Monday, 9 March 2015

#AsSeenOnMe: 70s


If there is one trend I am loving for this season it has to be 70s. From the flares, to the jazzy patterns, to the platforms, it is all just dreamy so you can imagine my happiness when ASOS challenged me to style up a 70s outfit for their brand new super exciting #AsSeenOnMe uploader! If you don't know about #AsSeenOnMe, it's a feature on ASOS which could mean you are featured in their gallery wearing your favourite ASOS clothes and trust me, there is some amazing style inspo in that gallery! It also means that buyers can shop the items straight from your look - pretty cool huh?

I opted for this super pretty playsuit with flared sleeves. Flares are everywhere at the minute and the flared sleeves are bit of a safer option if you aren't quite ready to tackle the flared trousers just yet, although I recommend you do as flares can be so flattering! Teamed with the festival-esque floral pattern and blue palette, this outfit could have literally just walked out of the 70s! I think my favourite part of the outfit has got to be the shoes though (I wore them to uni the day after they arrived in the freezing cold because I just simply couldn't wait to get them on - you all understand right?!). Seriously I don't think I've ever been more in love with a pair of shoes - can I wear them forever please? 

How have you all been styling up the 70s trend? Be sure to upload your ASOS outfits to the #AsSeenOnMeGallery here!

Amy x

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