Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Fashion Flashback With New Look

I've made it no secret how much I'm loving the 70s trend this season (seriously I think everything I've bought recently has had some kind of 70s twist!) so when New Look asked me to take part in their Fashion Flashback Timeline, I knew that my decade had to be the 70s. The Fashion Flashback is dedicated to celebrating how style has evolved over the last few decades from the 60s right through to the 90s! I love incorporating different decades into all of my outfits so naturally this is right up my street! 

I opted for this super cute ringer tee that just screams 70s (literally: it even has the date on it!) and teamed it with the classic button up skirt. Now I chose to team this with the black skirt rather than the typical brown suede one that is usually associated with the 70s - I think it just gives it a real modern twist while still keeping that vintage feel! The decade wouldn't have been complete without the groovy shoes so I opted for this pair of gladiators with the wooden heel. They're such a great addition to anyone's summer wardrobe and if you're a little bit wary of going full 70s, these are a great way to give your outfit that little 70s flashback! 

The 70s is probably my favourite fashion decade ever. It has everything I look for in my clothes from the bold brints to the clashing patterns to the killer platform heels; it's a decade which allows you to look super cute with an edge and that sums up my style perfectly!

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Amy x

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