all and worrying about it and getting wound up won't accomplish anything except making you feel worse. This is definitely one that is easier said than done but I find that it helps to think - what's the worst that could happen? You don't get the job. That's it. Nerves are completely normal but try not to let them get the better of you!

When I think of the word "interview", I think of big faceless people sat over the desk from you, scrutinising every word you say. That is definitely not the case. The people who are interviewing you are just that: people. They aren't out to get you, they're just people at work doing their job and chances are, they're extremely nice so don't worry too much about talking to them.

We all know how important first impressions are and as a fashion blogger, this is a tip I had to include. Think about the job you're applying for. Does it need a suit? What kind of activities will the interview entail? For me, an interview outfit should be simple, professional but still include a bit of you. Smart black dresses are always a fail safe in my eyes but really you need to think about the type of job you're applying for and what the interview may entail.

Preparation is everything. I went to an interview once when I was a lot younger (one of the first interviews I'd ever been to) and I didn't prepare at all. Let me tell you it was hell. Usually you'll be able to think about the kind of questions you may get asked depending on the job you're applying for. You can basically guarantee the generic interview questions such as "why would you like to work for us?" "Give me an example of when you have worked in a team." "What qualities could you bring to the workplace?" It's great to know the answers to those inside out but don't forget to think about the job specific questions! 

There are two things you should stay positive about in the interview. Firstly, keep a positive mindset. This could be a fantastic opportunity for you leading to a great job if you're successful. If you're unsuccessful, think of it as an oppotunity to learn. There are always other jobs and you'll know where you went wrong. Secondly, focus on your strenghts to the interviewer and sell yourself to them. Remember, they'll be seeing a whole variety of people and you need to show them why you are better for the job than anyone else. Tell them why you're great!!

This is probably the tip I get told most often. Even something as small as "when can I expect to hear back from you?" will show you're really interested and enthusiastic about the job. Also don't be frightened to ask anything you're unsure about - linking back to my previous point, they're just ordinary people!

If you're currently looking for a job then be sure to head over to City Calling to search and be matched up for jobs online!

What are your biggest interview tips?

Amy x

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  1. Asking questions is probably my biggest tip too. I feel like it's that little something that can make you stand out, even if it's the most ridiculous question ever


  2. The 'stay positive' one is so important! Sometimes it's hard to keep a positive mindset. Very helpful, thanks for sharing :)


  3. This came at the right time for me, I have an interview on Wednesday and I really want the job! Staying calm is such a big thing I think!
    Jodie xo // Jodie Loue

  4. This was really helpful! I'm expecting to have a few University interviews this year and I'm already freaking out! But, I'll try to be calm and stay positive! x


  5. Usually I excel in interviews, but I have had some really awkward moments. Definitely coming prepared is a good one! Not just for questions/answers on yourself, but knowing a bit about the company as well. And of course, a great attitude is a must!

    xoxo - Kelly

  6. I always worry about what to wear to interviews - these are fab ideas! : ) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  7. I always get scared of being interviewed even though I do alright talking to people. I think it usually comes down to nerves and how prepared you are. It's all the mind, you know? I think staying calm and acting prepared is just as important as being prepared! Haha <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  8. Preparation is so important, I get so scared of the thought of not being able to answer one of the questions ha!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog


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