I'm not sure if it's the vintage style top, the a-line denim shirt or my shaggy shoulder length hair but does this outfit not look like it would fit right in in Stranger Things? I feel like I could be an American high school student in an alternate dimension with this combination on and I'm not complaining at all. It's this kind of look that makes me realise how diverse my style really can be as I can go from looking like the biggest goth to the most feminine princess to an 80s teenager and in my opinion that is the best way for your wardrobe to be. 

As any Northerner will know, Newcastle is known for it's food scene and it offers hundreds of different types of food for all budgets, tastes and occasions so you're literally always spoilt for choice. I'll admit that I haven't tried as many places in Newcastle as I'd like to and I have a list as long as my arm full of places on my "to eat" agenda but recently I was invited along to try Hawthorns Brasserie, a restaurant serving locally sourced, authentic food and I after reading their menu online, I couldn't wait to get my teeth into their food!

The Brasserie is located inside the Crowne Plaza hotel in Newcastle so it's really central and easy to find and not only hat but the decor is lovely. The restaurant is warm and welcoming with huge windows, wine glasses on the table and comfy, squashy seats. The design of the restaurant is really modern with a chilled out, laid back atmosphere and of course, we got to ordering cocktails straight away (I can never resist okay!) and I could have drank them like pop to be honest! It was such a lovely atmosphere to sit back and just have a drink in while we waited for our food to arrive and they went down way too easily!

I know you're probably drooling already at the food photos because I'm hungry again just looking at it! We skipped the starters but Hawthorns Brasserie has an amazing selection on the a la carte menu, including crab, mussels and soup (I was so tempted by the mussels but I'd never have had room for my dessert!) and for the mains I went for the burger whilst my friend went for fillet steak and as you can see they were delicious. Like I mentioned above, much of the food is locally sourced for the Brasserie and my burger came from Turnbull's of Alnwick, a family butchers in Northumberland and it was one of the best burgers I've had in my life, with onion rings, bacon and a lush tomato relish. The steak was absolutely beautiful as well and both of our mains were served with the nicest hand cut chips I've ever had in my life. In the words of my friend, they were the biggest, fluffiest chips that we've ever seen in our lives and they were honestly amazing. I think I could have eaten just an entire bowl of the chips, I can't even describe how much I loved them - you probably guessed that you have to get chips when you go to Hawthorns - it would be a crime not to!

Obviously we had room for dessert and despite the fact that the menu had some choices that sounds bloody amazing, I went for what I always go for - sticky toffee pudding. I know, I know this blog is just going to end up a hundred different reviews of sticky toffee pudding but I can never resist and this one lived up to my high expectations. My friend went for the cheesecake and oh. my. god. This was cheesecake heaven. The god of all cheesecakes. The absolute mothership of cheesecakes. Cheesecake prom king and queen. We couldn't work out how the chef got the texture so thick, creamy and rich but if you're a cheesecake lover, or even a dessert lover, you will not regret ordering this. It is literally divine. 

Price wise, the Brasserie has got it bang on. It's not expensive at all and for the amazing food quality and chefs that work there, I'd in fact pay more. The service is absolutely amazing too and every single person who served us was chatty, smily and basically, they made our evening even better - it's always lovely to have amazing service from friendly people isn't it?

All in all, I'd highly recommend Hawthrons Brasserie if you want great quality food in a relaxed setting in central Newcastle. I will certainly be going back (and may or may not order ten portions of chips....).

You'll find Hawthorns Brasserie inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Central Newcastle, right by the Centre for Life. You can check out their menus on their website and book a table online too.

Amy x


A few weeks ago, my friend Amy and I visited Malta. A lot of people were surprised when I said that was where I was going as I don't think it's somewhere that everyone thinks to visit but actually, it's somewhere that I think more people would love than they think. I'm not sure what I was expecting from Malta but it wasn't beautiful, winding streets, historic landmarks and stunning scenery and although it's absolutely tiny, it's packed full of culture and is home to some truly beautiful cities and sights.

Here we have some photos of me in my underwear and let me tell you that even a couple of years ago, I'd have laughed in your face if you told me that I'd even think about sharing images of my bare skin. Don't get me wrong, I realise that I'm definitely considered slim and my body type is constantly celebrated and glorified, on social media, on TV and on virtually every advert going and because of this sometimes I feel a bit....well, wrong discussing an issue like body confidence. Larger body shapes are systematically shamed and excluded, with slimness being considered "normal" and "beautiful", weight loss being applauded at every turn and constant pressure on us to look a certain way. People like Grace Victory and Callie Thorpe discuss this way more eloquently than I ever could and it's thanks to influencers like them that I truly understand the problem of fat-shaming in modern society. However, here I want to focus on body confidence in general because I think we can all agree that no matter your size, shape, height, weight, race or anything else, we all suffer from body confidence lows and it can be difficult to deal with.

For someone who only started wearing midi-length skirts and dresses last year, my wardrobe sure is full of them. I have midi skirts in nearly every colour, texture and pattern but that did not stop me from adding yet another one to my collection in the form of this satin skirt from Joy. The deep midnight blue caught my eye straight away and whilst it may not be a typical "spring" colour, it's easy to style with a clean white top (yep I'm sorry not sorry for wearing this white top yet again!), dainty shoes and some grungy accessories. Joy has the cutest spring clothes in at the moment (watch out for an adorbs vintage-style sweater coming soon!) and this skirt is also available in pink if you want to break up your winter darks with some more season-appropriate colours! 

Mother's Day is fast approaching and we all know that that means it's time to show our mama bears a bit of affection. I'm not the most affectionate person in the world so days like Mother's Day is the perfect excuse for me to get my lil butt into gear and get my mum something special and this year, she's had some amazing treats in the form of a spa getaway and some exclusive Mother's Day jewellery. Daisy London whisked my mum and me away to North East favourite Rockliffe Hall for a night of rest and relaxation just in time for Mother's Day and they're also giving you the chance to win your very own spa break for you and your own mum!

I'm a lover of Spring. I love the colours, the flowers, the weather, the atmosphere and most of all, I love the fashion. Don't get me wrong I love cosying up in a thick jumper with a mug of hot chocolate as much as any other typical Instagrammer but there comes a point where we tire of the dark nights and the blustering winds and we yearn for something a little brighter. March has arrived with a bang (and still lots of windy weather!) and I'm hoping it's the start of some more Spring-like weather for us Brits, mainly so that I can start to wear beautiful pieces like these Dolce and Gabanna Shorts without freezing my lil legs off. 


If you know me at all you'll know how much I enjoy a good statement pair of shoes and when I say statement, understand that I mean statement. You may remember my last post with my beautiful new thigh high boots from Ego and today's post contains another super sassy offering them, albeit a totally different style of footwear. 

If there's one thing I can't get enough of it's sassy shoes. Admittedly, I have way too many pairs of all kinds of shoes in my wardrobe, whether it's boots, heels, sandals, sliders and every other type of shoe under the sun but I can never resist a shiny new pair, my latest addition being this pair of thigh high velvet beauties. The Kyla Black Velvet Boots are from blogger fav Ego, the home of sassy footwear and the brand which has been giving us the shoes we didn't even know we were missing. 


So, these beauties definitely filled the thigh high boot shaped hole in my life and I'm in love. They attracted a hell of a lot of attention when I wore them for the first time and it's easy to see why. The super statement fit, the embellished insects and the black velvet texture make such a statement, no matter whether you're wearing them with a mini dress for a night out or over skinny jeans for a casual day out like me. I felt like the song These Boots Were Made For Walking should have been my theme tune for this day as I strutted my way along my estate (classy I know!) and actually, they are super comfortable and surprisingly easy to walk in which is always a plus. 

I've kept the rest of my outfit quite simple here as I wanted the boots to do all the talking. The jeans are my old favourites which I'm sadly going to have to wave goodbye to soon I think. I've ordered a new pair of black skinnies from ASOS because these ones have just been so worn and basically have no black dye left in them at all so it might be time to part ways....if I can bring myself to do it!

What do you think of super statement boots like this?

Amy x

If I had to pick a favourite type of food, chances are afternoon tea would be close to the top. I love going to out for afternoon tea and have tried so many different places for it around my area and even look for it when I'm on holiday. I went to Belmond Reid's Palace in Madeira for afternoon tea last September and it was absolutely beautiful, with a view of the entire Funchal coastline, mountains and the ocean from the afternoon tea terrace. Take me back please! Anyway, you may remember that a few months back, I went to Seaham Hall Spa for the first time and had my first ever facial in their famous Serenity Spa and wowee was it good. So when they invited me back to try out their Duchess of Bedford Afternoon Tea, I was so excited. One of my favourite spas and hotels combined with my favourite type of dining? Yes please! 

I've had enough of the cold weather and I'm taking a stand. Black tights are banished, heavy coats have gone back in my wardrobe and I've started spending on some Spring clothes, this simply beautiful dress being one of them. If I could sum up my style, it would be in an outfit like this with a floral, very feminine dress teamed with some grungy pieces like the chunky boots and the heavy leather jacket. Girly grunge is one of my favourite ever styles and I always find myself unintentionally dressing down outfits in this way. I'm absolutely obsessed with the frills and the pattern on the dress but unfortunately, I have had a lil bit of a to-do with it. After the first time I wore it (i.e. here!) I noticed that the entire seam on one of the arms was completely gaping open and all frayed! I was devastated and emailed ASOS customer service, from who I am still waiting on a reply but hopefully I'll get it sorted as I know how on point ASOS are with their customer relations so fingers crossed for me and the dress of my dreams! 
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