Friday, 27 February 2015

Skinade: The Results

Hello everyone! You might remember last month I posted about a brand called Skinade which sells collagen drinks designed to improve skin quality, mainly wrinkles. If you missed that post or want to refresh on what Skinade is about you can check out my introductory post here. So now I've finished the 30 day course so can come back at you with the results so keep reading! 

Okay so, I decided that to get the best possible experience of Skinade I'd share the 30 day course with my mum who is 45, just to see how it works on slightly older skin as the main aim of Skinade is the reduction of fine lines and as I'm still only 21 I wouldn't really be able to give feedback about that aspect. 

As you can see by the photo above, the drink kind of looks like radioactive orange juice! I'll admit the taste was...well it wasn't great. My mum found it a lot easier to drink than I did and didn't actually mind the taste (like mango cordial with a funky after taste) so I guess it just depends on each person how you find the taste. But for results like my mum found, drinking something every morning which doesn't taste the best was worth it.

I found the drinks did improve my skin's quality and brightness but as I said above they are primarily for the prevention and reduction of wrinkles so I'll mainly focus on what my mum found. My mum was actually gutted to finish the Skinade drinks as she's found them really effective and people have been complimenting her skin so much in the past few weeks. She's noticed a difference in the small lines around her eyes after just a small amount of the drinks and feels her skin has a healthy glow to it compared to before. She's also noticed a change in the quality of her hair; whether this is from the Skinade or not is hard to say but I think it's almost certainly been a contribution. 

Overall from what my mum has found, the Skinade drinks really do appear to work. Skinade claims that the longer you drink them the better the results so I imagine the results after a longer course of the drinks will be fantastic. Like I said my skin has definitely benefitted from the drinks but I think they are more for more mature skin or for skin which may be starting to lose elasticity to prevent wrinkles occuring in the first place.

So Skinade gets a thumbs up! Have you ever tried anything like this before?

Amy x
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