Sunday, 1 March 2015

My Travel Essentials

Okay so it's no secret that I love a little holiday. I'm always willing to spend my money on a trip away and this time it's Rome that Karl and I are headed to! Yup two weeks today we'll be on our way to Italy for a few days of eating lots of carbs and sightseeing and I cannot tell you how excited I am! Anyway I thought I'd just show you a few of my travel essentials for when you're packing light. Cases are so expensive to add on to already pricey flights so we always try to stick to just our hand luggage when going away for a few days meaning we really do have to be careful with what we pack!

1. Liquid containers: Everyone knows all too well the pain of the 100ml liquid rule in hand luggage (most. annoying. thing. ever.) meaning we have to be careful what we take, otherwise we risk it being thrown out no matter how much it costs us, and if going by the blogger standard, that could be a lot when it comes to skincare! I got these little bottles with labels from Primark for a mere pound; so handy for putting a little bit of shampoo, cleaner or whatever else in. It means we don't have the risk of it being thrown out at the airport and we don't have the extra weight of carrying the heavy full bottles! I may be committing the cardinal sin of beauty blogging here but I also like to take make up wipes on my travels rather than trying to pack my micellar water. They're just so much more convenient and I'm sure that a few days of using them won't do that much harm?!

2. An essential palette: Make up can take up a lot of weight if we try and take our whole collection so I always stick to taking one of my essential palettes like the Naked palette. This means we still have a range of shadows to choose from without the hassle of digging out 20 pots of eyeshadow from the bottom of the bag which may have gotten smashed somewhere along the way (biggest form of heartbreak...)

3. Camera necessities: A camera is my number one travel must - I think I'd cry and bawl and maybe miss my flight if I forgot my good ol' camera (which I couldn't put in the photos here for obvious reaosns ha...) and of course, 2014's top invention and Christmas present - the selfie stick. Mine is actually made for the camera rather than my iPhone meaning I'm good to go with my camera remote! I cannot wait to use this to snap some selfies of me and Karl wandering around Rome!

4. Plane entertainment: Okay as much as I love the excitement of flying and the plane, it can be extremely boring, especially if the flight is more than a couple of hours. I always make sure I've got plenty to do on the plane whether it's a book (got to be Game of Thrones at the minute!), a handheld video game (yes I am a nerd and love a bit of gaming teheh) or a few snacks and your headphones don't let the plane ride feel ten times longer than it is!

What are your travel essentials? Have any of you visted Rome before?!

Amy x
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