Sunday, 21 June 2015

A Trip To Chester

On Tuesday, Karl and I headed down to Chester for a couple of days as a belated anniversary gift for me (damn exams getting in the way!). It is a bit of drive from where I live so took us around three hours each way but for a city as pretty as Chester, it's definitely worth the travel. We headed down into the city centre for a bit of shopping and food before checking into our hotel on the night and it was so beautiful. I'm a huge sucker for traditional, picturesque buildings and Chester is absolutely full of them, making it absolutely adorable and extremely good for those of us who always have a camera in hand! 

We ate our lunch in a cute little Italian and of course had to have pancakes in the Friends Central Perk cafe! I mean seriously, how cute is it?! It had the sofa from Friends and everything with two big TVs playing endless episodes of Friends - can you think of a better way to enjoy pancakes and milkshakes?!

 We stayed in the Crabwall Manor Hotel which is around 3 miles out of the city centre and let me tell you we were not disappointed and Karl did guuurd with picking this one! Situated on huge grounds with fountains, flowers and amazing views, the manor definitely lived up to it's name with traditional decor, winding staircases and huge fireplaces. The room was absolutely huge with the biggest bed I've ever seen, it's own little living room and a huge bathroom with a walk in shower. It was absolute bliss.

Of course, we couldn't visit Chester without spending a day at the zoo! It's no secret that Karl and I are huge animal lovers and we must have visited almost all of the zoos in the country! Chester Zoo is absolutely huge (as evidenced by the huge blisters on my feet!) which is always a plus with a zoo as it meant that the animals were kept in nice big enclosures. They have every kind of animal you could imagine, including a huge variety of monkeys which are one of my favourite animals to see in a zoo! I could stand and watch them all day, especially the little cheeky ones who play and act like humans. I think my favourite part of the zoo was the bat cave, where you walked into a dark forest themed room with bats flying all around you. They're such beautiful creatures and being so close to them was amazing!

 So that was our trip to Chester! Luckily we've got a couple more trips booked in the next month or so before we head to Egypt in September which I'm so happy about - I don't know how I could have gotten through the wait until the holiday without something else to look forward to!

Amy x
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