Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Scunci InstaTwist and An Exciting Announcement


So today's post is all about one of the coolest little products I have ever had the pleasure of trying: the Scunci InstaTwist. It's a handheld battery powered device (woop no wires!) which puts twists in your hair, leading to amazing hairstyles, meaning that if you're like me and absolute suck at doing anything more adventurous than a ponytail in your hair, this can be an absolute god send. I thought I'd use my sister Sophie as a guinea pig for this as she has beautiful long hair and to be honest, she has been absolutely begging to be on my blog for months! 

As the InstaTwist is battery powered, it means that it's ideal for festivals and for holiday. I know just how unruly curly hair can be in the festival environment so if I were going anywhere similar this year this would definitely be coming in my suitcase! 

I thought I'd recreate Scunci's milkmaid twists on Sophie's hair as it's such a classic hairstyle and the InstaTwist makes it so quick and easy too. All you do is section the hair into two, and section those two into two, putting a strand of hair underneath the clamps. Simply press up to setting 1 on the device to twist each of the hairs until it's twisted to the top, and then down to setting 2 to twist them together. Secure with a hair tie and do the same on the other side. Pull each twist over the head and secure with bobby pins and if you're like me and like the braids to look a little bit messier, you can pull some strands of hair out to give it a grungier look. And it's as simple as that!

Anyway onto the "exciting announcement".... I've started a YouTube channel!! You can subscribe to me HERE where I'm hoping to get into the swing of uploading vids very soon (if I'm brave enough) but as my first video I thought I'd show you guys how the InstaTwist works so you can really get a feel of it and see just how cool it is. It's only very short but remember it is my first one! Eeeek! Let me know if you subscribe and if you have any suggestions or requests for videos from me! Exciting times are ahead!

Amy x

p.s. If you could all like and/or share this photo of me on the Unidays Facebook page, we could both be in with a chance of winning £100 ASOS vouchers if I win the best festival look!
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