Sunday, 16 November 2014

A Weekend Away

It's a bit of a photo heavy post today but I just couldn't narrow these down any more. As you'll probably know Karl and I headed off to London last weekend as part of my prize for winning the #NextLFWModel competition and we had such a lovely few days away. We stayed in the Sanderson Hotel, ideally situated right behind Oxford Street, and it was so beautiful I didn't want to leave. The room was beautifully decorated with white minimalism as the theme, with voiles rather than doors and an a-m-a-z-i-n-g queen sized bed that I could have just stayed in for days. It's probably a good job we only stayed for one night as it was only after Karl had eaten two small boxes of Pringles from the mini bar that we realised they were £4.50 each! Safe to say I almost fainted! Anyway we visited the poppy display at the Tower of London, went to the theater to see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (which was one of the best musicals I've ever seen; I'd definitely recommend it!), went ice skating around the Christmas tree at the Natural History Museum and obviously went to Harrods for macaroons (also peering around at the Chanel bags that I can only dream of...) and ate beautiful burgers at Five Guys. All in all a successful couple of days and it is safe to say I'm very disappointed to be back in the very dull north east! Sending lots of jealousy over to all the city dwellers right now!

Huge thank you to Next for organising all of this and running such an amazing competition! It was a well needed weekend away and Karl and I both had a wonderful time!

Amy x
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