Monday, 2 March 2015

Prom Season: The Night

My biggest regret about my prom (apart from having virtually no eyebrows, wonky false eyelashes and awful yellow tinted hair - seriously it was bad) was that I didn't wear a dress that I could wear again. My dress was lovely don't get me wrong but since then it's just sat in my wardrobe collecting dust. So I thought that to give any of you who have proms or events a little bit of inspo, I'd do a bit of a different prom feature with one of Boohoo's dresses, showing you how you can not only keep the cost of the dress down (damn they can be pricey!) but also how you can get the most out of your dress whilst still looking fab on the night itself!

So for the dress I chose this very simple black, deep V-neck shift dress. In my eyes this is perfect for an event like prom; it's chic, simple, elegant yet a little bit sexy and it really doesn't need anything more than a splash of red lippy, a few pieces of elegant jewellery and those killer heels. I'm a huge advocate of "less is more" at prom and Boohoo have the best selection of glizty, glamorous and classy prom dresses, all of which are extremely purse friendly (meaning more money to spend on the make up and jewels!) and can be worn again. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post in which I'll show you how I styled this dress up more casually!

Amy x
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