Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Jumping Bean

Durham is one of those really small, quiet cities with countless cobbled streets and alleys, beautiful scenery with the river and the Cathedral and with all of that it naturally has so many cute and cosy cafes tucked away in its streets. One that I had never been to before (or even knew was there if I'm being honest) is the Jumping Bean Cafe - is that not the most adorable name you've ever heard? With it's quirky and artistic interior, the Jumping Bean serves vegetarian, vegan and gluten free goodness and my friend Courtney and I headed there to try it for the first time. We both had the brie, balsamic and aubergine toasties while I had the gluten free lemon cake for dessert and Courtney opted for the gluten free brownie. Everything was absolutely delicious and it's great value for money too and I know I'll definitely be going back there.

Amy x
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