I'm not one of those people who purposely goes on a shopping trip to buy "holiday clothes". I used to be until I found that I was buying bits and pieces that I didn't even really like and had absolutely zero intention of ever wearing again, just for the sake of buying new clothes for a trip away. Of course, it's lovely to get new clothes especially for a trip but in recent years I've become more of a smart shopper, looking purposely for pieces I know that I'll love and wear for the rest of the year or even going a few years back into my wardrobe to look for outfits I can wear again, without having to spend a penny. 

That's exactly what I did for my recent trip to Marrakech (which was amazing - watch out for a blog post on that coming very soon!). As I was going away late in the season (September to be precise) and I knew it was going to be a bloody scorcher in Marrakech, I needed (a) clothes that were going to keep me cool and be holiday appropriate and (b) not to spend a fortune on clothes that I'm not going to wear ever again. I figured out three absolute failsafe holiday outfits that are not only cute and comfortable for a trip, but that can also be recycled, no matter what time of year you're going away.


So this little beauty of a dress is one of the ones I pulled from the depths of my wardrobe and I'm so glad it got to see the light of day again. I originally bought this from ASOS back in 2016 when I went to Y Not Festival - I think teamed with chunky boots and a hoodie it's the perfect festival dress. Anyway, for my trip to Marrakech, it was ideal. Not only is it a bright and cheerful dress (you know one of those pieces that just makes you feel happy?) but it's great for covering up slightly and keeping cool on the roasting days. I teamed it with a woven bag and a pair of Kurt Geiger sliders to complete the look and I think this was one of my favourite things I wore on the trip. 

Now, I know that I'll rewear this next summer for sure but this is one of those pieces I think is gorgeous to take you through Autumn too. Imagine it with a clashing biker jacket and a pair of strappy sandals for a night out in October! The sleeves and high neck mean that it's fab for the transitional period between seasons too and I know this will definitely be making a reappearance in my day to day outfits. Also, a lot of these type of dresses are in the sales now so it's a bloody great time to get spending! 



The ultimate classic. The total failsafe. The outfit that everyone on this land can pull from their wardrobe. It's the beloved denim and band tee combo that has seen me through many, many, many phases of my existence and I still haven't had enough of it. If in doubt of what to wear? Band tee. Lazing around the house? Band tee. Climbing down a mountain to the bottom of the tallest waterfall in Africa? Band tee. Again, this entire outfit is one that I pulled from my wardrobe and I didn't have to buy anything new to go with it. The Metallica tee is an old one from Topshop that has definitely been worn more times than is socially acceptable in modern times but hey, when you love something you love something right?! The shorts are again old from ASOS and come out every year when it comes round to Spring and Summer. I love the fit of these as they're high-waisted with deep pockets and as they come down to just above the knee, they're a nice, casual alternative to the usual hot pants that are in the "holiday" section on retailers websites.

The band tee is obviously something that you can wear throughout the entire year. I always wear this particular one tucked into mom jeans with some causal trainers or underneath a pair of dungarees with sliders. Tees like this are an absolute wardrobe essential for me and you can wear it with so many different pieces, the possibilities are endless. As for the accessories, the sunglasses are Jimmy Fairly and the headband is Stradivarius



Finally we have the statement jumpsuit, again a little number that I already had in my wardrobe. I bought this from Topshop earlier in the year so it is a little newer than my previous two outfits but I think this may be the best one for recycling throughout the year. I wore this on the day that we explored the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakech city, paired with the same black sliders and woven bag from the other days. I find if you back accessories that can be switched between outfits, that won't tear your feet apart and that are adaptable, you're pretty much sorted and won't need to overpack, which is what I did with the bag and the shoes here. As for the jumpsuit, well, it pretty much speaks for itself doesn't it? The wide legs, the bright fuchsia colour palette and the unique pattern makes it a simply beautiful outfit that really doesn't need much else. 

As for wearing this for the rest of the year, I think this has got to be a wedding guest outfit doesn't it? However, although it definitely could be made super formal, you could also wear a plain white tee underneath it to dress it down, something which I'm a huge fan of doing in the winter months. Or, you could even wear a slouchy jumper over the top with a pair of boots and you've got a super cosy outfit for the colder months (although jumpers and jumpsuits are not a good combination for weeing are they?!).


So that's what I wore in Marrakech and what I'll continue wearing throughout the rest of the year! Do you always buy new clothes for holiday or do you recycle? What are your tips for making the most out of your holiday wardrobe?

Amy x


I've made it no secret that I have lip fillers and that I love me a nice set of Juvaderm injections. My lip fillers are something that I constantly get asked about and a lot of the time, the questions are repetitive and the same ones crop up time and time again. I wrote a lil blog post about fillers when I first got them way back in 2015 but that's obviously quite old now and I've now got a lot more experience with the old lip plumpers so I thought I'd do an update post teamed with some of your questions from Instagram.


As my last blog post about this was 3 years ago, I'll give you all a quick background check about my fillers and the process as I highly doubt anything I said in 2015 is still at the forefront of your minds now. So, prior to getting lip fillers, my lips were teeny weeny. My bottom lip wasn't so small but I had virtually nothing around the edges of my top lip and although my cupids bow and the middle of my top lip was quite defined, it was definitely very, very small as far as lips go. I didn't get fillers because I was unhappy with my lips but I definitely had always wished I had a poutier pout and the tingling lip glosses just weren't doing the trick anymore so I decided to give them a go.

My friend and I did a lot of research around the best clinics for this kind of procedure and we settled on The Body Detox Clinic in Newcastle. This is where I went for the first few lots of filler. I'm unsure of their price range now as I know they increased their prices after the last time I went but you'll find a price list on their website. I went for 0.5ml because I didn't want people to look at me and be like "omfg LIPS EVERYWHERE" and the difference was subtle but effective. My lips looked so much fuller right from the get go and even after the swelling went down, I was in love with them. I'll admit, for bruising and pain, the first lot was the worst and my lips swelled ridiculously, to the point where it hurt to brush my teeth or drink through a straw. I also found that the first time I got them done, they seemed to go down extremely quickly and I found myself going back for a 0.5ml top up within 8 weeks.

After the second time, my filler has been a lot longer lasting. For the last few times,  I've been to a local practitioner called Denise who runs the business Age Anew and she is incredible. I've had them done 3 times now by her and I don't think I would go anywhere else. Anyway, I've found the more I get them done the longer the filler lasts. This time, it's lasted around 7-8 months before I've noticed a difference in them going down and I'm only just now due a top up after going in January the last time. I still only get 0.5ml as I feel that getting a full 1ml would be far too drastic on my petite face and I've always preferred them to look more natural. It's all down to personal preference and I know some people who have had a lot more in who still look incred - you literally just have to make the choice based on what look you're going for.


I asked on my Instagram stories if anyone had any questions they wanted to ask me about lip fillers and the response was bigggg so I'll answer as many as I can in the next few paragraphs. If I've missed anything major out then please do feel free to drop me an Insta direct message and I'll be more than happy to answer anything that you wana know!

To be honest I think they can range anywhere from £100 right up to £500. It entirely depends where you choose to go. I think the usual price is around £180 for 0.5ml and around £250 for a full 1ml but that is entirely from my own experience and I imagine prices fluctuate a lot, particularly depending on whether you go for Juvaderm or another brand, which practitioner administers the filler, your location. All kinds of things can influence the price. However, my big big big advice is always do your research on who is injecting you and I would always advise going to a trusted medical professional. Whilst technically anyone can learn how to inject and perform the procedures, it's widely accepted that it should be by someone who is in the medical industry (i.e. a doctor or a nurse) and I've seen far too many Facebook pages offering fillers for £60 and the resulting photos are never great. It's always worth paying the right price to get the right treatment, care and experience.

Like I mentioned above, I started off going to The Body Detox Clinic in the city centre of Newcastle who I could never fault for their treatment. I would definitely recommend going to them if you live further north, particularly if it's the first time you're getting the treatment. Their clinic is really warm, clean and friendly and they were amazing with me when they knew it was my first time. I now go to Age Anew which is a company ran by a wonderful lady called Denise in the Bishop Auckland area. She uses Juvaderm and her prices start from £180 and she also does filler with long lasting effects too. I absolutely adore the shape that my lips are after getting them done and she's always super honest and patient - I would highly recommend!

None whatsoever. I think the danger with starting to get treatments like botox and filler is that your view of yourself and the way that you look can become skewed and it's easy to be very critical of yourself, leading to more filler, more botox and the fear that you'll never be happy with your appearance. I've made sure I've kept this in mind throughout my treatments and when I've thought "oh my days I need more" I've (a) looked at my before and after photos to see just how much difference has actually been made and (b) asked someone else for an honest opinion, like my Mam or my best friend. I think that because I haven't gone past the stage of where I originally wanted to be (with a natural looking pout that doesn't scream lip fillers), I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever and in fact, I'm 1000x happier now with my appearance than I was pre-filler.

I feel like because I did a lot of research on the fillers beforehand and knew exactly what I was getting into, I was prepared for them to have lifelong upkeep. I was well aware that they wouldn't last forever and that I was getting myself into a lengthy and costly habit and I was totally fine with that because the treatment was something I really wanted. My biggest tip is don't go in expecting one £180 treatment to alter your appearance forever. They are not permanent and as long as you're completely aware of that fact and of the upkeep, there shouldn't be any nasty or costly surprises later on.

I'll be honest - yes. I have a very high pain threshold and have had tattoos, piercings and whatever else and lip fillers are definitely the most painful thing I've ever done. I do use a numbing cream beforehand to numb the surface of the lips so you don't feel the skin actually being pierced at all but the actual filler being injected into your lips is a right bitch. It's a really, really intense pain for around 10 seconds but as soon as the needle comes out then the pain stops, so for me that's bearable. I know that some places give you injections of dental block beforehand so you can't feel anything that's going on at all but for me, that wasn't appealing; in my mind you're simply needlessly adding on more time and more injections that hurt anyway.

2-3 times a year, depending on how quickly they go down and how big I want them at the time. I think minimum is definitely twice a year for the upkeep. They last a bit longer if you look after them properly e.g. no sunbeds or sun bathing for a while, avoiding saunas and anything that may cause them to break down, but for me 2-3 times is definitely enough.

From my own experience, the main side effects are swelling for up to a week after the procedure, bruising for a few days afterward and a feeling of tightness in your lips for a couple of weeks afterwards. However, lumps in the filler can also develop that you may be able to massage out yourself or if they are too severe, your practitioner may be able to massage them out or dissolve the filler completely. In addition, there are also a few risks to getting filler that you should be aware of before jumping into it. Mostly, the procedure is totally a-okay but after all, it is an invasive procedure underneath your skin so there are going to be some risks. Infection is obviously one of these risks or in rare cases the filler can block blood vessels, which could lead to all kinds of health problems, although this is very rare.

Any more questions feel free to holla at me! Please bear in mind that all of this is from personal experience and that you should always consult medical advice from a qualified professional.

Amy x

For as long as I can remember I've had a pretty poor relationship with my teeth. You know how we all have that one thing about our appearance or about our bodies that we absolutely hate and get really hung up on, even when we know that literally no one else sees it in the same way that we do? Well, for me that's always been my teeth. If you've followed me on social media for a long time, you may have noticed that for the first time ever, over the past few months I've been actually, genuinely REAL smiling in photos and for me that is huge. And it's all down to one thing - adult braces. Now, there's quite a lot to say about them and I know that a lot of people are interested in them so I thought I'd do a little blog post about my experience and my results.

I can only apologise for the lack of good photos of my teeth before and during my brace journey. I wish I had proper before and after photos to show you guys but I was so self-conscious of my teeth that I couldn't bring myself to do it. I've done my best to compile some photos to give you an idea of what they were like and I'll hopefully be able to explain the process of it all to you - any questions please do feel free to get in touch with me!


So from when I was an itty bitty Salt and Chic I've had problems with my teeth. As my dentist once said "you have a very tiny mouth and very large teeth." Yup, I am cursed with the wide teeth gene.  My dentist started work on my teeth from when I was very, very young and I had eight baby teeth removed so I could get my first brace. Yes, you read that right. EIGHT BABY TEETH REMOVED FROM MY MOUTH. It's a good job I was a tough as shit child wasn't it as this was at the age of 9 or 10. I then had a removable brace for my top teeth for around 8 months which was bloody horrible. I couldn't speak properly for whole time I had it, wasn't allowed to take it out to eat and instead I had to brush chewed up food pieces from it after every meal (sorry for the graphic detail) and it was on a palette that make it look like I had dentures (bear in mind this was way back in the early 2000s and I'm sure orthodontistry has come a long way since then). I then was referred to an orthodontist when I was 12 who removed four of my adult teeth (yep, MORE teeth wrenched out) and fitted me with a fixed brace on my top and bottom teeth.

At this age, I didn't care about braces. Sure, I was self-conscious but my teeth were a right state, with a huge gap between my front teeth, huge overcrowding on both top and bottom rows and obviously massive gaps in my gums where various teeth had been removed. I got to choose bright pink bands to go around the metal squares (obviously, as a 13 year old chav) and was extremely excited to be getting them sorted out after years of already having major dentist work done. However, they were painful and there were days that I couldn't chew properly because they ached so much and to add to this, they absolutely shredded the inside of my mouth. I had sores and cuts and ulcers everywhere for months and although the dentists had given me some special gel to put over the corners of my braces, this did little to stop this happening.

I was told I'd need the braces on for two years but my orthodontist decided to take them off after just 10 months, something I was ecstatic with at the time as I couldn't wait to get the metal out of my mouth. However, in hindsight, my teeth definitely weren't ready for this and I think this is one of the reasons I've needed adult braces - they were straighter but definitely not completely straight. I was given a retainer and told to wear it full time for a year. Over time, the retainer became misshapen (I think my top one even cracked) and after about 6 months, daft 14 year old Amy stopped wearing them completely, not thinking that in ten years time I'd be cursing myself for being so naive and thinking that they'd be okay.

Let’s talk about bedrooms because, well they’re pretty important aren’t they? We begin and end
every single day in our bedrooms, whether those days are happy, sad, stressed, relaxed, short or
long and that’s why I’ve always put a lot of thought and effort into decorating my bedrooms. We’re
all too aware of how sleep (or lack of) can affect our mood and our day to day life right? Yet it’s far
too easy to overlook how much our bedroom can link to our quality of sleep and therefore, how we

Imagine two scenarios. One, you wake up in a cluttered room with mismatched furniture and old,
ugly bedding, dark and dingy decor and piles of unwanted nick nacks lying around the room. Two,
you wake up in a bright, well decorated room that has your personality showing everywhere, in
freshly washed bedding and a lovely fresh scent in the air. You can already feel the difference in
your head right?! I was challenged to decorate my bedroom for a good night's sleep using the House of Fraser homeware range, and the challenge seemed to be surprisingly easy. You don't have to re-decorate your entire room and there's just a few simple changes you can make to ensure you sleep well.

City breaks can be a pain in the arse to dress for as it is. They don't have the easy luxury of a beach holiday where you just have to chuck in a few bikinis, some playsuits and a pair of basic bitch sunglasses and you're good to go. You'll be doing a lot of walking, exploring, eating and of course, sweating and your outfits have got to reflect that because after all, we're all looking for that balance between comfort and style for these kinds of trips. I consider myself quite experienced in this area of travel fashion, mainly due to the fact that I've made some absolutely terrible fashion choices for city breaks over the years (which I'll get into later!) just so you don't have to; here are my top tips for packing wisely for a summer city break.

It's no secret that I bloody love a city break and my recent adventure involved me and my best friend Jess jetting off to the beautiful city of Madrid in June. Admittedly, Madrid wasn't somewhere that was at the top of my travel bucket list and when we were booking, the decision on the destination came about mainly because of the price. Four nights in a 3* hotel with direct flights from Manchester for under £200? Just take my money already! On a side note, I think city breaks have a reputation of being ridiculously expensive and sometimes, they can be. That's why it's so important to shop around. We put in a lot of different dates, airports and destinations to work out the best deal and when you put your mind to it, they can actually be very affordable! When we got there, I instantly fell in love with the busy streets, the beautiful architecture and the amazing culture and it's a place that should be higher on any city lover's bucket list. Spanish cities are just absolutely bloody gorgeous and Madrid is no exception so here are my reasons why you should think about making it your next city break. 


Obviously I'll start with one of the most important parts of a city break. The food. I honestly cannot describe in words I know how amazing the food was in Madrid. The streets were absolutely lined with amazing tapas bars and restaurants, Instagrammable desserts that actually tasted as good as they looked and the best part? It was all super affordable, even in the restaurants that were more expensive. 

Starting with breakfast, there were a number of places that we tried out but my favourite had to be FEDERAL CAFE, which is where we ate the divine French toast you can see in the first photo. It's a very modern and reminded me a lot of the breakfast places that you'll find in London, slightly different to what I was expecting from cafes in Madrid but I could have eaten there every morning without complaint. Jess and I both went for the same (as we always do!) - French toast with mascarpone, cornflakes and berry compote teamed with a classic iced coffee. Gotta get that caffeine fix before exploring right?! Anyway it was absolutely divine as you can probably tell by the photo and I would have loved nothing more than to be able to try everything on their menu (they had some pancakes on there that sounded laaavley!). It's really central and I'd definitely recommend it for breakfast or brunch. 

When it came to evening meals, when I say it was tapas and sangria every night, I mean it was tapas and sangria every night. You could eat at a different tapas bar every night for a year and not even scratch the surface of what Madrid has to offer. Our favourite one had to be LATERAL, a tapas bar that was just across the street from our hotel. They have a number of these dotted around the city and for good reason! The menu is huge with tapas ranging from classic patatas bravas to cheeses and meats and fish and all kinds of wonderful creations. I'd recommend the Brie and Sirloin and the Barbecue Spare Rib with Yam - we went back twice and I loved these so much that I ordered them both times. They also do absolutely banging cocktails - get the Fruta de la Pasion mojito! 

You've also got the SAN MIGUEL FOOD MARKET which you cannot miss. We accidentally stumbled across this right at lunch time one day and it was like falling into food heaven. You can buy little plates and small portions of cheeses, olives, paella, seafood, meats and every other variation of food you can think of. We tried a whole host of things and the stalls seem to go on forever and with sangria on tap, you could spend a long time here trying everything. Prices range from €2 right up to €10 for plates so there's something for every budget; we shared little plates of things so we could try more which seemed to be the best idea. They have endless bars and drinks, including an Aperol Spritz stand which Jess got very excited about! 

Finally, you've got the desserts. Make sure you go to MAD WAFFLE for the cutest, biggest and tastiest waffles you'll ever see. I got a banana and caramel one with homemade banana ice cream, toffee sauce and chocolate crispy balls and I don't think I've ever had anything like it before so although they are a little bit on the pricey side, they're 100% worth it, especially considering they make your waffle right there in front of you! We also ate churros at SAN GINES CHOCOLATERIA which has been serving desserts in Madrid since the late 1800s and it was honestly like taking a step back in time with it's wood panels, green seats and walls lined with photos of all of the famous people who've eaten there. The hot chocolate is like drinking an actual pot of melted chocolate - it's an absolute must! 

First things first, let me just say that I absolutely love Instagram. I love taking and editing photos for the grid, scrolling down my feed and swooning over all of the absolute babes that I follow and in general, I really do still enjoy using Instagram and all forms of social media. However, recently I've realised something. I've realised that although I love the posting, the liking and the following, I've stopped caring about social media and it got me thinking; what happened to the gal who absolutely obsessed over the 'gram a couple of years ago and what made her stop giving a shit about it?

Now then chaps and welcome to my first fashion blog post in a while. If you read my latest 5 ways to make the most of your time in Ibiza or follow me on any social media, you'll be well aware that at the beginning of May, my boyfriend Andy and I jetted off for a weekend in Ibiza thanks to Jet2. Obviously, being the extra little Instagrammer that I am, I crammed about 50 different outfit changes into the trip and with summer holiday season reeeet around the corner, I thought I'd share a little lookbook of my outfits with links to what I'm wearing or links to similar pieces, because we all know too well how stressful planning holiday outfits can be. I'll be honest, normally I just cram an absolute boat load of clothes into my too small suitcase and hope for the best but actually, I'm pretty darn please with how my Ibiza looks turned out. 

striped playsuit: c/o urban outfitters / boyfriend t-shirt: asos / black backpack: asos / sunglasses: c/o burberry / necklace: c/o daisy jewellery

My trips are normally all about adventure. I'm not the type of holidayer who lies by the pool or sunbathes all day; I like to get out there and explore. That means that when I'm deciding what to wear, comfort and ease is probably the number one priority for during the day because after all, imagine trying to clamber across a huge cliff of rocks wearing your best heeled sandals and a maxi dress. For the first day, I went for an old favourite combination of mine in the form of this adorable Urban Outfitters playsuit. I've had this a while now (I'm talking a good two years) but I've linked some very similar, almost identical ones for you all. When it's really warm, I just wear it with nothing underneath or a black bandeau top but as Ibiza wasn't at it's hottest, I layered it with an oversized boyfriend t-shirt that cost around 9 quid from ASOS. For me, this is my ideal holiday outfit with the casual stripes, the comfort and ease of it and of course, the playsuit only has bloody pockets doesn't it and we all know how much of a difference that makes for us.

jumpsuit: asos / black chunky sliders: schuh / studded bag: zara / choker: c/o thomas sabo

On the first night, it was time for the Cafe Mambo opening party. I always think that dressing for a night out on holiday is a bit of an odd one. You've got some people who are covered from head to toe in glitter, sequins and the biggest heels you could imagine, you've got some people wearing trainers and denim shorts and then you've got some people wearing a teeny tiny bikini and what I gather from this is that you can wear whatever the bloody hell you want and no one will bat an eyelid. I went for what I would consider to be "laid-back holiday glam" (yes that is cheesy as f and yes I still said it). The playsuit is a recent buy from ASOS and I can just tell it's going to be my most worn piece of clothing this summer because it's something I'll wear as an everyday outfit and not just a holiday piece. Of course, jumpsuits are all fun and games until someone nearly walks in on you in the toilet and your just sitting there naked (please tell me I'm not the only person this has happened to.)

white smock dress: asos / black backpack: asos / espadrilles: c/o urban outfitters / wooden choker: c/o wolf and moon

This was one of those dresses that I had to ban myself from wearing before holiday because (a) I really wanted to save it to wear the first time on holiday (everyone understands that right?) and (b) because I'm ridiculously clumsy and would undoubtedly ruin it within 5 minutes with tea splattered all down the front obvs. I'm always a bit wary of smock dresses because as a very small framed, petite gal who will tower over you at a massive 5"2 , they can swamp me if they don't fit me properly. I got this one from ASOS petite section which is probably my favourite petite range on the market and the dress fits me perfectly and is for once the exact right length (they also have it in regular fit if you're not petite!) 

striped jumpsuit: topshop / white chuck taylor trainers: c/o converse 

There are three options of what look I was going for here: (a) where's wally (b) a candy cane (c) the cat in the hat (which my friend kindly pointed out that I looked like on Instagram). Whichever option you go for, I'm absolutely loving this playsuit. I picked it up from Topshop and admittedly it was a real impulse buy but the kind that you absolutely do not regret. Stripes is my go-to style, regardless of whether I'm at home or travelling, and I just love how summery and bright the Wally-esque red and white is. I definitely wish I had a little cute bum bag to wrap around it while I was away! Also isn't it bloody great when you find really nice back drops for you photos in your hotel?! Hotel Anfora had them everywhere and I absolutely wish that I could have trees and plants like this in my little countryside house. Lottery win where are you, a gal's gotta Instagram to run!?

metallic palm tree midi dress and star print bag: zara 

Finally (I told you I fit a ridiculous amount of outfits in!), I went for an old favourite in my wardrobe that has come on every summer holiday with me for the last 2 and a half years. This metallic palm tree midi dress is probably one of my favourite summer pieces ever, just for how unique it is. Metallic pleats on the bottom contrasted with a bright and summer palm tree print on top. I normally wear it with some dainty lace up sandals but this time I went for my chunky sliders and I think I prefer the dainty shoes, just to match the floaty bottom half but hey ho, there's only so much you can justify taking for a three day trip right? I can't for the life of me find anything similar with the palm print so I've linked a couple of the most similar ones I can find on it. The actual dress is from Zara though and was actually pretty cheap at around £25 which I think is a banging price because in real life it actually looks quite high end!

What will all of you be taking on holiday? Do you plan outfits or just whack a whole load of stuff in the case and hope for the best?

Amy x

I was just a wee little nipper at the age of 13 when I first visited Ibiza and it was one of those places I'd always wanted to go back to. Obviously, as a tween I didn't get to experience the full island and all of it's craziness, it's beauty and everything it has to offer and it kind of became one of those places I'd been to, but hadn't really been to if you get what I mean. A place that you've been but it's sort of faded into the background of your memories that you can't really remember because it was that long ago. When Jet2 Holidays asked me and Andy to jet off to the famous Mediterranean Island, I could barely hold my excitement in. We explored Ibiza for a weekend at the beginning of May and perhaps surprisingly, it has so much more to offer than partying so here's a little round up of how to make the most of your time in Ibiza, no matter how long you have there.


Choosing the right holiday or package for you and your own trip is crucial to making the most of your time, regardless of where you're headed. We flew from Newcastle with Jet2 and if I'm being honest they're probably the airline I've flown most with. The fares are cheap, the luggage allowance is massive and the hand luggage allowance also allows for a little extra case. I always find them so easy to fly with and our holiday being booked as a package was a new experience for me. With Jet2 Holidays, we got flights, accommodation and transfers booked all in one place and it was so easy I can't even describe it. We stayed in the absolutely beautiful Hotel Anfora in Playa Es Canar on the East side of the Island and the hotel was absolutely lovely. The pool area was gorgeous as you can see by the photos, with palm trees and plants giving us privacy, lovely little sunbeds and loungers dotted all around and a jacuzzi area and second pool at the back of the hotel. The rooms were really big and spacious and with the huge glass windows and balcony, the sunlight streamed in making the rooms really bright and airy. I loved the layout of the double room too as it was kind of open plan with the shower in the room, separated by only a glass door and the balcony caught all of the sun in the morning, it was such a nice place to have as our base. We went for breakfast one morning in the hotel too and it is definitely worth adding onto your room, with a huge buffet (yep, it had me at the word buffet too) with pancakes, omelettes, cheeses, cooked breakfast, champagne, teas and so many other little bits that just made it a little bit more special than your average hotel breakfast.

As for the location, Es Canar is on the west side of the island and was the perfect base for us as we had plans to explore the island. It's a quieter part of Ibiza with clean beaches and clear seas so if you want a pretty, serene place that's still within reach of clubs (about a 30 minute drive), then Es Canar is a good shout. San Antonio is obviously where all the nightlife happens and is always buzzing with energy, full of bars and clubs, a busy beach and obviously the famous sunset. Ibiza Town is full of history with a lot of luxury hotels around this part and Portinax is at the very north of the island, with lot's of beautiful landscapes, family resorts and plenty of wild nature. 


If there's one thing that Ibiza is ultimately famous for worldwide, it's the nightlife so obviously we had to sample at least a few nights of partying! We were lucky enough to catch some of the island's biggest opening nights for it's clubs and bars, including the Cafe Mambo opening party and the Amnesia opening party and neither disappointed. Cafe Mambo was probably my favourite party place we visited, with a really chilled out, laidback vibe and obviously, the sunset was absolutely unbelievable, so much so that the photos just cannot do it justice and it's one of those things you've got to see in reality to appreciate it's beauty. I think I could have probably sat on the beach with one of Cafe Mambo's pina coladas for the rest of my life if I could have. Obviously it does get quite busy so get there early if you want to get a good spot for the sunset. 

On Saturday night it was time to experience Amnesia, arguably the club that is at the very heart of Ibiza's party reputation. I don't know about you but when I think of Ibiza's clubbing scene, the first place that comes to mind is Amnesia. We went to the opening party which boasted an incredible line up with DJ EZ, Hannah Wants, Disciples and more and it really is an indescribable experience, packed shoulder to shoulder as the night goes on. It really is an all night party and I won't get into how wasted I got (I definitely was not sick in the car park) and if I were to go back during peak season, elrow is an event that I would have loved to go to. These nights can be pretty pricey though which is something to bear in mind - one drink in here will set you back around €18. 


A UNESCO World Heritage site, Ibiza Town is the place to go if you're a little bit of an adventurer who likes to experience history and culture. The Old Town is simply beautiful with a bright and colourful harbour, winding cobbled streets lined with shops, cafes and restaurants and absolutely beautiful scenery (obviously an Instagrammers dream). The streets boast market stalls, full of homemade honey, handmade pottery, jewellery and so much more and the bustling atmosphere made it a perfect place to sit outside of a coffee shop with a slice of cake. There were also various mini parades that seemed to happen throughout the day, with actors and musicians acting and dancing around the town and I literally could have spent all day here just wandering around. You'd never be stuck for things to do or see here, with museums and galleries, boutiques and adventures - it was my favourite part of the entire trip. 



I'm definitely a little sea baby and I just love to be at the beach. I love the salty air, the ocean breeze and just the smell of the beach but most of all, I just love how serene and calm I feel when I'm by the ocean. I automatically feel relaxed and at ease as soon as I see the blue water, even if I'm somewhere much less glamorous than Ibiza like my local beach that only offers up seagulls and a chippy. We knew we wanted to explore so we hired a car before we flew so we didn't miss anything out and I would highly recommend doing this if you're planning to venture out of where you're staying. Taxis can be very pricey whereas you can get a car from around €15 per day plus insurance so it works out ,much cheaper and not to mention easier. We got this lil Fiat 500 which I christened Felix and oh my god I just fell in love with him, I was so sad when we had to hand him back! 

Anyway, we spent a day cruising around in our little Fiat 500 and found some absolutely stunning beaches across the island. Our first stop was Cala Mastella on the east side of the island. This one was my favourite out of all of the beaches we saw thanks to it's crystal clear waters, absolutely stunning pine scenery, hammocks and tables hiding in the shade and a little beach hut where you could buy fresh fish, handmade burgers and homemade crisps. The beach was really quiet with only a few locals dotted around and is well worth a visit if you can make the trip! Second was Cala Xucla which right at the very north of the island. This one is a really tiny, wild beach that lies down a really rocky, steep hill, surrounded by forests and trees. There are pretty fisherman's huts with crashing waves on the rocks and we spent a while here, climbing along the rock front to reach a really high peak with glorious views; this one is a beach for explorers. Third was S'illot des renli, another wild, rocky beach at the north of the island. This one was full of families flying kites by the water with a popular restaurant right by the sea. The scenery was really beautiful here and this was another one that we went exploring and climbing around, finding tall rocks to climb and collecting shells. Finally, we went to one of the more popular beaches on the island at Ibiza Town. This isn't really a hidden beach as it was quite busy even on a windy day in May but it was full of locals walking their dogs, jet skis and beautiful views of the city so it's still worth a visit. 


Finally, we spent a bit of time exploring Ibiza's markets, starting with the Old Market in Dalt Vila in the Old Town. I'll admit it was a total accident we stumbled across this as we were exploring the Old Town but through the medieval gates into the walls of the city, we found a huge amount of market stalls, food stalls and creative shows that kept us entertained for ages. Each section of the market was themed differently (I nearly died of a heart attack when a jester in the medieval section creeped up on me and hit me from behind with a brush) and it was so much fun just wandering around each stall, buying candy apples, souvenirs and more. Because this was an accidental find I'm afraid I have no idea when the market is on or what times but if you can find out it's well worth a visit! 

Ibiza is also home to hippy markets, something that I hadn't even heard of before our trip here. There are quite a few of these treasure troves spread across the island and we headed to the Las Dalias hippy market in San Carlos, a market with over 200 stalls, a restaurant and cafe and loads of little treasures. I picked up a little handmade purse and me and Andy got our photo taken by a real vintage camera that they printed out and developed in front of you. It's on every Saturday and they had little workshops and demonstrations on too which was really cool. They were actually filming one of the stalls for a TV show so who knows, tune into Spanish TV and you may see ya gal in the background for a promo!

So as you can see, although Ibiza is undoubtedly most famous for it's party lifestyle and clubs, there's a lot more to the island and you don't have to be a party animal to completely adore your time here. The island has so much to offer, with it's culture and history, the beautiful scenery and beaches, the food and the activities. You can check out the packages Jet2 Holidays has to offer for Ibiza on their website and really experience the island for yourself, no matter what kind of holiday and travel you are looking for.

Amy x


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