Saturday, 14 February 2015

My Jewellery Staples

Today I thought I'd focus on my favourite pieces of jewellery which does seem quite appropriate considering it's Valentine's Day! I have a bit of a love hate relationship with my jewellery and go through phases of wearing absolutely loads and wearing none. At the minute I'm in the love phase and I just thought I'd write a quick little post featuring some of my favourites.

Crystal necklaces have become a real favourite of mine in the past couple of months - they are just so pretty and can instantly add a little bit of a quirky but glam vibe to any outfit. Here we have the *lemon crackle crystal necklace, the *silver dipped crystal necklace and the angel aura trio necklace and they've all been a regular feature of my outfits of late. I think my favourite is the silver one; there's just something so classic about it and it just screams quirky elegance. 

Speaking of elegance I had to include these *Hazel & Kent earrings. Now earrings are something I always forget to put in but these little studs are perfect for me (I'm lazy and just leave them in for about 2 weeks ha). Studs are so timeless and you can't really go wrong with them in my opinion (though I do love a bit of Pat Butcher style danglers every once in a while!).

Of course, there are watches here in this post. Barely a day goes by when I don't wear a watch and if I don't my wrist gets that awful "there's something missing" feeling. My favourite ever ever ever watch is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy watch that Karl got me for my 21st birthday and I"m sure you can see why. Chunky watches have always been my thing and although I do struggle to get watches to fit my weirdly scrawny wrists after a few links have been taken out we're good to go!

Finally, and although it's not technically a piece of "jewellery" as such I figured it was pretty enough to include in this post, is the *Swarovski pen from TH Baker. I'm a sucker for pretty stationary - it makes preparing for uni seminars and taking notes just that little bit more bearable. I mean, look how pretty this little pink one is! 

What are you favourite pieces of jewellery at the moment?

Amy x
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