As you'll probably already know, I moved house a few weeks ago and my god has it been stressful. Along with some other personal issues and whatnot, my move is one of the reasons I've been kinda absent from both my blog and social media channels over the past few weeks. I'm sure anyone who has moved out and moved house will understand, it's one of the most stressful and time consuming things you will ever do and because virtually my entire house needed decorating in the small amount of time I had to move from my previous house, made it a whole lotta hassle and my lil internet space had to take a back seat for a while.

Finally, my little house is starting to take shape. The painting is done, the furniture is built, the shelves are on the wall and the DIY is mostly done (not by me I must add otherwise I'd be living in a wreck!) and I think it's finally time to start sharing some snaps of my home decor because, to put it bluntly, it looks incredible. I feel so much more at home here than in my old house and I know you guys are going to love it - I have a Pinterestable living room for god's sake! I thought I'd share some snaps from my living room first because (a) it's virtually completely finished bar a few wall decor pieces and (b) it's my favourite room in my entire house.

As you'll have probably guessed by now, the fireplace is my favourite favourite favourite part of my house and it's easy to see why. My living room isn't a big space but the fireplace just gives it such a big personality and if I'm honest, it's one of the things that drew me to the house in the first place. My "new" house is actually extremely old and needed a hell of a lot of work before I moved in and the living room was one of the biggest jobs, needing replastering, painting and basically completely updating. It was a lot of stress and I was honestly worried about what it was all gonna look like but I'm absolutely over the moon with it. I loved accessorising the mantle piece and space around the log burner itself and after unwittingly ordering 280 logs (it was a great sight watching my little arms attempt to carry those into my yard let me tell you!) I stacked them right round and I love how cosy and homely it looks. In fact I love my log burner so much, the other day when it was 20 degrees? I was sweating my lil ass off in my living room still throwing logs onto the fire because I didn't want it to go out. 

For my small accessories like the candles, the photo frames and the basically the little nik-naks that make a room your own, I go to the supermarkets if I'm honest. Sainsbury's homeware section is insane and although it may be slightly more pricey than other supermarket's homeware, it's worth the extra dollar. For my photo frames, I usually look to Paperchase, somewhere I once over would never have thought of for homeware. Usually, tucked away at the back of the stores, they have a wonderful selection of photo frames that will just fit in with anyone's totally Pinterestable living room. 

For the little details in my living room, there are a few key things I had in mind. Quotes and pictures are one of my favourite ways to really make a room your own and put your own stamp on it so of course, I have two Harry Potter quotes in my living room. Both are from amazing artists on Etsy and in fact, I think every single print I have in my house is from Etsy. It's home to some truly talented people so whether I'm looking for a personalised photo, a drawing or a quote it's definitely my go-to. The rose gold photo frame you see on my wall here was £2 from B&M Bargains believe it or not and I think that just proves you should shop around for your homeware before spending a fortune on something that you really don't need to.

My marble base lamp is from TK Maxx, somewhere I think of as a homeware bargain basement in all the right ways. I find so many gems in that shop that I feel magnetically drawn to it every time I walk past and they're all so reasonably priced too. They have something different in every time I have a snoop around and I can probably count on a few fingers the amount of times I've left empty handed.

Another thing in my living room that always draws people in is my amazing theatrical lamp that you see here. This was sent over by the lovely guys at Iconic Lights who have some products that are so aesthetically pleasing, it's an Instagrammers dream. It really brings the room together and when my fire's lit, the light is on and I'm sat with a cup of tea the room just feel so homely. My favourite thing about this though is that it's versatile. It fits into my quite traditional and old home now but also looked a treat standing in my old house which was a new build and very modern (I'm sure you'll remember the photos!) so it's a real investment piece without the hefty price tag a lot of statement lights can have.

You can shop at Iconic Lights online and see their amazing range 

And finally, you can't talk about a living room without talking about the sofas can you? My little beauts are from World Stores, the perfect place to shop for a sofa if you're slightly broke like me and don't really want to spend an absolute fortune on your furniture.  I mean, I knew sofas were expensive but my bank account started to weep as soon as I moved out and realised just how expensive they could be. World Stores do sofas that are so cheap it's a godsend for people like me and whilst their sofas might not be as good quality as if you bought from somewhere a bit more high end, they do the job and they look absolutely amazing (I would go as far to say just as amazing as if I had spent two grand on them). I can't fault them at all and they're where I've bought from for both of my sets of sofas.

So that's my lil old living room! It's finally starting to feel like home and I couldn't be happier with it. Any more questions just let me know!

Amy x


It's officially May and we all know what that means - summer is *supposedly* on the way. We wake up, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, it looks like a beautiful summer day....and then you walk outside in your floral slip dress and catch hypothermia. This is the time of year we all hate for it's unpredictable weather and getting the balance right is nearly impossible. That's why I've learnt over the years to master the art of transitional layering, so when you're sweating your lil ass off at lunchtime it's easy to change it up and suit the weather. 


Fishnets are my go-to for layering at the minute. Whether they go underneath some ripped jeans, rock up a summer dress or underneath shorts like here, they're such an easy way to add a little bit of edge to any kind of outfit, especially at this time of year. Granted, they don't keep you much warmer but hey, better than bare legs right?! Other than the bag the rest of this outfit is surprisingly budget, especially the main piece - the shirt/jacket/cardigan (srsly what is it???). This is from good ol' Primark, a brand you will probably be seeing a lot of on this blog and on my Insta because my god is their new stock good! I've been a few times for "just a look" in the past few weeks and every, single time I've come away with a basket full of clothes! 

This was one of my recent buys and I love it for layering for summer. It was so cheap (around £10 I think!) and it gives a real girly grunge vibe to my outfits and I'm obsessed with it. It's going to be amazing for festival season with some round sunnies! 

Oh remember my post a few weeks ago about the statement D&G shorts? The post on the Farfetch website went live the other day and you can read all about Dolce and Gabbana's SS17 Looks To Love over there with some other amazing bloggers so make sure you check it out!

Amy x

I'm the furthest from a clothes snob that you could imagine and although I love a good designer bag or a pair of ridiculously expensive shoes, the label on what I wear just does not bother me in the slightest. However, one place I never thought to shop was the supermarkets because, well, I just didn't consider them to be fashionable in the slightest. I think I still had that quite outdated and automatic thought that clothes from the food shops were frumpy, old-fashioned and just not fitting with my style at all. Well, I've been totally slayed by Morrisons and their brand new Nutmeg range and I still can't quite believe that nearly this entire outfit is from them.


As soon as I saw this beautifully laid-back two piece in the Nutmeg lookbook I knew it had to be mine. It's exactly my style with the stripes, the casual-smart mash up and the chic feel and you'll never believe the price...£34 for the blazer and the trousers. Yup you read that right; a beautifully made smart casual two-piece for under £35. Can I get an amen for Morrisons please?! The pieces in the range start from just £3 and they're actually all really modern and on trend pieces which I think is exactly what we've needed from supermarket clothing brands. Nutmeg's Women Collection is an accessible and affordable range that caters for all styles, sizes and ages, giving us stylish summer essentials on a budget, something which I feel we all crave. 

I teamed the grey coord with my now trademark grungy black choker, favourite chic Michael Kors mini bag, some simple rings and my Gola trainers, overall creating a wearable smart-casual look. I love modern looks like this and feel that they really embody my personal style without going over the top for day to day wear. Also, have you guys noticed I've had my fringe cut back in?! My forehead has felt absolutely naked without it so I'm very pleased to have it back on my face! 

The Nutmeg Women's Collection is available from Morrison's stores. Find out which is your nearest Nutmeg store here

Amy x

After a tough couple of weeks, I definitely needed a treat and we all know there's no better way to do that than with some new make-up! It had been a while since I added to my make-up collection and I was super excited to try out some new things, both cult classic products and some brand new products from an old favourite brand.

Everyone knows I'm partial to a good ol' matte lipstick (seriously, can you ever have too many shades of matte nude?!) so I couldn't wait to try the very original matte liquid lipstick from Lime Crime, a brand I've heard so much about but never actually tried for myself. The Matte Velventines are the queens of the liquid lipstick and were actually the first matte lipstick I ever heard of. Cult Beauty very kindly sent me over a selection to try and oh boy am I glad they introduced me!

In case you don't already know, Cult Beauty lives up to it's name exactly and sells only the best of the best, the cult products that us bloggers especially know and love. It's easy to see why the Lime Crime matte lipsticks are part of Cult Beauty and I've barely left the house without one in my bag over the past few weeks. Not only do they dry on your lips without actually drying them out but they last all day. I drink a lot of tea during the day and only towards the end of the day was the my lipstick starting to get a little bit patchy. The lasting power of the lipstick is incredible and if you're someone who doesn't have a lot of time to top up during the day, these lipsticks are for you!

So the second new lot of make-up I've been trying is the brand new, hot off the press make-up range from blogger favs Nip + Fab. The new range is absolutely huge with a massive range of shades, products and prices to get everyone in the beauty world excited and I've been testing out a few of the staples from the collection. Following on from the Lime Crime matte lips, I've also been trying out some of Nip + Fab's nude matte lipsticks and I'm impressed. The Tart Matte Liquid Lipstick is what you'll have seen me wearing in a few of my Instagram selfies recently and I love it. It's a very soft nude colour with warm undertones and again, the formula of the lipsticks don't dry your lips out. These lipsticks actually feel slightly different to the other matte lipsticks I've used in the past as although they are highly pigmented, the consistency isn't as thick and heavy as a lot of other brands are so they don't completely suck all the moisture out of the lips.

Probably one of my favourite things I've been using from the collection is the Highlight Palette. Oh boy, anyone who loves a good ol' highlight like me will need this in their collection. I didn't think I needed anymore highlighters or highlight palettes but that was until this bad boy came into my life. It's been my go-to palette for when I want some glam for night out and being honest, I didn't think some of the darker shades would suit my pale skin but they've actually ended up being the shades I've used most. They've given my skin a real natural glow, catching the light and creating a beautiful, soft glimmer on my cheekbones.

Another really cool product in the range is the Foundation Dark Mixer and the Foundation Light Mixer. When I opened the package, I'll admit I thought "what the bloody hell am I meant to do with that?!" but actually, these are something that your make-up bag will appreciate greatly, especially in the coming summer months. We all know how annoying it is when your favourite foundation is now the wrong shade because you caught the sun on England's one sunny day or because you got a tan on holiday or you accidentally bought a shade too dark or light for your skin. These little wonders help customise the foundation shade to your skin tone and help you get an exact match. I've been using the dark one with one of my foundations that I already had that was waay too light for me and it's been an incredible tool to get the most out of my make-up collection.

The range offers so much more than what I've just mentioned as you can see in the photos and if you're a fan of Nip + Fab already or if you wanted something new to give a go, I'd highly recommend this range. Plus, the packaging is just so sleek and Instagrammable too which really appeals to my shallow self - it's just so pretty!

Have you been trying anything new recently?

Amy x


It sounds like such a cliche but one of the best ways to unwind is a trip to the spa. I know what you're thinking; "duhhh Amy that's what spas are for" and I know that but I think sometimes people don't realise just how much good they can do. Seaham Hall is one of my favourite places to go in the North East and you'll probably remember my post a few weeks ago about their Duchess of Bedford Afternoon Tea (if you love a bit of tea and cake you must try it!) and this time, my friend and I headed over to their Serenity Spa to try out one of their new April packages. 

I spoke in my last post about how stressed I've been recently so when they invited me along to try their De-Stress Package, I knew I absolutely needed it. For £99, you get full access to the spa and it's absolutely incredible facilities (I've visited many spas over the past year and Seaham Hall is always the one I go back to!), a 60 minute relaxation massage and access to fitness classes such as Thai Chi and Yoga. Take my word for it, less than £100 for all of this is an absolute steal for such a relaxing day in one of the North East's most popular spas and although I did take my phone to take some snaps, the Spa recommends you leave your phone at home for a digital detox too, something which you should never underestimate the importance of! 

The Serenity Spa lives up to its name as soon as you walk through the doors with the tranquil atmosphere and welcoming homemade lemonade. We headed straight for the pool which is my tip top favourite place in the whole spa because it's just so warm. The water is absolutely lush and I could just float around in it all day to be honest. We relaxed around the pool and flitted in and out of the jacuzzi and the sauna and spent a bit of time in the outdoor jacuzzis. Last time I was at the Serenity Spa, it was heavy rain so I didn't get to go in them as much as I'd have liked but this time it was absolute bliss to sit in the hot water with the (very deceivingly cold) sun beating down on us. 

I went for my massage halfway through the day before lunch and oh boy was it needed. My therapist welcomed me into the room and asked if I had any problem areas so when I explained I suffered with really bad knots in my upper back, she said she'd work on them especially using the muscle oil. The 60 minutes went over way too quickly (may or may not have half-dozed off at point!) and my therapist was amazing. She really worked on the knots in my shoulders and back, popping out the tensions and afterwards, I felt like a whole new person. I really need to go for regular massages because my back can get so bad and they do really help not only physically, but mentally too. Last time I was at Seaham Hall, I tried their Ytsara Facial (which I loved) so it was great to experience one of their other treatments! After my treatment, I was brought to the Zen Room with heated beds, a beautiful view and some delicious sorbet to finish of the treatment (and it's the best sorbet you will ever taste!)

So we finished off our spa day with food in the Ozone restaurant, something I was looking forward to allll day. We started off with a sharing platter with prawns, fishcakes and some other little bits of Thai goodness and of course, I ordered prawn pad thai. I should really start ordering something else but I just can't help myself whenever I see it on the menu! We finished off with the chilli chocolate brownie which was mouthwateringly good and I had some sorbet (again, very typically of me!). I always love the Ozone restaurant because the atmosphere is just so chilled out with all diners sitting in their robes, a view of the beautiful grounds of the hotel and amazing service from the minute you walk through the door. 

April is stress awareness month and this De-Stress With Serenity Spa package is designed to help us beat away the daily stresses in our lives and take a day to unwind. The package costs £99 and is now available until the end of August and you can read more about it the Serenity Spa offers here

Amy x

I'll admit, these past few weeks have been tough for me. If you're a regular reader, you may have noticed a distinct lack of posts compared to my usual four or five a week; I've barely even posted on the Gram or tweeted my whinging thoughts and that is just not like me. The truth is, I've been stuck. Stuck in a rut and because of this, I've found myself having a distinct lack of motivation and when coupled with a creative block, this can make for a blogging disaster. 


I'm not a full time blogger and I'll admit that recently I've been struggling. Along with personal issues and working an insane amount of hours at my incredibly stressful day job as well as trying to maintain a half decent social life, I've simply fallen behind. At first, I'll admit I panicked. I felt this need to post on Instagram and on my blog and in all honesty, I stressed the fuck out about it. I just couldn't find the time and the things I was posting, well, they weren't my usual standard. I had emails coming out of my ears, piles of photos to edit and it was all resting on my already quite fragile shoulders and teamed with no sleep and a lot of stress, it all got on top of me. That's when I realised how much pressure we as bloggers put on ourselves. Working full-time jobs as well as blogging, which is in itself a full-time job, is fucking hard and you know what? It's okay to take a break. The blogging world is so competitive and there's so much pressure on us to be a certain way, to have polished, magazine-esque photos, to post every day, to schedule tweets and to get 1000 likes on each Instagram photo, we feel this indescribable guilt every time we fall behind. 

Having a break and admitting you need some time off is not a bad thing and it doesn't make you a bad blogger. I know that all I needed was a few weeks off from emails, from photos, from editing and everything else blog related and I can't describe how much better I feel for it. Instead of getting in from a 9 hour shift to do more work and more work and more work, I've laid on my couch with my fire lit watching endless episodes of Ru Paul's Drag Race and it was totally needed. I'm nearly ready to resume normal Amy hours, snapping my life away and tweeting the hilarious things that happen to me on a daily basis and I can only apologise if you've been wondering where I am! We really need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves and realise that it's okay to take a break - the blogosphere will still be here when you get back!

Amy x
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