Friday, 28 August 2015

Being Savvy In The Sales

Sale shopping. The two words that us shoppers both love and loathe. Say hello to hectic and unorganised rails and being pushed and shoved every which way so that people can get their hands on that item (let's face it that is not fun) but also say hello to a bit of a healthier bank account and lots of savings and we all want that don't we?! Think Money's Basic Bank Account challenged me to spend £50 in the sales this year in the most savvy way I could and tot up the total to see just how much I saved. I'm a big fan of sale shopping to be honest but I never really sit back and think just how much I've saved so I was really looking forward to seeing just how much I could live up to my bargain hunter reputation!!


Of course I decided to head straight to the Topshop website to spend in the sales - I love how much they knock off their prices toward the end of the season and I think if you're prepared to really search through the pages upon pages of products you can find some real gems among there. First up I picked up this simply beautiful swimsuit for my jollies next week. I'm not usually a fan of peplum but I think this style is actually really flattering - get me on the beach now! I was actually planning to buy one of the Topshop swimwear pieces a few weeks ago but thought they were a bit expensive so it just proves that if you wait until the end of the season, similar products may go into the sale. Obviously this isn't ideal if you're going on holiday at the beginning of the season and need your gorgeous swimsuit there and then but if you're going a bit later like me it's definitely a good idea to wait! 


Next up we have some good ol' stripes. Now this isn't the usual type of stripe I would go for with the fluro pinks and blues but I think the colours in these actually look brilliant together. Not only will they be fantastic for my holidays (yep, I certainly had holiday on the brain when purchasing these) they'll also look fab with a high necked jumper and tights in the winter which is a bonus. 


Yep, you just read that right. I got these jeans for five pounds. FIVE. POUNDS. A fiver! Can you believe it because I just cannot get my head around it. Who knew there was such a thing as Topshop jeans for as little as £5? These were definitely my best bargain find as they'll take me right through winter and I would have undoubtedly spent the full £40 on them had I come across them prior to the sale. My mum's friend once told me that the way to actually save money in the sale is to only buy things that you would have spent the full amount on and I've found this actually works. Instead of ending up with a load of stuff you only bought because of how cheap they were, you end up with a few real key and stylish pieces that you've wanted for a while. Definitely a tip to keep in mind!


This was another piece I picked up for the transitional period between Summer and Autumn. I'll admit I wasn't a fan of white denim until earlier in the year when I picked up my white denim a-line skirt but now I cannot get enough of it. I'll be wearing this in monochrome outfits with my trusty black jeans for casual days at uni later in Autumn or with patterned dresses for a smarter look - watch out for an outfit post soon!

Now onto the fun part... totting it all up, how much did I save? A grand total of..... a massive £88!! How amazing is that!? I think I've definitely proved here just how much can be gained from being a bit savvier in the sales (£88 to be precise!) so instead of being one of those frantic sale shoppers who pick everything up they can see, it definitely pays off to take your time and really think about what you're buying.

What have you picked up in the sales recently?

Amy x
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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Seventies Two Piece


You know that feeling of joy when you finally get your hands on something you've had your eye on for absolutely ages? Yep I felt that when I opened my ASOS parcel to this gorgeous two piece. It had been in my saved items for so long but it was one of those things I never got round to buying (I have way too many of those....) You may remember a few weeks ago I was asking you all to like and share a photo of me on the Unidays Facebook page to win the best festival look and I won it so thank you so much for that guys, you're all amazing! I won £100 of ASOS vouchers so what did I go and do? Order the two piece of course! I'm so pleased I finally got my hands on it as it's made a perfect addition to my A/W wardrobe and I'm looking forward to pairing the blazer with a pair of black skinnies as well for a more casual look. Let's all just have a moment of appreciation for ASOS and all of their seventies goodness...

With full on patterned looks like this I like to keep the accessories simple so I just teamed the look with the ice cream necklace from Tallulah's Threads. I mean, c'mon how cute is it?! It's so dainty, cute and quirky meaning it's right up my street but then again I love literally all of the necklaces from Tallulah's Threads so it's no surprise I've hardly had this off since I got it is it?!

Amy x

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Tuesday last week I was having a rubbish day. You know one of those where everything seems to get on top of you and you have an awful headache and you just want to go into hibernation for a while? Yep it was one of them. However it didn't end up being quite so bad when I came in from work to a lovely *Emergency Happiness package from Viking - it was exactly what I needed!

First, I'll tell you a little bit about Viking and their campaign. Viking is part of the Office Depot Group and ran a campaign for World Happiness Day featuring a printer that prints out cheerful messages - how adorable right?! Following on from this, Viking created the #EmergencyHappiness packages to brighten up your day when things aren't quite going your way. I love the concept of this - we all know what it's like to feel down in the dumps and sometimes it's the little things that really can brighten up your day. A thoughtful gift or package like this is just what we need sometimes whether it's from yourself or as a surprise from someone you love. I shared my #EmergencyHappiness box with Karl who had also had a pretty stressful week (I wasn't feeling quite generous enough to completely give it away...)

Anyway onto the package... My favourite part of it has to be this tea break box. Anyone who knows anything at all about me knows I love a good brew so this little box is perfect for me on a stressful day. Teabags and shortbread biscuits - what more could you want when you're feeling down?

Next up in the package we have some adorable bits of stationary for "the support". A slate heart with the words "you rock" along with a notebook and the cutest pen I ever did see (yep I'm totally using this for uni) Stationary is a sure fire way to cheer me up on a grim day; there's just something so satisfying about being organised isn't there? A little jar of bubbles was also included which I was so thankful for! Luna absolutely loves bubbles so I spent ages blowing them for her to jump up and pop - I had to include the adorable photo I caught of her with her tongue out! Playing or cuddling with your pets is such a great way to wind down after a long day as well - they love you no matter what.

Finally we have two little bags called "the fixer-upper" and the "lucky bag", both of which are simply adorable. The lucky bag contained bottles of glitter "to remind you every cloud has a silver lining", a lucky penny to "remind you that you're worth it" and a lottery ticket (which unfortunately I wasn't even close to winning anything on!) while the other bag had a rubber, plasters and sunflower seeds, all of which add up to a super thoughtful gift for someone who is feeling a little low. 

C R E A T I N G    Y O U R    O W N      E M E R G E N C Y     H A P P I N E S S     P A C K A G E 
My little package really did help to cheer me up when I was down in the dumps so it would be really lovely to make one of these for someone else, perhaps a friend or a relative who is in need of a little pick me up. I've just come up with a few little tips on how you can make your own, whether it's for yourself or for someone's birthday or if you just want to spread the happiness!

What would the person really, really appreciate?
This seems obvious but is something I think we forget too much when putting together gift packages - what does the person really, really like? For example if it was me, I'd be so happy with a packet of green tea and some Colin Caterpillars from M&S (call me easy pleased right?) The package doesn't have to be expensive at all - do they like sweets? Are they an animal lover? Remember it's the small things that count so be as thoughtful as you possibly can! 

Wrap it up nicely
Call me vain but I love presents 100x better when they're wrapped up nicely. How satisfying is to see something that has been packed together in a pretty box? My Happiness Package came in a little cardboard box with the contents wrapped up in red tissue inside - simple but oh so effective.

Get creative
The #EmergencyHappiness isn't about expensive gifts. It's simply about spreading the cheer which is why homemade, creative gifts really matter here. A homemade card, some home baking, something along the lines of the glitter bottles... It could be anything at all! We all know how nice it is to receive something someone has put a lot of thought and effort into so there's no better way to show it than with a gift you made yourself! 

What's made you happy lately? You can find out more about Viking's #EmergencyHappiness here.

Amy x

Monday, 24 August 2015

Lavish Alice X Lindsay Lohan

Let's all just take a second to appreciate how perfect this knitted two piece is going to be for A/W - it's comfortable, it's flared, it's knitted and it's grey. Basically it's everything I could want in a casual two piece for the colder months! Both pieces come from the simply beautiful Lindsay Lohan X Lavish Alice collection which I am literally obsessed with at the moment, mainly because of the absolutely gorgeous two pieces the collection has to offer. The collection is sultry with a rock chick vibe throughout - think tassels, flares and lots of seventies twists on classic, simple pieces like blazers and tapered trousers. Basically my face was just the heart eye emoji while I was looking through the lookbook - it was so hard to decide on a favourite to feature on my blog! The 16 piece collection was shot by Rankin and the photos are simply beautiful - Lindsay looks absolutely smoking (serious hair envy going on) so be sure to check the collection and the photos out.

Anyway I finally decided on this grey knitted two piece and oh boy do I love it!! Not only does it look amazing together as a single outfit, I can't wait to wear them as separates either and I'll probably be doing posts on how I do that in the future. I mean come on - how beautiful is the simple aesthetic of the pieces together, especially when teamed with some simply black boots? So. Much. LOVE. Also it's not too often that we find and outfit that feels just as comfortable as your pjs but looks better than anything else you have in your wardrobe is it!? I've got my beady eye on the navy tasseled blazer from the collection too and I'm SO tempted to treat myself. Do I do it?!

Amy x

Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Sunday Post: Durham Eats - Velvet Elvis

As you'll probably already know, I'm an absolute sucker for a cute little cafe and finding hidden gems in my hometown could probably be listed as a hobby of mine if we're being honest! So last Sunday Karl and I set out with the aim of finding a new place for us to haunt on a weekend and I think we've found the one. Velvet Elvis is an adorable little cafe situated above a clothes shop in the centre of Durham City and if I'm being honest I didn't even know it was there until a few days before we went, meaning it fits the term "hidden gem" perfectly. 

 The interior is right up my street with a relaxed, vintage but kooky vibe. Records line the walls as you walk up the stairs and the main coffee shop is small and cosy without it being really cramped which is in my opinion the best way for a coffee shop to be. We sat on a table right by the window with a beautiful view of the cathedral and the river - I'm always drawn towards window seats regardless and obviously amazing views like this are a bonus (and the good lighting for blog photos may or may not have something to do with it....)

For anyone who's local, the shop is just opposite Starbucks next to the entrance to the Newgate Shopping Centre!

Now ont o the important part - the food. The menu is made up of breakfast foods and light bites like sandwiches and bagels. I went for a brie and cranberry bagel with a banoffee milkshake while Karl went for strawberry milkshake with the ham and cheese croissant and all I can say is yum. They said they were still learning with the milkshakes but I can hand on heart say that it was the best milkshake I've ever ever ever ever had in my life (um hello it had a Lotus Biscoff in it!). The food was uh-mazing and came served on a board (which I know some people aren't fond of but I happen to love) with coleslaw and beetroot in little glasses - adorable or what? 

To make it even better, our bill came to just over £12 which I thought was absolutely fantastic. We had amazing service, amazing food and an amazing atmosphere so not only is the cafe a hidden gem it's also affordable. We will definitely be going back - I've been dreaming about the macarons that were in the display cabinet for the last week! 

Have you found any hidden gems recently?

Amy x