Thursday, 13 November 2014

Wicker Wings: Bag For Bag Mission

*Blake Grey wicker bag: WICKER WINGS

So today's post is all about a lovely little company called Wicker Wings ran by siblings James and Belinda, which sells handmade wicker bags, including this adorable Blake Grey bag here. Now, that's not all Wicker Wings is about as for every bag purchased, they donate a drawstring bag, called the Bag of Inspiration, to under privileged children in Asia. The Bag of Inspiration is a drawstring bag which contains an age appropriate, inspiring book donated by the The Library Project along with a note from the buyer with an inspirational and happy quote. I chose to include the quote "If you can dream it you can do it" in my note; it's one of my favourites and will hopefully be able to inspire the child who gets the bag. Overall this whole project is really special and important, helping children who haven't been as fortunate as us to be inspired through education. The bags are also lovely which is a huge bonus so it would be fantastic if you lot could all check out their website, read their story and help out with the Bag for Bag Mission!

Amy x
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