Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Getting The Perfect Hair

I don't know about anyone else but how my decides to behave can affect my entire mood on a morning. I mean, is there anything more frustrating than trying to get your hair into that perfect style but there's one pesky piece that just won't do as it's told?! I know that feeling all too well so when ASOS asked me if I'd like to style up an outfit and try out a few TIGI products I was obviously up for it!

First I'll talk about the outfit. ASOS do one of the best petite ranges online in my opinion and although I'm not tiny (5"4) jumpsuits and wide leg trousers are often too long for me. ASOS petite has some fantastic pieces, including this beautiful backless jumpsuit, which I have absolutely fallen in love with. The shape is super flattering and really elongates the frame and teamed with the navy blue shoes of my dreams, this outfit is an all round winner. What else could I ask for?!


Okay so onto the most important part of the outfit - the hair. Since dying my hair dark I've wanted to find the best products to help keep it healthy and shiny so I couldn't wait to try the TIGI products! I started off with the Diamond Dreams Shampoo and the Serious Conditioner and the scent is absolutely divine. The conditioner is an intensive treatment and as my hair was in need of some serious TLC I did use it for a couple of nights in a row. It made my hair super soft and sleek and as it contains sunflower oil, it works to repair damaged hair. I followed with the True Lasting Colour Oil which I applied onto my hair while it was wet. I've always been a bit wary of hair oils as I'm always worried they'll make my hair look greasy, which this one didn't at all. I do like taking hair oils on holiday with me as my hair can get really dry from the sun so I'll certainly be packing this in my suitcase!

I usually leave my hair to dry naturally as it's curly and goes extremely bushy if I use a hair dryer (think Hermione Grainger in the Philosopher's Stone!) but this time I thought I'd try my luck with the diffuser and I think it turned out great! I used the Flat Iron Shine Spray just before I used the hair dryer and love the results. It didn't turn out bushy at all and even though I had to use the curlers a little bit on the top I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Finally I finished off the hair with the Leave In Moisture Spray. I've always been a fan of the leave in conditioners so I knew I'd love this anyway!

What do you think of the hair?! I think I love it!

Amy x
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