I've had enough of the cold weather and I'm taking a stand. Black tights are banished, heavy coats have gone back in my wardrobe and I've started spending on some Spring clothes, this simply beautiful dress being one of them. If I could sum up my style, it would be in an outfit like this with a floral, very feminine dress teamed with some grungy pieces like the chunky boots and the heavy leather jacket. Girly grunge is one of my favourite ever styles and I always find myself unintentionally dressing down outfits in this way. I'm absolutely obsessed with the frills and the pattern on the dress but unfortunately, I have had a lil bit of a to-do with it. After the first time I wore it (i.e. here!) I noticed that the entire seam on one of the arms was completely gaping open and all frayed! I was devastated and emailed ASOS customer service, from who I am still waiting on a reply but hopefully I'll get it sorted as I know how on point ASOS are with their customer relations so fingers crossed for me and the dress of my dreams! 

Skincare can be a toughie when it comes to investing your money. It's often difficult to decide what your skin needs and the price ranges are so wide, I know I sometimes have absolutely no clue where to put my money and which products to splurge on. I've tried so many different types of skincare, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive and that's definitely true with moisturisers. For me, the price of things doesn't really matter. You can pay a half of your months rent for something that turns out to be the worst product you've used or you can pay a fiver for a brand you've never heard of for it to end up being a skincare staple. Equally, the more expensive ingredients in premium brands can work wonders on your skin whilst cheaper products may not do anything at all. I've picked out three of my favourite moisturisers, each from a different price range. They're all so different and are great for different things so hopefully you'll find this lil top 3 useful for your next skincare purchase!

Does anyone else go through real love/hate relationships with clothes? You the pieces that one minute you're running frantically around every shop spending dollar on every variety of it you can possibly find and then two months later you look at your wardrobe and think "what the fuck have you done?" Well, that's me with mom jeans. I went through a phase a few years back of never going a day without wearing them then a few months later, I decided I thought they were the ugliest things I'd laid eyes on and sold them on eBay for two quid. Now, I'm back in business. The mom jeans have won my heart once again and they're back in my wardrobe and granted I only have one pair at the mo', I can guarantee you I have my eye on a few more in Topshop right now...

I'm someone who finds it extremely difficult to switch off. I rarely have a day of doing nothing and my "days off" are never actually days off. There are times where I don't have a day off for weeks on end, weeks where I get by on minimal sleep and despite me choosing to do this, it does catch up with you after a while. I'm definitely a workaholic and this was particularly true throughout last year but during my busy exam period, I learnt that sometimes, you can push yourself too hard. Days off and chill days are absolutely essential for our productivity, our mental health and our physical health. Since making a conscious effort to actually sit down and just chill the eff out, I've felt so much better and have actually been so much happier in myself, my work and my blog and this is how I've been doing it.

If there was an outfit that summed up my style in a nutshell, this would be it. Faux leather? Check. Oversized top? Check. Ankle boots? Check. Another recent purchase I didn't really need but bought anyway? Check. Ideally, I would minus out the black tights but it's currently minus one outside and my milk bottle white little pins are not ready to be exposed to such extremes right now so the tights had to come out to save the day. 

I'll be the first to say it - I hate Valentine's Day. I hate the gawdy red gifts that line the supermarket shelves, the overpriced cards that we feel obliged to buy our other halves, the pressure on couples to go out and do something super expensive and even when I was in a relationship I wasn't a fan of the 14th February. Bitch, we should be appreciating each other every day of the year and not because some huge card companies say that we should but anyway I'm single for this Valentine's Day so I'm celebrating not having to celebrate February 14th and this is exactly how I'm doing it.

Thai food is one of my favourite types of food to eat. I'm always drawn towards the flavours, the smells, the spice, the fresh ingredients and I absolutely love the atmosphere that we get at Thai restaurants. When I was invited along to try out Newcastle's newest Thai offering Chaophraya, I was so excited I cannot tell you. I'll admit that I had never heard of Chaophraya before it came to Newcastle but after a quick google and look at the menu, I knew I had to get myself booked in straight away so last Monday, my friend Kallan and I headed to the new restaurant to give it a try.

The new restaurant is definitely a luxurious place to spend the evening with its rooftop location in Eldon Square, decked out in modern Thai decor and one of the most beautiful views of Newcastle city centre that I've seen. We were sat right next to the window looking out onto the Monument and the busy shopping streets of the city and let me tell you I am a sucker for a good view. The atmosphere was warm with the staff all dressed in traditional Thai clothing and sitting looking over the city with a cocktail in hand was the perfect way to start the evening.

I won't lie, the cocktails went down way too easy and I could have quite happily sat and drank one after another after another. They were served with fresh fruit, in super posh glasses and the raspberry vodka one I went for tasted just like an extremely tasty alcoholic smoothie which is always a good thing! For our starter, we went for one of the sharing platters which featured a whole host of Thai goodies, including spring rolls and prawn tempura and it was absolutely beautiful. The prawns were actually one of my favourite things about the whole evening I loved them that much and the whole dish was presented beautifully on a big leaf too. The sharing platters were priced at around £10 per person which I thought was actually pretty good considering how much food we each got and how tasty it was too. In fact, I could probably eat the entire platter to myself now!

Our main courses came next and we were not disappointed! Normally when I go out for Thai food I go for pad thai which is one of my favourite dishes ever but I thought it was time to brand out to something a bit different. I opted for the chicken in plum sauce and it was so delicious that I kept eating well beyond bursting point and it was definitely a good job I chose to wear a dress with plenty of food baby room! Kallan went for the red prawn curry with extra spice which he said was lovely (and I may have even sampled a cheeky spoonful too!) and the portion sizes were enormous! 

Despite literally bursting I couldn't say no to a dessert and the selection was fantastic with a mixture of traditional Thai desserts such as mango sticky rice, and Thai desserts with a little bit of a Chaophraya twist. Sadly they didn't have a lot of the desserts that were on the menu which was a bit of a shame as they sounded amazing but I went for the sticky toffee pudding. I love a bit of STP and can never resist it when it's on the menu anyway but this one was a little bit different to the usual with a hint of ginger. It was absolutely delishhhh let me tell you and Kallan's ice cream was the perfect end to such a beautiful meal too.

Needless to say, we both absolutely loved Chaophraya and although you could end up racking up quite the bill, it's worth every penny especially for a special occasion. I know I'll definitely be going back next time I want a Thai treat!

Amy x


I'm a huge fan of wardrobe pieces that are versatile. Pieces that can be dressed up for a night out or dressed down for a chill day, things that are timeless and classic. I got these "awkward" trousers for Christmas and I never knew how much I needed them in my life until the moment I unwrapped them. They're the perfect mix between smart and casual, between comfy and chic, geeky and stylish. Granted, they may not be quite warm enough for the Arctic style cold we're currently experiencing but being honest I've never been very good at dressing weather appropriately! 

So what is the "awkward trouser"? Basically, they're named after their awkward length, being not quite full length but not quite "cropped" either. I guess they're most similar to culottes in style and on my rather small frame, they sit just below the middle of my shin. Don't let the word "awkward" put you off though! They're actually pretty easy to wear, whether you want to wear them for a party or a day out shopping. I've teamed them with a classic stripe tee and trainers here for the some laid-back vibes but equally you could wear a nude bralet and some strappy heels for a super sassy, party outfit. 




You may recognise the coat as my grandma's from one of my previous fashion coats and it's still standing by me. It's one of my favourite things to just throw on over anything and everything no matter where I'm going - it feels like wearing a big fluffy blanket! It compliments this look perfectly and I can't thank my Grandma enough for letting me have her "dog walking" coat!

How would you style the awkward length trousers?

Amy x

Double denim is one of those trends that can be scary. Let's face it, none of us want to end up looking like that Britney and Justin photo from the early 2000s do we? However, double denim isn't actually as hard to style as it may first seem and in actual fact, it's an easy look to throw together to look bang on trend when you haven't actually made that much of an effort in real life. New Look challenged me to style some pieces from their denim collection to show you guys that there's no need to be afraid of the double D - it's a trend that anyone can pull off!

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