Thursday, 20 February 2014

London Bound

Just a quick post today as I'm off to London tomorrow for the weekend and it's safe to say I cannot wait. You may already know but I won the Now Seen We Love Fashion competition last week and won two tickets to London Fashion Weekend which include tickets to the trend catwalk show as well as £100 worth of Now Seen jewellery for me and my friend Jessica who is coming to London with me (I'll almost certainly be showing the jewellery off to you guys when it arrives!!). So as you might imagine I am beside myself with excitement - it's no secret how much I love London and as I've never attended any fashion events before I'm really looking forward to it. 

So I've just taken a few photos of a few essentials I'll be taking with me to London, in particular, essentials for the train journey. It's a three hour journey from Durham (thank you North East for being so far away from EVERYTHING) so entertainment for the train is a necessity, especially my Kindle Fire (I'm currently reading Filth by Irvine Welsh which is a vulgar book but I can't put it down). Also remember to mentally add lots of party rings and creme eggs to this "essentials" list - it's impossible to travel even down the road without a stash of sugary goodness right?

As I leave tomorrow morning I'll be absent from the blog for a few days but I'm sure I'll have a post for you all when I return!

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