Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Sunday Post: Making It Through The Exam Period

Tomorrow is my first exam of my second year at university and let me tell you it is a grim one (seriously it doesn't get much worse than land law). As I'm sure a lot of you do, I tend to get quite stressed and panicky at this time of year and have done since my A Levels so this year I've been trying to chill out a little bit more and I can honestly say I think I have managed it. I'm not stress free by any means and have had some really stressed out days but it is fair to say I've coped a hell of a lot better than last year, despite having more exams! So I just thought I'd write this post with a few little tips that have helped me chill out a little bit because after all, exams aren't nice! 

1. Take a break. Probably the most important one on this list. You can't overdo it with the revision otherwise you'll burn yourself out and it will actually be more detrimental to your results. I try and have a break every hour for about 10 or 15 minutes and I find it really helps me concentrate on my work more during the hour of revision. Even going downstairs and making a cuppa can be a little break or having a quick check of instagram! 

2. Make it enjoyable. If you make your revision more enjoyable, you're more likely to stick at it without drifting off and doing something else. Okay, I know I must be mad to put the words "enjoyable" and "revision" in the same sentence so maybe I should say more enjoyable. For example, I started watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix a few weeks ago and every time I revise I put it on and watch it while revising. I know some people need silence to revise but for me this really helps me get through it! 

3. Treat yo self. This is probably a tip for life in general! I find that getting myself little treats is a really great way to cheer me up if I'm feeling a bit stressed out. It doesn't have to be anything huge or expensive; I just got myself these little boxes of tea that are a bit more expensive than the ones I usually buy and it does really give you that little uplift. Also, I like to tactically order parcels to come on a day that I know is going to be really crappy, just so I have something to look forward to no matter how the rest of the day goes. Cheesy I know but it makes the day a little bit easier!

4. Have a bit of a pamper. Face masks, pizza, Netflix, Lush bath bombs. The perfect ingredients to a pamper break and we all know just how much difference a bit of "me time" can make to your mood. I know I always feel so much better after a hot bath with my nails freshly painted - the little things really make an impact on your mood!

5. Remember that your mental and physical health are the most important things. Finally, don't let revision and exams overtake your life. I really struggle with this one as I kind of fixate on my exams and last year I got really ill and was constantly exhausted because of it. I haven't let that happen this year and I honestly feel so much better for it and so much more positive. Your mental and physical health are so much more important than any exam; don't slack off so much that you will panic the day before the exam and think "shiiiiiit" (c'mon we've all been there! It isn't a nice feeling!) but don't go the opposite end and put too much pressure on yourself. Relax!

I'd love to hear your tips for keeping exam stress on the down low! Leave me some tips in the comments!

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Amy x

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