Tuesday, 20 May 2014


White boyfriend shirt: ASOS

Acid wash leigh jeans: TOPSHOP

Sandals: H&M

Bowler hat: TOPSHOP

Cross chain: TOPSHOP

*Sunglasses: c/o ACCESSORYO

From these photos I have come to the conclusion that I am the palest of the pale. Seriously what is going on it looks like I should be burning in the sun like a vampire! I'm also starting to get that shaggy dog look that comes with not cutting your fringe often enough - I really need to grow a pair and start cutting my fringe myself!

White shirts for me are yet another one of my wardrobe essentials; they can be dressed up or down and basically made into any style of look which suits how you feel. This one from ASOS is so versatile - I love the quite oversized but not too swampy look about it and teamed with simple jeans, sliders and sunnies it's the perfect spring to summer outfit. 

Speaking of summer it seems that we are finally getting some of that promised warm weather here in the UK although for me it is bittersweet as I have all of my exams this week and next so I am absolutely praying that the weather lasts until the end of them.

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Amy x
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