Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas Markets

It' no secret that I absolutely love Christmas so for me there is no better way to spend a crisp December day than wandering the markets at dusk eating freshly made crepes with lemon and sugar. This weekend is the Durham Christmas Festival which is held at the Cathedral. Durham is a pretty city as it is but at this time of year it is so beautiful with it's cobbled streets, lights and festive music playing up the high street. Karl and I headed to the festival on Friday and although it was beyond cold (seriously it was that kind of cold that it hurts to breathe the air in if anyone else knows what I mean hah! A northern thing?!) it was a lovely little walk out just seeing all of the festive goodies that the stalls had to offer. There's just something about the smell of mulled wine and Christmas trees that really gets me into the mood for festive cheer and it's safe to say I am well and truly ready for the festivities to begin.

Amy x
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