Okay so I'm going to get this out of the way first - I am in fact still a human being and not a lobster. I am aware that I am very, very, very sunburnt from the glorious weather we've had over the past few days and this is not a good or healthy look. I very naively thought one small coat of suncream would be enough for my ghost skin for a day at the beach because it never usually gets hot enough up here in the north east for me to burn but oh boy was I wrong. I had not only t-shirt marks, but a watch strap mark too so if this hasn't taught me a lesson nothing will! Always. Wear. Suncream. 

Anyway, today's post is all about this simply stunning two-piece from luxury brand Daivor. Although it is a while until my summer holiday (Croatia in August cannot come quick enough!), I'm already planning my holiday outfits and this has got to be one of my favourite holiday outfits to ever enter my wardrobe!



In case you don't know, Daivor is a Dutch brand founded in 2014 to bring a confident, innovative and modern style to gals like us across the globe. Their pieces are daring, with intricate detailing and silhouettes whilst still keeping the overall vibe classy and I literally feel like a million dollars every time I wear this beautiful combination. The fabrics, the details and the embellishment all work so well together and the quality of the shorts and the top is brilliant. I'll admit that whilst I love this as a two-piece, on a day to day basis I have been wearing the shorts with a simple pair of black boots and a black tee. It still gives a luxury vibe but is suitable to just pop out in (although I am a firm believer that you can never be overdressed!)

This kind of outfit is definitely an investment but it's something that will last for years and that's what I love about brands like Daivor. Yes, their price point is higher than your average high street store but their pieces are built to last and I haven't been disappointed in any of my luxury bits and bobs that I've had from across the market yet. This kind of thing will come back out summer after summer and as a two-piece can be won in infinite ways - I cannot wait to get it in my case and jet off!

Amy x

So I have a couple of festivals planned for this summer (which I am SO FRICKING EXCITED for!) and although I haven't got my whole wardrobe sorted for the both of them, there are a few items that I know will most definitely be finding a way into my oversized backpack! I love festival fashion because literally anything goes. I've seen people in the brightest, most bizarre outfits from people dressed in tutus to people dressed as babies and no one bats an eyelid so festivals are the prime time to really express yourself and just go all out.

Daring? Yes. Sassy? HELL YES. Underwear as outwear is something that I am totally here for. I mean, what's the point in having sexy af underwear if you ain't going to show it off? I love wearing cute little bras under sheer tops or having a cheeky flash of it showing through a side split but what really looks amazing is a body like this one from Fleur of England. This is their new Rebel Body as whilst it does look super hot as underwear, I love it way too much to hide away. Layering underwear is a sure fire way to create a super sassy, super fun look for a festival and I've gone for some shorts, a sheer top and I'll be adding some boots and a lot of accessories (and obviously most likely a raincoat).

Fleur of England's underwear is absolutely stunning and I'd love to completely fill my entire underwear collection with their pieces. I've got my eye on this gorgeous Ophella Plunge Bra next! 

Jeans are something that I think should be in every festival suitcase. Obviously it would be ideal if we could all prance around without a worry in the world like they do in Coachella but this is England after all and if you're at a festival you are pretty much guaranteed to get torrential rain, a thunderstorm or two and probably the worst weather of the summer. It is British festival law. That means it's likely going to be a bit chilly especially on a night so I love a pair of statement jeans which are (a) practical and (b) cool enough for a festival. Think sequins, rips, embellishment, embroidery or basically anything that makes a pair of jeans more than just a pair of jeans.

I especially love this pair of Bleach Split Front Boyfriend Jeans - imagine them teamed with the Fleur of England body with some fishnets underneath!

The third and final piece that you most definitely need to pack for your next festival is the classic camo jacket. Obviously with the weather in the UK, you need to make sure you pack something that is versatile, can go with most outfits in your bag and will keep you a little bit warm on a chilly summer evening while dancing in a field. This utility jacket is from Maniere De Voir, a English brand committed to bringing us high quality fashion and this little piece is perfect for the festival season. Not only will this type of jacket see you through the festival weekend, but it's wearable outside the festival bubble too. With jackets like this, I love customising them by adding a few badges or iron on patches just to make them a little bit more unique - try Punky Pins for some really, really cool and affordable ones! 

This summer, dewy skin is back so all of us oily skinned gals can breathe a sigh of relief - the shine is officially in. Don't get me wrong I love a good matte look but for summer, we want something a little bit more natural, a little bit lighter and a little bit more glowy and that's exactly what this make-up look is all about. I've teamed up with Fragrance Direct to show you how to easily achieve a dewy glow in day to day life and to bring you the best products for doing so too. 

So starting with moisturised, clean skin, begin with the primer. Now, I've strayed away from my usual mattifying, pore-hiding primers here and used the Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer, a product full of nourishing ingredients which will give you the most wonderful base to work with without taking away the skin's natural shine. 

For the complexion, I tried a completely new product here and I fell in love. I've said before that foundations are something that I'm very picky with and I do tend to stick with what I know but here, I've used the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty First Base Foundation in the shade Cool Extra Fair for my vampire skin. I had absolutely no idea that Joan Collins had a beauty line so I couldn't wait to try out her products and I had very high expectations that were most definitely fulfilled! The make-up is designed to work for women of any age, whether you're in your early twenties like me or in your eighties and the luxurious feel to the packaging and the product itself captures Joan's personality perfectly. The foundation itself is a light, creamy formula and whilst it isn't heavy on the skin at all, I'd still say it was medium-full coverage, making it perfect for people like me who have less than perfect skin but who still want to be able to create the "natural" dewy look. It's a foundation that lasts all day without oxidising or melting off my face (hurray!) and it most definitely creates a natural but flawless finish. 

For my concealer, I stuck with my Urban Decay Concealer but Fragrance Direct also stocks the Joan Collins Fade To Perfect Concealer to match the foundation to create this type of dewy look. 

For my brows, I went with quite a natural shape using the Lord & Berry Magic Eyebrow Pencil. The pencil isn't like anything I've used before for my brows as it's two toned, made for getting that natural look we're going for. I drew around my natural eyebrow shape with the pencil, filled them in without going over the top and then blended them out with the brush on the other end. I also brushed up the front of my brows (don't worry, not to the extremes of that weird butterfly brow trend) just to make them slightly bolder. It's been ages since I used a brow pencil but it was actually quite refreshing and it's much easier to build up rather than going straight in with the slugs like I normally do!

Now onto the biggy for the dewy skin - the highlighter. Anyone who knows me knows I ain't happy until you can see my cheekbones shining from across the street. Hell, I want spacemen walking on the moon to be able to look at earth and see my cheekbones gleaming in the sun. So to get my glow on here, I used the Lord & Berry Luminizer and it is incred. It's a really creamy, satiny texture with a subtle but build-able shimmer and I blended this onto the top of my cheekbones using a small fluffy brush until I was happy with my glow. I love this kinda product because it doesn't make your face look like a discoball unless you build it up yourself meaning that those of you who want a more subtle highlight can simply dab it onto your face.

To keep the glow on your face, I would try and avoid any mattifying powder. I know, I know, it's very hard when you have oily skin and are very aware of it but it's best to keep the glow as much as possible. Just use a tiny brush to add some powder onto any blemishes to set the foundation or on any real problem areas (mine is my chin so I added a tiny bit there) but lay off if you can! 

Another product I used here was the Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara, a new addition in my make-up box that I've been loving. The brush is quite big to really lengthen and thicken lashes and it's very hardwearing and doesn't smudge at all. I never ever wear false lashes so mascara is a biggie for me and I think you can see just how good it is by my lashes here.

So there we go - my take on this summer's dewy make-up look. You can check out the Fragrance Direct Make-Up on their website - they have so many great brands and products you'll be spoilt for choice! I didn't even realise that Fragrance Direct did make-up until a few weeks ago so definitely check them out and see what they have on offer! 


Amy x


I'm an incredibly self-conscious person. I may not seem it considering I spend most of my spare time either (a) posting photos of myself on the internet or (b) posting selfies on snapchat but in fact, I am well aware of my flaws and constantly pick my appearance apart. Sometimes I think with the very heavily filtered lives we see on Instagram (and obviously I'm very guilty of that too as is nearly everyone on the platform), it's easy to critique ourselves and get hung up on what we perceive our "flaws" to be. For me, it's my teeth and my skin that I'm most self-conscious about. Don't get me wrong, I know I don't have terrible skin but like most human beings (unless you're blessed with some kind of otherworldly skin amazing-ness), I get spots and in particular I get nasty under the skin hormonal spots around my chin and jawline. This bothers me more than I really want to admit but recently I've been thinking - why? Why do we let these things bother us so much when they're perfectly normal? Why do we get so hung up over these "imperfections" and get upset about something that really, means nothing? 

I love a good slogan tee. In the world of fashion, slogans are definitely one of the best ways of expressing yourself no matter what your style or mood is. For example, when I went on a spa retreat overnight at a very posh spa hotel, I sat in their 5* restaurants, pouring lemonade into my rose wine wearing a t-shirt that said "Come On Boys". Now if that doesn't sum me up then I don't know what does!

Sugarhill Boutique has got us covered on the super cute slogan tee front for this summer and that is where this absolutely adorable Dreamer top is from. The brand launched their new slogan tops for the summer after their Brighton tees were so popular and I love these ones. It's no secret I'm a fan of stripes so when they sent me this one over I knew it was going to be one of my fav casual tops for the hopefully sunny summer months! 







I've always been someone who buys new clothes on top of new clothes on top of new clothes until I'm stood screaming at my wardrobe that I have nothing to wear with clothes flooding every angle of my room. This year I've tried a different tactic for my summer wardrobe and have been recycling clothes that I've neglected, these pink trousers being one of those items. I bought these a good long while ago and although I absolutely love them, I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I worn them. I've saved so much money from doing this that I normally would have just blown on new things to do the same thing with so look out for recycled clothes of mine in the upcoming posts!

I'm 100% doing the same things with my holiday clothes this year too. Instead of buying loads of unnecessary things that I really don't need, I'm going to wear the same clothes as last year and the year before and the year before. There's so much pressure on us on social media to constantly have new things, be in with the new trends and only wear things a few times but that ain't me and my bank account certainly can't handle that this year!

You can shop Sugarhill Boutique's slogan t-shirts on their website. 

Amy x


Although I do have a few "holy grail" products in my beauty drawers, I'm constantly trying both new brands and new products so I'm always switching up my routines. Recently, I've been trying out a number of different products, some of which I've been using for ages now and some of which I've only just gotten my little hands on so I thought it was about time I shared them with you. 

First up we have some of the make-up I've been using basically every day for the past few months. The most obvious one here will is the blogger/everyone in the world favourite the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. This is something that I've been using for a long time now after buying into the hype and splurging in the Sephora in Paris during my trip last December and it's safe to say it has changed my life. Okay so maybe that's a slight exaggeration but you know how much of a difference good brows can make right?! I'm not even halfway through it either after using it every day for 6 months so it's definitely worth spending a little extra on in my opinion! It's so pigmented so if you're into the big bold (slug) brows like me, this is the product for you and your brows! 

I've mentioned before that mascara is a product I struggle with. Yeah, I've had loads that I've liked but have I had many that I've loved? Not at all and I'm still searching with all of my beauty might for that mascara I fall in love with. I'm not into falsies (read: I can't put them on right and end up with both eyelashes hanging off my face) so I need something that's going to make my natural lashes look as long and thick as possible. An Urban Decay duo entered my life a few months ago and I have actually really been loving it! The Subversion Primer and the Perversion Mascara are the perfect products to help get long, thick lashes without clogging them up with layers and layers of mascara. I was always a bit sceptical about eyelash primer before actually trying it but it really does make a difference and in my opinion, it's stopped my mascara clogging and leaving clumps and the Perversion mascara actually stays on without bleeding onto my face at all. It is definitely one of my favourite mascaras I've tried! 

For the lips, I have a very interesting product here that I'll admit I was slightly confused by. I stepped out of my traditional liquid matte lipstick bubble and tried the Lancome Matte Shakers, a liquid lipstick that is completely different to anything I've used before. As you can see here, you shake the bottle before you use it to soak the spongey applicator and as the lipstick goes on, it actually feels like more of a gloss. Until two minutes later, it dries into a super pigmented, super bright matte colour and it feels amazing. It's the least drying matte lipstick I've ever used and doesn't leave your lips feeling coated or cracked at all. I mean for me this really is something else as even my favourite matte lipsticks usually dry a little bit. I haven't tried much from Lancome I'll admit but I'm excited to branch out into more of their products! 

As you'll probably have guessed, winged eyeliner is my trademark. Although it is notoriously tricky (a.k.a the bane of my life most mornings) it is my go-to make-up look and it's such a classic, it's hard to stay away from it. I've tried a few liquid liners now but I've never been able to get into the liner pens, mostly preferring to use the pots other than Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner. However, recently I've been using Lord & Berry Eyeliner Pen and it has been an incredible addition for me and it actually makes the pain in the ass wing much easier to do. It's easy to draw on a super sharp wing that isn't patchy at all and that actually stays on all day. Lord & Berry have really impressed me with a few of their products before including their lip pencils but this is my favourite of them all so far! 

Another eye product I have to mention is the Blank Canvas Cosmetics Master Series Palette which I was sent a few months ago now and it is such a staple to have in your make-up kit. The palette features 12 neutral shades (and you know how much us bloggers love a good nude), all vegan friendly, and has the most beautiful range of colours from a light pinky nude to a very dark brown. It's great for creating an everyday natural look and I've found myself reaching for it on work mornings and early days where I want something simple, but effective. The shades are highly pigmented and although I've mainly stuck to the matte shades, the palette does have one shimmery shade that looks beautiful. 

Finally I just have to talk to you about this highlighter. I'm one of those gals who isn't happy until their shining cheekbones can be seen from the moon so when I look for highlighters, I look for really high pigmentation and a glow rather than a glitter. I have so many favourites because I really think that brands are upping their game when it comes to contouring but the one I've been reaching for recently is this Pixi Glow-y Highlighter. I have had this for a while now, at least a few months and I think it's been one of those that I neglected before realising just how good it is. Obviously you can see by dat glow on my cheekbones just how "glow-y" this really is and it is a great one to have in your collection for a really good contour. 

What products have you been loving recently?

Amy x

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