Sunday, 4 January 2015

Tango Burgers

Whenever my friend Jess and I go out for the day, we always end up going somewhere carb-arific for lunch and that lunch usually involves some kind of burger. Last week was no exception and we headed to Tango in Durham for fuel before a bit of Christmas shopping. It's one of those cute places where you get your drinks in jam jars which I know are ten a penny in the cities but are rare up here in the nort east, so of course I got a bit excited about that! I also got very excited when we spotted that they did mac 'n' cheese as a side order - burgers, mac 'n' cheese, nachos and drinks from a jam jar. What more could we have possibly asked for? Durham may be (extremely) small for a city but there are some little restaurant gems hidden along its cobbled streets and Tango is definitely one of them and I think we'll definitely be heading back!

Amy x
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