Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Sunday Post: The Best Kind Of Day Out

Last week, I finally finished my second year exams *does a little dance* so of course I wanted to arrange something for last weekend so that I had something to look forward to in the midst of the most awful month of the year. So me, Karl, Jess and Kieran arranged to go to Flamingo Land last Sunday and for me it is the best day out ever. There's the zoo, which has some really great animals to see and of course there are some really great rides there and when it comes to rides I have no fear and will literally go on anything. 
The zoo is quite a good size, especially considering Flamingo Land is a kind of hybrid theme park/zoo kind of place. We were lucky enough to catch the tigers just as they were being fed so got to see them up really close and although I haven't included a photo in the post, we saw some of the cutest red pandas I have ever seen in my life *heart eye emoji*. I'm a huge animal lover so zoos are definitely one of my favourite places to go for a day out (wouldn't being the zookeepers be the best job?!)

 And of course there are the rides here too. Granted, Flamingo Land is no Alton Towers (I need to go there - I'd be in my element!) but it still has some pretty decent thrill rides, including the Mumbo Jumbo which holds the Guinness World Record for the steepest drop, and the Pterodactyl which can I say was pretty awful. I really love all rides but this one is a big tower with swings that rises in the air, which sounds all well and good but considering the wind was blowing an absolute gale, our swing was twisting and turning in the air and because you only have a tiny little bar across your lap, it really felt like you were going to fall out! Still, me and Jess remain undefeated in the ride stakes - fist bump!

Overall Flamingo Land is a really great day out but if you are planning to go, be sure to spend a few minutes browsing for vouchers! Jess managed to find some 2 for 1 vouchers on hot UK deals so definitely take a few minutes to have a bit of a search - it might just save you some money!

Amy x

p.s. next time you go to a theme park and take photos of the rollercoasters, be sure to zoom in on people's faces when you put them on your laptop - you are guaranteed to have hours of fun!!
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