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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Festival Essentials With 3


As you may already know if you follow me on social media, I was lucky enough to be flown off to Croatia last week to attend Fresh Island festival, an absolutely fantastic hip hop and R&B festival which is held on Zrca Beach on the island of Pag. The only other festival I'd been to was Download Festival a few years ago and as you can imagine, the two festivals couldn't be further apart but both were equally as fantastic! 

Anyway more on that later. Three Rescue were kind enough to send me over a festival pack for my trip, with some amazing festival essentials which really did come in handy, not just for the festival itself, but for the rest of my trip too. Obviously selfie sticks are essential on a daily basis but they become even more at a festival - your selfie game has to upped even more! I think my favourite item out of the set though had to be the screen protector. I'm always a bit dubious about them as I think they look like they coat your phone but this one was amazing! As a very clumsy person (ask anyone who was on the trip with me!!) this was so essential for me - the glass is bulletproof for crying out loud! Even I couldn't smash my phone screen with this baby! 

Also, have you ever seen such a pretty charging as this one? I think I may actually be in love with it (well, as much as you can be "in love" with a charging block) and this was a lifesaver. It's common knowledge that iPhone battery life isn't the greatest meaning that these can come in so handy somewhere like a festival, where you spend 99% of the time outdoors with no electricity or plugs. 

Thanks to 3 for sending this over -it helped out a lot!

Amy x

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  1. This thing look amazing! Would love to check them out. Also, they sound really handy for festivals. Hope you had a great time in Croatia!

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