Sunday, 19 January 2014

City Break To Edinburgh

This was the view of the castle from just outside of our hotel

The beautiful view from Edinburgh castle

Can you see the little baby koala peeking out?!

Karl kept ruining the photos pulling daft faces so this was the most acceptable one ha

Breakfast in the cutest little cafe

Hey guys! As a lot of you will know, my boyfriend Karl took me to Edinburgh at the beginning of the week for three lovely days away as part of my Christmas presents. I had the most amazing time - the hotel was lovely and in the perfect location surrounded by cute little restaurants and cafes, we went shopping on Princes Street, visited Edinburgh Castle and Edinburgh Zoo and had a wonderful time simply walking around the beautiful city. Even though I've always lived in the countryside I'm a city girl at heart and really didn't want to leave. I love cities and I really do want to move to a busy city in the future. Edinburgh is so beautiful and the architecture and buildings are just incredible; it's one of those places you could never get tired of looking at. 

The Zoo was also so much fun (as you can probably tell by the amount of animal snaps I've included ha!) Me and Karl are both massive animal lovers and the Zoo was virtually empty with it being a weekday in January so all of the animals were so active and we even got to see the little baby koala which you can see on the photo! I've also decided that if I could have any pet in the world it would be a monkey or a penguin - the way penguins waddle around just gets me every time (tell me it's not the cutest walk you've ever seen).

So all in all I've had a brilliant week. I'm certainly NOT looking forward to going back to Uni tomorrow *cry* and I'm having serious city withdrawal symptoms. Hope everyone else's week has been has good as mine!

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