I was just a wee little nipper at the age of 13 when I first visited Ibiza and it was one of those places I'd always wanted to go back to. Obviously, as a tween I didn't get to experience the full island and all of it's craziness, it's beauty and everything it has to offer and it kind of became one of those places I'd been to, but hadn't really been to if you get what I mean. A place that you've been but it's sort of faded into the background of your memories that you can't really remember because it was that long ago. When Jet2 Holidays asked me and Andy to jet off to the famous Mediterranean Island, I could barely hold my excitement in. We explored Ibiza for a weekend at the beginning of May and perhaps surprisingly, it has so much more to offer than partying so here's a little round up of how to make the most of your time in Ibiza, no matter how long you have there.


Choosing the right holiday or package for you and your own trip is crucial to making the most of your time, regardless of where you're headed. We flew from Newcastle with Jet2 and if I'm being honest they're probably the airline I've flown most with. The fares are cheap, the luggage allowance is massive and the hand luggage allowance also allows for a little extra case. I always find them so easy to fly with and our holiday being booked as a package was a new experience for me. With Jet2 Holidays, we got flights, accommodation and transfers booked all in one place and it was so easy I can't even describe it. We stayed in the absolutely beautiful Hotel Anfora in Playa Es Canar on the East side of the Island and the hotel was absolutely lovely. The pool area was gorgeous as you can see by the photos, with palm trees and plants giving us privacy, lovely little sunbeds and loungers dotted all around and a jacuzzi area and second pool at the back of the hotel. The rooms were really big and spacious and with the huge glass windows and balcony, the sunlight streamed in making the rooms really bright and airy. I loved the layout of the double room too as it was kind of open plan with the shower in the room, separated by only a glass door and the balcony caught all of the sun in the morning, it was such a nice place to have as our base. We went for breakfast one morning in the hotel too and it is definitely worth adding onto your room, with a huge buffet (yep, it had me at the word buffet too) with pancakes, omelettes, cheeses, cooked breakfast, champagne, teas and so many other little bits that just made it a little bit more special than your average hotel breakfast.

As for the location, Es Canar is on the west side of the island and was the perfect base for us as we had plans to explore the island. It's a quieter part of Ibiza with clean beaches and clear seas so if you want a pretty, serene place that's still within reach of clubs (about a 30 minute drive), then Es Canar is a good shout. San Antonio is obviously where all the nightlife happens and is always buzzing with energy, full of bars and clubs, a busy beach and obviously the famous sunset. Ibiza Town is full of history with a lot of luxury hotels around this part and Portinax is at the very north of the island, with lot's of beautiful landscapes, family resorts and plenty of wild nature. 


If there's one thing that Ibiza is ultimately famous for worldwide, it's the nightlife so obviously we had to sample at least a few nights of partying! We were lucky enough to catch some of the island's biggest opening nights for it's clubs and bars, including the Cafe Mambo opening party and the Amnesia opening party and neither disappointed. Cafe Mambo was probably my favourite party place we visited, with a really chilled out, laidback vibe and obviously, the sunset was absolutely unbelievable, so much so that the photos just cannot do it justice and it's one of those things you've got to see in reality to appreciate it's beauty. I think I could have probably sat on the beach with one of Cafe Mambo's pina coladas for the rest of my life if I could have. Obviously it does get quite busy so get there early if you want to get a good spot for the sunset. 

On Saturday night it was time to experience Amnesia, arguably the club that is at the very heart of Ibiza's party reputation. I don't know about you but when I think of Ibiza's clubbing scene, the first place that comes to mind is Amnesia. We went to the opening party which boasted an incredible line up with DJ EZ, Hannah Wants, Disciples and more and it really is an indescribable experience, packed shoulder to shoulder as the night goes on. It really is an all night party and I won't get into how wasted I got (I definitely was not sick in the car park) and if I were to go back during peak season, elrow is an event that I would have loved to go to. These nights can be pretty pricey though which is something to bear in mind - one drink in here will set you back around €18. 


A UNESCO World Heritage site, Ibiza Town is the place to go if you're a little bit of an adventurer who likes to experience history and culture. The Old Town is simply beautiful with a bright and colourful harbour, winding cobbled streets lined with shops, cafes and restaurants and absolutely beautiful scenery (obviously an Instagrammers dream). The streets boast market stalls, full of homemade honey, handmade pottery, jewellery and so much more and the bustling atmosphere made it a perfect place to sit outside of a coffee shop with a slice of cake. There were also various mini parades that seemed to happen throughout the day, with actors and musicians acting and dancing around the town and I literally could have spent all day here just wandering around. You'd never be stuck for things to do or see here, with museums and galleries, boutiques and adventures - it was my favourite part of the entire trip. 



I'm definitely a little sea baby and I just love to be at the beach. I love the salty air, the ocean breeze and just the smell of the beach but most of all, I just love how serene and calm I feel when I'm by the ocean. I automatically feel relaxed and at ease as soon as I see the blue water, even if I'm somewhere much less glamorous than Ibiza like my local beach that only offers up seagulls and a chippy. We knew we wanted to explore so we hired a car before we flew so we didn't miss anything out and I would highly recommend doing this if you're planning to venture out of where you're staying. Taxis can be very pricey whereas you can get a car from around €15 per day plus insurance so it works out ,much cheaper and not to mention easier. We got this lil Fiat 500 which I christened Felix and oh my god I just fell in love with him, I was so sad when we had to hand him back! 

Anyway, we spent a day cruising around in our little Fiat 500 and found some absolutely stunning beaches across the island. Our first stop was Cala Mastella on the east side of the island. This one was my favourite out of all of the beaches we saw thanks to it's crystal clear waters, absolutely stunning pine scenery, hammocks and tables hiding in the shade and a little beach hut where you could buy fresh fish, handmade burgers and homemade crisps. The beach was really quiet with only a few locals dotted around and is well worth a visit if you can make the trip! Second was Cala Xucla which right at the very north of the island. This one is a really tiny, wild beach that lies down a really rocky, steep hill, surrounded by forests and trees. There are pretty fisherman's huts with crashing waves on the rocks and we spent a while here, climbing along the rock front to reach a really high peak with glorious views; this one is a beach for explorers. Third was S'illot des renli, another wild, rocky beach at the north of the island. This one was full of families flying kites by the water with a popular restaurant right by the sea. The scenery was really beautiful here and this was another one that we went exploring and climbing around, finding tall rocks to climb and collecting shells. Finally, we went to one of the more popular beaches on the island at Ibiza Town. This isn't really a hidden beach as it was quite busy even on a windy day in May but it was full of locals walking their dogs, jet skis and beautiful views of the city so it's still worth a visit. 


Finally, we spent a bit of time exploring Ibiza's markets, starting with the Old Market in Dalt Vila in the Old Town. I'll admit it was a total accident we stumbled across this as we were exploring the Old Town but through the medieval gates into the walls of the city, we found a huge amount of market stalls, food stalls and creative shows that kept us entertained for ages. Each section of the market was themed differently (I nearly died of a heart attack when a jester in the medieval section creeped up on me and hit me from behind with a brush) and it was so much fun just wandering around each stall, buying candy apples, souvenirs and more. Because this was an accidental find I'm afraid I have no idea when the market is on or what times but if you can find out it's well worth a visit! 

Ibiza is also home to hippy markets, something that I hadn't even heard of before our trip here. There are quite a few of these treasure troves spread across the island and we headed to the Las Dalias hippy market in San Carlos, a market with over 200 stalls, a restaurant and cafe and loads of little treasures. I picked up a little handmade purse and me and Andy got our photo taken by a real vintage camera that they printed out and developed in front of you. It's on every Saturday and they had little workshops and demonstrations on too which was really cool. They were actually filming one of the stalls for a TV show so who knows, tune into Spanish TV and you may see ya gal in the background for a promo!

So as you can see, although Ibiza is undoubtedly most famous for it's party lifestyle and clubs, there's a lot more to the island and you don't have to be a party animal to completely adore your time here. The island has so much to offer, with it's culture and history, the beautiful scenery and beaches, the food and the activities. You can check out the packages Jet2 Holidays has to offer for Ibiza on their website and really experience the island for yourself, no matter what kind of holiday and travel you are looking for.

Amy x


Big news: I only went and bought myself a motherfucking house didn't I? Yup, ya gal has moved up a few levels in the world of adulting and after living alone and surviving for nearly 18 months, I can finally say that I am a homeowner (or a massive in debt to the bank mortgage wanker, whichever you'd prefer). All jokes aside, there's definitely something satisfying about picking up the keys to somewhere that you officially own and of course, my favourite thing about finally owning a house has got to be the decorating and it's just liberating to be able to do whatever the f I want to the decor without worrying about what the landlord will have to say. I've only lived in the house for a month so it's not quite totally finished but I thought I'd share a little tour of where I am so far, where some of my pieces are from and what I want to do next.


The downstairs of my house is all very open plan and has literally no doors at all. The living room has an archway into the dining room and the dining room has an archway that leads into the kitchen and that's one of the reasons I loved the house so much when I first viewed it. The space is so open and airy with a big bay window at the front of my living room, with a view over the countryside and fields for miles. As with all my previous houses, I've kept all of the painting and floors quite neutral, just because (a) I like all of my rooms to be really bright and calming and (b) if I decide to change furniture or style of room in the future, then I can without having to worry about painting. My sofas are also pretty neutral in colour and style and although I love them, they are well and truly "Amy sized" and when I say that, I mean that they are the right sized for me and only me. Add a boyfriend or a couple of dogs into the mix and you find yourself hanging off the edge, looking down at the floor and holding on for dear life. They're from Sofas World, an online sofa store that I discovered when I first moved out in September 2016 and they're absolutely jam-packed full of affordable but actually really nice sofas and furniture. These were the second set of sofas I bought from them and I really haven't been able to fault them at all.

On photos, a lot of people have been asking me where my TV stand is from and after furiously Etsy-ing the shit out of TV stands and coffee tables, I was unable to find a decent one that I wasn't going to have to remortgage the house for. You may be surprised to find out that this beauty of a Hairpin TV Stand is from none other than eBay and is actually a very reasonable price considering how much this style normally costs. My dining room table is another surprising one too. As you can see, it's pretty unique and was handmade in an octagon shape with the big, chunky wooden chairs with the gothic style metal detailing. You'd think it was guna empty my bank account right? Nope, the whole thing was £150 from a seller on Shpock. I'll admit that when I first moved out I thought you had to have everything brand new and as a consequence, a lot of my stuff was cheap rubbish that fell apart straight away but now I'm more likely to have a browse on eBay, Facebook marketplace, Depop and the like and I've found some reeeeet bargains.

I think we can all agree that January has been the longest ass month in the history of the entire universe and for that reason, we all deserve some new beauty products right? With Valentine's Day just around the corner, there's all the reasons in the world to treat ourselves (because we all know that V Day is really about treating ourselves right...?) and I've been using quite a few new beauty products over the last few weeks, for my hair, body and skin, some of which have definitely become a permanent staple in my everyday routine.

First up, we have the hair shizz. Now anyone who knows me will know that my hair routine is basically get out of bed and do absolutely nothing at all with it cause I'm a lazy lil bitch most days. However, Sam McKnight has recently come into my life with four amazing new products that have fit in with my "bed head" style perfectly. Sam McKnight is the legendary hair stylist behind so many of the dreamy styles we've seen on catwalks and magazine covers and his new products are everything that a "done but undone" girl like me could ask for, plus the packaging is absolutely dreamy - just look how sleek those bottles are! One of these products has absolutely saved my bacon over the last few weeks and that is the Lazy Girl dry shampoo. I've been lathering my whole head in this before bed when I'm not washing my hair, scrunching it up and sleeping on it and it's a saviour for when you need to stretch your wash out for just one (or five....) more days. It completely mattifies my roots and gives texture to my fringe so I can easily keep my grungy hair without much effort at all.

The Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist has also become a staple for me, especially when I'm going for something more "styled." I was at a formal event the other week and this was amazing for adding a little bit of oomf to my hair, something which is essentially when you don't really do up-do's or typical "formal" hairstyles. My hair didn't budge all night (even after one or ten vodkas...) so it's safe to say I was very impressed with this beauty. 

You can purchase the Hair by Sam McKnight collection from Cult Beauty here

Call me materialistic but these next two pink products fit in perfectly with the Valentine's Day theme I've got going on here (cause obvs everything has to be pink or red in February right?) and first up we've got the Gatineau Gentle Silk Toner, a toner that is gentle on the skin, made to soften it, remove make-up and impurities and I've been loving using this on a morning as part of my skincare routine. It leaves my skin feeling so clean and fresh, creating the perfect base for my daily make-up and although I have been quite lucky with my skin over the past few months (touch wood!) it's been looking very glowy and very clear over the past few weeks too. I use Pixi's Glow Tonic on an evening followed by a heavier moisturiser and the Gatineau Toner is the perfect way to follow this on a morning - it works like a dream. 

Finally we have a product from one of my favourite brands of the moment - Antipodes. Obviously a blogger's favourite, Antipodes has brought me some of my favourite ever skincare products, from eye creams to moisturisers to face masks and of course, hand creams. Their "Delight" hand and body cream has long been a feature in my bathroom so I couldn't wait to get my hands on the Joyful Hand and Body Cream and I was not disappointed. The smell is literally my idea of heaven (not that I can actually smell it at the moment as I sit here writing this with the worst blocked nose I've ever had in my life, obvs without being dramatic), with berries and hibiscus scents coming through. As always the cream itself is thick but not heavy or oily and leaves your skin feeling absolutely bloody amazing, definitely like that Peter Griffin dolphin gif we all know and love. I've been keeping this on my bedside cabinet and lathering my hands in it every night and they've just felt and smelled wonderful ever since - I'll definitely be repurchasing this one when I get through it. 

What products have you been loving recently?

Amy x


I've never been away in December before. All of my trips have been in the Spring, Summer or Autumn and although I've always wanted to do a really festive, Christmassy, cosy winter trip, I've just never gotten round to it. Well, I did book one last year to go to Berlin's Christmas markets but my dog Harry ate one of the passports the day before I went so that didn't end up going ahead needless to say! Anyway, the week before Christmas, I finally got my wish this year and headed to Budapest for a long weekend of festivities, exploring and drinking endless amounts of hot chocolate. Budapest isn't a place I see too many people going but I absolutely adored it as a city and it has so much to offer! Here are a few of my favourite things about the city.


Obviously this is only applicable if you're going at Christmas but I had to start with the wonderful Christmas markets of Budapest, one of the things that drew me to the city in the first place. There are two major Christmas markets in Budapest and the first one I visited was Vorosmarty Square, which opens from mid-November each year. This market sits right in the city centre, surrounded by shops and beautiful buildings, a big Christmas tree sitting in the middle and Christmas stalls everywhere. There was a little stage with live acoustic music on while we were there and I picked up a few little trinkets from here, including a handmade candle with crushed flowers inside, an independent artist's work and a classic fridge magnet. The markets in the street outside of St Stephen's Basilica are also absolutely brilliant and in fact I think these ones may have been my favourite. There's a mini ice-rink in the middle of the markets that's free for kids and the markets here are amazing. The food is traditional Hungarian, you can get Baileys hot chocolates (best. thing. ever.) and the stalls are full of handmade Christmas decorations, baubles, keepsakes, mugs and anything else you can think of and they extend right around the Basilica itself and down the street opposite. There's also a really cool little light show on a night that's projected onto the Basilica and if I remember rightly it's on every hour. Wrap up warm if you do go at this time of year because I was freezing my little arse off for 100% of this trip!

Dressing casually in winter without looking like Joey from that layering episode of Friends can be difficult if you don't want to freeze to death, especially when you live right in the north where winter really does hit us and it can be hard to wear clothes that you actually like when all you want to do is put three hoodies and a pair of walking boots on. I have built up quite the impressive collection of coats over the years and I just find myself adding to it constantly but with good reason, as I think in winter a good coat can make any outfit look stylish and well put together, even if you aren't wearing the most "out there" things underneath. 





I love a statement coat for winter and this leopard print number is no exception. This is from the Amelia Lily collection with Jane Norman and I honestly think this has been one of my favourite celebrity fashion collaboration yet. The collection totally embodies Amelia's casual rock chick style, with lot's of animal print, textures and styles perfect for a Christmas party, including lot's of velvet, lace and metallics. I love Amelia's style and it's quite similar to my own so I was so excited when I started looking at it. The coat caught my eye straight away - it's the perfect easy way to add a slight touch of grunge with leopard print whilst making a statement to your outfit - I love wearing this with all black underneath and a black pom pom hat too!

I've also had a few bits and pieces delivered from Farfetch for the winter months, including these amazing boots. I spoke a couple of weeks ago about investing in certain pieces and one of those pieces was of course boots. This little pair of beauties are definitely an investment piece but I've worn them non-stop since they arrived on my doorstep and I know they're going to last and last and last. However, although they are more pricey than your average shoe, they make putting my winter outfits together just that little bit easier because they're simple enough to go with most things but still have buckles to switch it up a lil bit. Black is obviously a failsafe at this time of year for accessories and the like (soz bout it but I'm a blogger cliche) and with the hat, the bag and the boots, a simple jeans and tee outfit ends up looking fierce (yes, I have been rewatching all 9 seasons of RuPaul).

Overall this kinda look is my favourite type of winter outfit for sure. Simple but chic with a lil hint of grunge and sass. What's your go-to in this absolutely diabolical, arctic, frozen, beyond the wall weather? And no that's not being dramatic at all.

Amy x
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