Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Valentine's One

Happy belated Valentine's Day you lovely lot! Whether you love or loathe the holiday, I hope your Saturday was a good one. Karl and I don't really go over the top on Valentine's Day but it's always nice just to do something a little bit special for your other half. After all, after seeing the things people get on Facebook I think I'd be a bit miffed if we just decided not to do anything for it!

I baked Karl these absolutely delicious Valentine's cakes and oh boy were they good. They did take me absolutely ages to do as I'm not the greatest chef in the world but I think these are definitely Great British Bake Off worthy and I may even have eaten two before I gave them to Karl.... I used Charlotte's recipe over on her blog The Good Owl which if you love a bit of delicious food and fabulous fashion you should definitely check out! I also adopted Karl a snow leopard from WWF and got him some "beard oil". If that isn't the most random combo of presents in the world I don't know what it.

Karl always spoils me more on Valentine's and got me this simply stunning Lola and Grace ring. I love big bling but classy rings like this and Lola and Grace have an absolute abundance of them so it was really hard to pick my favourite but in the end I decided this was it and after sending a few links over via text to drop the hint this baby was mine. He also surprised me with the Skinny Dip fluffy phone case - IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE. I can't stop stroking it so I feel like a bit of a weirdo but I think this phone case was made for me.

I was having a bit of a terrible week this week; you know one of those where nothing seems to go your way? Friday the 13th? Just another day for me this week! So Karl got me a slice of Rainbow Skittles Cake from Sweet Tooth Delivery in Durham - how can you be unhappy when you have such a beautiful slice of cake and a fork in your hands? Seriously I don't think I've ever eaten or seen a better slice of deliciousness (except my Harry Potter cake from my 21st birthday. THAT was unbeatable.)

Amy x
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