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Monday, 22 June 2015

Happy Birthday Salt and Chic!

My little blog turns two this week, marking two whole years of blogging. When I first started my blog back in 2013 I had no clue what I was doing and really I started it on a bit of a whim. Little did I know that I'd still be here two years later with thousands of amazing readers and followers who are actually interested in my ramblings!

My blog has come so far these past two years and it's something I'm really proud of. It's something that I can honestly say I created myself and along with the help of my photographer/boyfriend Karl, I have managed to build my blog into my little space on the internet where I can write about and post about all of my favourite things. I've had the opportunity to work with some of my absolute favourite brands, to travel to some great cities and events, I've met some amazing people through my blog and I've reached huge milestones like hitting 10,000 followers on Instagram. It sounds cheesy but my blog has honestly helped me become the person I am today and I am so so glad that I started it! I'd just like to say thank you for reading my blog and keeping with me these two years - hopefully there will be many more blog birthday's to come!

Amy x

p.s. If you could help me reach my next milestone on instagram that would be great! Follow me HERE

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  1. Happy blog birthday and congrats on achieving such great milestones! Your blog is one of my faves (I just wish I could pull off half of the outfits you wear as well as you do!)

    Beth x
    Bethany Georgina

  2. Happy blog birthday, hope you have another great year !

    Distant Dreamer

  3. Congrats and happy birthday.
    You have a wonderful blog and I can't wait to see what outfits you post next.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  4. Happy Blog Birthday Amy! Here's to another fab year for you and Salt and Chic! x


  5. Happy 2nd blog birthday! That's a huge milestone! Here's to many more <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  6. Yay, Happy Blog Birthday!! I will be joining you on Instagram :)


  7. I was trying to think of a more creative way to say happy blog birthday, but I just couldn't haha. So proud of you and wishing even more good vibes your way <3
    She Will Be

  8. Happy Birthday Salt and Chic! I always enjoy your posts and hearing how people started out. Long may you continue girly xx
    curiousaliceloves.wordpress.com 👌😙

  9. Happy Birthday Salt and Chic.
    You've got an amazing blog Amy, you should be very proud.


  10. wow happy birthday salt and chic... wishing you more growth
    new post: http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com/2015/06/summer-style-kimono-inspiration.html

  11. Happy Blog Birthday!! I love your blog and Instagram, well done on your success!!x
    Holly xx


  12. happy birthday Salt and Chic, I can't wait for more reads and more success! xx

  13. Happy Blog Birthday!! I can't wait to read more of your blog, I love both this and your instagram and you work so hard for it!! :) xx


  14. Aww, what a milestone to reach! Keeps me motivated before I even reach the 6 month mark


  15. congratulations dear! keep up the awesome blog! xx


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