If you saw my Festival Lookbook earlier this week, you'll know that last weekend I was lucky enough to be sent to Latitude Festival by the amazing Animal and not including the fact that I was kitted out in the best festival gear by the brand, I had literally a bloody fantastic weekend. I'll admit that Latitude wasn't really a festival I'd looked into much with it being at the total opposite side of the country to me but when I saw that line up I knew that it was going to be worth the six hour drive and oh boy I was 100% right.

We arrived on the Thursday evening and trekked from the car to the campsite and got to pitching our tent in the first spot we saw. That was one of my favourite things about the festival - how laid-back the camping was. The tents weren't crushed on top of each other like most other festivals, there was absolutely loads of space and although it was certainly a packed festival, you didn't feel like you were sharing every single scrap of your personal space with your tent neighbours. Vango were kind enough to kit us out with our camping gear, including our home for the weekend - our tent. The Vango tents like this are designed to be put up easily with only two poles and a few pegs and although Jess and I are no experts (and may or may not have asked the people next to us for help basically as soon as we set our bags down), the little tent did us well and kept the heat in amazingly. In fact, were ridiculously snug every single night and barely even noticed when it was crazy wind and rain on the first night.


If I had to use one word to sum up Latitude it would be magical. Think fairy lights strung through the trees, floating dancers, water displays and chandeliers. There was a section called The Faraway Forest with intriguing little stands, speeches and talks, hidden bars and so much more, an area called Solas which is where there were huge light displays strung through the trees, chandeliers hanging down, log benches and an amazing relaxed atmosphere. Next to the camping area there was a Village, packed with hair braiding stalls, trinket shops, glitter stands and some kooky yet amazing little stalls. There were quite a lot of charity stalls dotted around which I thought was great, including an Oxfam shop, a breast cancer charity booth and War Child, plus an actual supermarket which sold any supplies you may have forgotten to include in your bag. 

The festival was also very clean, especially compared to other festivals I've been to. There were recycling bins everywhere which almost everyone made the effort to use meaning that rubbish strewn around, even around the tents, was absolutely minimal. The toilets weren't too bad either (well, they weren't bad as far as festival toilets go) and compared to some of the horrific things I've seen in festival toilets in the past, they were practically luxury. They were cleaned constantly and emptied every single morning and I think I only went in one that had no loo roll. Bravo Latitude!

Finally, the atmosphere was just incredible. It was just full of people having a great time with little or no trouble at all and it was jam-packed full of families with children and elderly groups too which I think is great - there was something for every single age range and it was 100% the nicest festival I've been to so far.


As Latitude is a huge festival, there was a huge choice of food and drinks and to be honest, they weren't badly priced for the size of the portions, averaging at about £8 per person, per meal. We camped quite close to an amazing breakfast truck (hello bean and cheese toasties every morning), ate mac 'n' cheese, pizza, Chinese food and of course, the mothership of all food, cheesy chips and gravy, very aptly called "Northern fries" at Latitude. There was every type of food you could think of from crepes to donuts to Thai food to sandwiches...we were totally spoilt for choice. The best thing about Latitude's food choices though was the availability of veggie and vegan food. There was so much choice, especially compared to the usually very limited meat-free options at festivals but there were stalls that specifically sold veggie and vegan food with most stalls offering alternatives. There was even a huge oat milk stand giving out free samples, encouraging people to give up milk! 

As for drinks, well it was fricking great. There were proper cocktail bars that served amazing gin and tonics, vodka cocktails and more, a Carlsberg tent, a prosecco stand, a wine stand...there was everything for everyone. You also paid £2 extra for your first drink for a plastic cup which you exchanged for a new one every time you bought a new drink to reduce waste and at the end, if you handed back your cup you got £2 back which I thought was a great way to be kinder to the environment. 


Now, for the real reason we give up all of our luxuries for the weekend and live in a field for the weekend - the music. The line-up for Latitude 2017 was incredible with one of my all time favourite bands playing - the 1975. I've wanted to see them live for a very, very long time and I was literally bursting with excitement thinking about seeing them and they did not disappoint (can confirm Matt Healy is just as attractive in real life). I had the best night of my life singing along to some of my favourite songs - isn't there something just completely soul-soothing when you're just lost in the live music and totally enjoy yourself? On the Saturday night, we saw Mumford and Sons. Now, I am a fan of some of their songs but I wouldn't say I was crazy about them but oh my god they were literally incredible live. The atmosphere, the vocals, the special guests, the music...it was just amazing. We also a few other bands and artists including Goldfrapp and the Corals so music-wise, it was insanely good. 

Latitude also played host to some fricking amazing comedians and we spent quite a lot of time in the comedy tent. We saw Chris Ramsey, Joel Dermott, Sean Walsh and a few up and coming comedians who were great too and that was what I loved about this festival - it wasn't just about the headliners and the bug music. There were so many smaller stages celebrating lesser known artists as well as the comedy tents, a cabaret tent, a speakeasy and poetry so you weren't just confined to the huge stages. 

After the music was over on a night, the party really started. The Comedy Tent became a full blown "guilty pleasures" tent and I have never had so much fun dancing around to cheesy noughties songs in my entire life. I may or may not have also drunkenly requested a dubstep DJ in another tent to play Africa by Toto, to which he started almost crying laughing but hey, it was worth a shot right?! 

All in all, Latitude festival has undoubtedly been my favourite festival so far and it's going to take a lot to top. I would whole heartedly recommend it for anyone if you're considering a festival next year, whether it's your first festival, your hundredth or if you want to take your kids. It's truly a great festival that is worth the travel if you're from up north.

A huge thanks to the guys over at Animal for making this possible and kitting me out with my festival wardrobe! You can check out their Festival Season clothing on their website for your own festival style - they also have a huge sale on at the minute too so get cracking and get over there! 

Amy x


My third festival has just been and gone and let me tell you that it was my favourite one yet. I spent the entire weekend just absolutely feeling free, with a drink in my hand, glitter on my face and not a care in the world and for me, that's what festivals are all about. Latitude 2017 was bloody incredible. I'mma write a whole blog post about what Jess and I got up to over the weekend but for now I'm going to give you a lil look at what I wore for the weekend. Animal sorted me out with some wonderful bits and pieces for the festival (a brand that is perfecto for festival style may I add) so hopefully I'll be able to give you a little bit of inspo for your festival packing this summer! 


My style is quite grungy as it is but festivals are an excuse to go all out with whatever the hell you want to wear. I think festival style can be quite daunting because typically it can be very extravagant and in reality, I guess it is. But that's nothing to be frightened of and in fact it means it's your chance to dress however you want, as big and bold as you want, or as simple and understated as you want. Literally anything goes at a festival. Cover yourself in glue and roll around in glitter and no one would even bat an eyelid. 

For my first day's outfit, I chose this rock chic number. Black shorts or the Leyla skirt (now in the sale FYI!), clunky Dr Martens, fishnets and layered on top, this is my go-to festival look. It's summery but still warm enough to enjoy yourself (uh huh, warmish and stylish I went there) and also, it's practical. My style is also not too over the top so I've still kept it pretty simple with the odd splash colour, slogans and obviously some glitter on my face which proves that you don't have to go totally extravagant if it ain't your thing. 


Saturday was probably my favourite outfit of the entire festival. Plaits? Check. Glitter? Check. Tassels? Check. Super cute summer dress? CHECK. For me, this ticks all the festival boxes with it's girly meets grungy vibes and the colour of the dress is just beautiful. The Sun Worship Dress is true to it's name and made me feel like a lil sunflower prancing through the field and the beauty of buying this kind of dress is that it's not exclusive to festivals and I'm certainly going to be taking it on my holidays with me this summer. I'm a huge fan of cute dresses like this with big chunky boots but the fact is that it's such a versatile dress. Team with sandals and a flower garland for a cute and girly festival look or with flip flops and a load of bracelets for a surfy one - the possibilities are endless. 

Dr Martens are my footwear saviour too. They saw me through my first festival way back when I was 17, right through my trip to Iceland and up until Latitude last weekend and they're still going strong. They have undoubtedly been my smartest purchase way back all those years ago and although they are quite expensive to splash out on, they are completely worth every penny. 


For me, Sundays are the dress down day at a festival. You've partied, you've slept on the ground in the middle of a field for a good few nights and you absolutely stink (c'mon admit it, we all do after a festival!). I always want something a little bit more casual so the denim pinafore, boots and lace top are the perfect combo. It had been spitting on to rain for the day before so the Nia jacket had to come out. This coat totally embodies the vibes that I get from Animal and it's one of my favourite pieces they sent over for the weekend. The khaki colour and the embroidery give off such a relaxed but stylish vibe and it was such a good piece to just throw over anything, especially when we were just sitting outside the tent or having a little wander. By this point my hair was hadn't been brushed in four full days, my fringe was everywhere and no matter how hard I tried to keep my little plaits in they just couldn't be saved. You just gotta embrace it by this point! 

Another absolute essential was the Burst backpack - the walk from the car to the campsite is not nice. In fact, it's actual hell. When you feel like Buckaroo with all the luggage on you, your tent hanging off your shoulder and everything spilling everywhere, a backpack is a godsend. This backpack actually fit so much in too, it was great!

Watch out for my Latitude blog post coming this weekend too to see what we got up to but for now check out Animal's website for some amazing festival bargains in their sale!

Amy x


Festival season is well and truly in full swing and this is one of my favourite things about British summers. There's nothing quite like sitting in the probably awful weather with your mates, a can of whatever in your hand, in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere listening to your favourite type of music. Last year I went to Y Not Festival and a few years previously, it was Download festival and this year, I'm kicking off my summer with a weekend at Lattitude Festival with Animal and I am so excited! The headliners are Mumford and Sons and the 1975 (*screams*) so it's safe to say I'm fit to burst with joy right now. I've never been to Lattitude before but I've heard it's magical with comedians, sheep and woodland walks - does it sound like the Instagrammer's dream or what?!

Admittedly, although I absolutely love festivals, I am a little bit of a princess who enjoys home comforts so when it comes to camping gear, I have to make sure it's two things: (1) easy to assemble (putting a tent up in the pouring rain when you're in a huge sulk with yourself is not the one) and (2) it has to be good quality. Vango very kindly sent over some of their camping gear to get us set for a weekend of living in the wild outdoors, including their Rock 300 tent which is absolutely made for summer festivals. I actually used the very same tent last year for Y Not Festival so I'm hoping that we'll be slightly more experienced when it comes to putting it up in the pouring rain! My favourite thing though is the Bluetooth Lantern. It's so easy to forget how bloody dark it can get on a night on the campsite (fumbling around in the pitch black after a few bevs trying to get into your sleeping bag is not the one). You can recharge this lil wonder in your car too so it's super easy to keep it lit if you're driving to your festival like me!

I don't want to show too much of the clothes I'm planning to take to Lattitude because I am planning a lookbook style post after the festival so I'll just give you a lil sneaky deaky peek for now. Obviously Animal are an absolutely perfect brand to turn to for festival fashion with their laid back, free spirit vibes and their adventurous history. My favourite piece I'm taking with me is undoubtedly this Sun Worship Dress - it's going look amazing in the sun, rain or whatever other crazy weather the British summer decides to throw at us over the weekend and not only is it going to look fab with my boots, it'll be amazing for holidays and the rest of the summer after I get back. I'm also loving the Black Leyla Mini Skirt too; with fishnets and a band tee it's a festival worthy buy for sure.

Animal also very kindly sent over the perfect festival kit to get me ready for my weekend and would ya just look at how blooming cute it is?! I've got everything I could need for a few days without my home luxuries, from pom-pom hairbands (obv a festival essential), glitter (an absolute essential no questions asked) and the magic in a bottle that is dry shampoo. I've also got some pretty cool Sleek make-up here too, from the highlighting palette and the Snapshots palette which is a dream for creating bold and kooky looks for a festival.

I'm going to be posting every day on my own Instagram and on my Twitter so make sure you're following me - there'll be lots of vids of the bands on my Insta stories!

Amy x

If I'm being honest, I've wanted to write this post since I got my very first tattoo what seems like an age ago (it was actually only a matter of months but it feels like ages!) but I just didn't feel right only writing about one or two. I wanted to wait until I'd had a few more tattoos before I shared them in detail with you guys and I think that now, with five different inkings on my body, is the time to do so. Now, I'll confess that I am no tattoo pro, having only got my first one early this year but they are part of my body that I love and the time is right to talk about my experiences. Obviously tattoos are not everyone's cup of tea and I appreciate that but they are most certainly my cup of tea and if you are not a fan, then please just move along and keep any negative comments to yourself. Ain't nobody got time for that, not today, no thank you.

Deathly Hallows Symbol
Location: Right-side ribs
Time taken: 15-20 minutes
Pain rating: 6/10

So, my first ever tattoo was of course, Harry Potter related. If you know me at all, you could have probably guessed this considering I read the first book when I was 5, have watched every movie back to back a million times, know literally everything about the Wizarding World and still get sad when I remember that scene with Dobby (*sobs*) - yup, Harry Potter has been a big part of my life since I was a very, very small child. Obviously this tattoo is meaningful to me; the Deathly Hallows symbol is very central to the entire story of Harry Potter and Voldemort and although I have seen some stunning Harry Potter tattoos with a lot more detail, I'm a fan of small and simple tattoos so the Deathly Hallows symbol was all I needed. 

Obviously the ribs is quite a notoriously painful place to get tattooed so it's safe to say I went all in for my first one. Tattoos are painful in general (a needle is getting dragged across your skin - of course it's not going to tickle) and the only way I can describe it is that it feels like someone is dragging little tiny scalpels across your skin over and over again. This particular location was pretty painful but it was bearable and stung a lot more than other locations. Every tattoo place has given me a different type of pain and this one was more scratchy/stingy - it hurt a lot but was bearable and didn't really hurt at all during the healing process.

Flower Outline
Location: Left forearm 
Time taken: 35-40 minutes
Pain rating: 4/10

My second tattoo is this cute little flower piece on my forearm. I got this one done at the same time as my first one (keen bean or what?!) and I loved it from the moment I saw the design. Like I said, I'm a huge fan of simple tattoos and I don't think I'd personally get any colour or too much shading in any of them so I wanted to keep this as simple as possible, hence why it is literally just an outline. Flowers are admittedly quite a "generic"or cliche thing to get tattooed but I love floral designs and I'm actually planning more floral ones because I think they're so pretty. What does this tattoo mean? Absolutely nothing. I just liked it. I'm not a fan of the idea that tattoos have to mean something very deep and personal - they are pieces of art and if I like it, I'm going to get it even if it means less than nothing. I like flowers. I like tattoos. That's the only meaning it needs for me. 

Pain wise, this was relatively painless for a tattoo. The closer to the crease in my arm that the needle got the more intense the pain was but it was never too bad and I could easily watch the tattoo get done. This is definitely the least painful out of all of my tattoos.

Mountain Landscape
Location: Right thigh
Time taken: 40-45 minutes
Pain rating: 5/10

My third tattoo was this itty bitty mountain landscape on my thigh and this was something I'd had in mind for a while. Again, there is no specific or deep meaning to this tattoo. I like to travel, mountains are one of my favourite things to see (Iceland and Montenegro have some of the most beautiful mountainous landscapes!) so in a way I guess that it's significant in that way. It's the same style as my arm tattoo with the simple outlining design but this one has some dot work added into it which turns it into a real piece of art in my opinion. 

I didn't expect this tattoo to be painful at all but oh boy I was wrong. This was very painful and I'm not sure if it was because I wasn't expecting it to be but it felt so tender and ached all the way through. It healed relatively quickly though and the pain wasn't so bad I couldn't look but do not discount this as a painful area!

The Creation of Adam
Location: Top inside of right arm
Time taken: 20 minutes
Pain rating: 7/10

My fourth tattoo is probably my favourite out of them all. It's one of those that I can't stop looking at because I love it so much and I will never, ever get tired of seeing it. This tattoo is of the hands of God and Adam in Michaelangelo's painting The Creation of Adam which is in the famous Sistine Chapel in Rome. I saw this very painting in Rome a couple of years ago and it just took my breath away. The artwork in that building is just mesmerising and although I am an atheist who does not identify as religious in any way, I just loved the way the hands were reaching out to each other and how iconic the painting is - it is a truly beautiful piece of art and I love that part of it is replicated on my body.

Pain wise, this area was very painful. The pain was kind of deep and felt like it was right under my skin (duh, it's a tattoo!) and it was extremely intense towards the top of my arm. It wouldn't put me off getting a tattoo in the same place on my other arm though so although it was painful it certainly wasn't unbearable but I imagine a larger, more detailed tattoo would hurt a lot. It might be worth me saying here that I have quite a high pain threshold and deal with pain quite well and I know that tattoo pain is different for literally everyone so this is just my experience!

The World Map
Location: Upper back
Time taken: 90-120 minutes
Pain rating: 8.5/10

My most recent tattoo is the biggest, the most detailed and the most complicated out of all of them and it is basically the world on my upper back. Again, this doesn't have a specific meaning but I love travelling and experiencing the world so it is symbolic to me in that respect. I did originally want it smaller but my tattooist who did the design made it larger and I'm so glad he did as the detailing can be seen so much more and it extends slightly up my neck which I love. It's kind of old style, the kind of style you'd expect to see on an old map and that's exactly what I wanted to go for.

This was undoubtedly the most painful tattoo I can imagine. Like my thigh I thought it was going to be a doddle after I'd had tattoos in the most infamously painful places like the rib and upper inside arm but oh my god, this flipping hurt. It was almost unbearable in some places and the only way I can describe it is that it felt like someone had a huge drilling and was drilling into my bones for 2 hours. It was one of the worst pains I've ever felt and I am no quitter and put up with most things quite well but this one very nearly made me ask for a break. I did manage to soldier through it but I would never get a back tattoo again because it was so painful, it was honestly very unexpectedly awful. However I do love my tat so it was worth the pain in the end! 

So that's my five tattoos so far! I have a lot more planned but probably won't be getting any more for a while yet but I just love having such wonderful pieces of art inked onto my own skin. All of my tattoos are done by James at Fat Panda Tattoo Studio in Bishop Auckland for anyone who is local and looking for recommendations. He designed all of them for me and does an amazing job every single time so I'd highly recommend the studio to anyone!

Amy x

So after months of hard work, my house is finally being pulled together. It's not quite totally done yet (my "office" is basically still a dumping ground) but it is just about getting there. You can see a peak inside my living room in my last interior blog post but this time, I thought I'd give you guys a little tour of my bedroom. 

My bedroom is on the front room of my house and although I was sceptical about how it was going to look at first, I absolutely love how it's turned out. My bed sits right at the window so when I wake up on a morning I see the beautiful view of the green fields and little village houses that my bedroom looks out onto and because it's quite a small room with a large window, it's one of the brightest rooms in my house which I love. The flooring is varnished floorboards and because the house is so old, they do have the odd paint splatter or the odd chip but for me, that only adds to the personality of the room and I actually prefer them a little bit worn! Like the rest of my house, I got the walls painted white so that there was a neutral palette incase I ever wanted to change the colour scheme, which at the moment is white, grey and silver.

Most of my actual furniture in my bedroom is from good old IKEA. For me, it's the absolute failsafe for furniture because it's cheap and cheerful but is also very, very nice. Sure, some of it may not be the best quality but I'd rather have a cheapish bed that doesn't cost me three months wages when it does exactly the same job as a three grand one would. I do have a decent mattress from Leesa (you can read my post about that here) and I absolutely love my bedspreads. This striped one is from IKEA in the sale and cost me about £16 but the rest? They're from good ol' Primark and if you're looking for cheap but genuinely nice bedspreads I can't recommend their homeware section enough. I've bought palm tree print, stripes, plain white and embroidered bedspreads from there and every time I go in there's a new one in that I want to buy.

My little accessories are from a whole variety of places but the silver alarm clock is one of the biggest bargains ever. Two pounds from my local charity shop. Yep. Two. Pounds. I saw an almost identical one in Next a while back for around 16 quid so it is a true bargain. Charity shops are often over looked in the homeware stakes but when I've been hunting around in them, they also have some lovely bits of furniture too. Sure, some of them are very old fashioned but charity shops can be an absolute treasure trove!

One of my favourite things about living alone is that I have full creative freedom with my decorating. I wanna have all my make-up brushes on show? Bitch that's what I'm gonna do. I wanna have my teddy Albus from the Build-A-Bear factory on show? He's sitting on top of my wardrobe. My wardrobe is jam-packed full of my own stuff and it's coordinated and organised (as for how long this will last? maybe a week or so given my messy track record) with my make-up brushes in plant pots on my chest of drawers. I got the ideas for this off Pinterest (like most people do when decorating now!) and I love the way it looks. I also have a plant pot in my kitchen with little bits of things in and for a couple of quid from IKEA you can't go wrong!

I love my bedroom because it's bright, simple and minimalistic with little details that bring it all together. The green plant in the corner, the plant photos on the walls, the plant pots and the personal touches like my teddy makes it much more appealling to me than my last bedroom!

What do you think of my bedroom decor? Which room shall I show you next?!

Amy x

Erm where has the sun gone?! I am not happy with the sudden dreariness that has replaced the glorious UK summer and would like it to be 30 degrees again, plz and thank u. Obviously I wore this outfit when the weather was less grim than it currently is (I'm back to wearing literal winter outfits!) and I've gotta say it's one of my favourite casual summer outfits so far. The top is from Next which admittedly is not somewhere I usually shop but I found myself in there with my mum a few weeks ago and I discovered that actually, they had a lot of stuff in that I liked! They're definitely one of those brands that I sometimes overlook and just assume I won't like anything but in fact, if I just give brands like this a chance, I may find some hidden gems! 

This top may or may not have been worn just to show off my new back tattoo as well...







The sunglasses are exactly my type for this summer. I've been into huge sunglasses for a while now (you know, the ones that make you look like your face is 90% eyes?!) and this pair of Chloe beauts from SmarrtBuyGlasses are right up my street. I've been reaching for them to add a bit of glamour to any casual outfit, especially the more simple, casual looks like this one. They're going to be my go-to sunnies for my jollie hols later in the summer too, especially considering I sat on and broke my beloved H&M oversized loves! 

I've gotta talk about the perfume I'm using here too which The Fragrance Shop was kind enough to send over for me to try out. The Missguided Babe Power Perfume is exactly what you would expect from a fragrance by them; sassy, unique and fierce. It's not like any perfume I've smelled before with hints of grapefruit, orange and candy floss (yep, candy floss - it's Missguided through and through!) and the bottle is beautiful too with the rose gold can design. It's the perfect scent for using every day and is a really great price too for such a big bottle. What's more, after July 2nd (today!), you get a free beautiful rose gold choker with the perfume when you purchase it from The Fragrance Shop! 

You can buy Missguided Babe Power Perfume and get a free rose gold choker at The Fragrance Shop now! 

Amy x

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