Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Love Fool

Let's all just take a second to appreciate just how frickin' pretty everything from Urban Outfitters Love Fool collection is. I mean, it hasn't exactly been a secret how much love I've had for the whole seventies trend this season but I absolutely adore this really girly, whimsical take on the decade. My favourite piece here has got to be the floral blazer *heart eye emjoi*. I noticed it in an Urban Outfitters store a few weeks ago and I knew I just had to have it - it's absolutely beautiful and can add a lovely, seventies summer twist onto virtually any outfit so I expect I'll be wearing it a lot. Anyway back to the Love Fool collection. If you like romantic, floral, floaty outfits like this one, the collection is definitely for you. It has a predominantly seventies theme, such as the bell sleeves and cute florals, with a modern spin, embodying a little bit of boho too - it's definitely right up my street! 

Be sure to check out the collection HERE!

Amy x

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