Tuesday, 28 April 2015

9 Altars Cafe

Like everyone else on the planet, I'm a sucker for a cute little cafe so when Karl and I came across 9 Altars tucked away down a little street by the river in Durham we just had to try it and we definitely weren't disappointed. It was pretty nippy (when is not in the north?) so unfortunately we couldn't sit outdoors, which I was disappointed about as it is right by the river so it would have been lovely! Anyway the indoor seating is upstairs and is so cute and cosy - just as a little riverside cafe should be! I had a salmon and cream cheese bagel (my absolute favourite brunch ever!) and Karl had a panini and they were both delisshhhh! Of course, we couldn't resist having a mammoth slice of raspberry cake either and trust me, when I saw mammoth I mean mammoth. The thing was absolutely HUGE!

As Karl and I love to explore and see new places and cities, I think I sometimes forget about the places close to home. Durham is such a gorgeous little city and I think that when you see something virtually every day you start to stop appreciating it which is so wrong - just look how pretty the streets are!

Amy x
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