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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Getting Outdoorsy With Regatta


In our relationship, Karl is definitely the "outdoorsy" one. As much as I like a good run or dog walk I feel much more comfortable in my trusty heeled boots and fitted jackets whereas Karl is all about durability and comfort (you should see us going on long walks with the dog with me twisting my ankle every turn because I'm wearing totally inappropriate shoes!!) Anyway, Karl was absolutely delighted when Regatta kindly sent over these bits for him and they've hardly been off his back since!

This week we went away for a few days to York. We definitely aren't the type of couple who go away to relax and we're always busy doing something which entails a hell of a lot of walking. These Meresville Boots were Karl's saviour while we were away; he said they were, and I quote, "the best pair of shoes he's ever owned" as they were so comfortable and durable through all the walking we did! At £40 these are a steal and would be absolutely perfect for a festival or an adventure holiday or even if you're just a bit of a walker! 

The coat, which is also £40 reduced from £80, was another great piece for our trip. As you all probably know the weather in England can be unpredictable to say the least and that was certainly the case this week for us. One minute it was chilly and rainy, the next there was glorious sunshine and it was boiling! The jacket is light and waterproof meaning that it kept Karl dry and warm during the showers but then when the sun came out it meant he wasn't overheating (as he usually does when he wears his gigantic parka!)

Overall Karl was super impressed with the Regatta gear and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for durable but still smart looking clothes whether it's for a festival or simply a walk.

Amy x

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  2. Those apartments look so lovely! I need to visit York soon.



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