Monday, 2 March 2015

Prom Season: The Night

My biggest regret about my prom (apart from having virtually no eyebrows, wonky false eyelashes and awful yellow tinted hair - seriously it was bad) was that I didn't wear a dress that I could wear again. My dress was lovely don't get me wrong but since then it's just sat in my wardrobe collecting dust. So I thought that to give any of you who have proms or events a little bit of inspo, I'd do a bit of a different prom feature with one of Boohoo's dresses, showing you how you can not only keep the cost of the dress down (damn they can be pricey!) but also how you can get the most out of your dress whilst still looking fab on the night itself!

So for the dress I chose this very simple black, deep V-neck shift dress. In my eyes this is perfect for an event like prom; it's chic, simple, elegant yet a little bit sexy and it really doesn't need anything more than a splash of red lippy, a few pieces of elegant jewellery and those killer heels. I'm a huge advocate of "less is more" at prom and Boohoo have the best selection of glizty, glamorous and classy prom dresses, all of which are extremely purse friendly (meaning more money to spend on the make up and jewels!) and can be worn again. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post in which I'll show you how I styled this dress up more casually!

Amy x

Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Sunday Post: My Travel Essentials

Okay so it's no secret that I love a little holiday. I'm always willing to spend my money on a trip away and this time it's Rome that Karl and I are headed to! Yup two weeks today we'll be on our way to Italy for a few days of eating lots of carbs and sightseeing and I cannot tell you how excited I am! Anyway I thought I'd just show you a few of my travel essentials for when you're packing light. Cases are so expensive to add on to already pricey flights so we always try to stick to just our hand luggage when going away for a few days meaning we really do have to be careful with what we pack!

1. Liquid containers: Everyone knows all too well the pain of the 100ml liquid rule in hand luggage (most. annoying. thing. ever.) meaning we have to be careful what we take, otherwise we risk it being thrown out no matter how much it costs us, and if going by the blogger standard, that could be a lot when it comes to skincare! I got these little bottles with labels from Primark for a mere pound; so handy for putting a little bit of shampoo, cleaner or whatever else in. It means we don't have the risk of it being thrown out at the airport and we don't have the extra weight of carrying the heavy full bottles! I may be committing the cardinal sin of beauty blogging here but I also like to take make up wipes on my travels rather than trying to pack my micellar water. They're just so much more convenient and I'm sure that a few days of using them won't do that much harm?!

2. An essential palette: Make up can take up a lot of weight if we try and take our whole collection so I always stick to taking one of my essential palettes like the Naked palette. This means we still have a range of shadows to choose from without the hassle of digging out 20 pots of eyeshadow from the bottom of the bag which may have gotten smashed somewhere along the way (biggest form of heartbreak...)

3. Camera necessities: A camera is my number one travel must - I think I'd cry and bawl and maybe miss my flight if I forgot my good ol' camera (which I couldn't put in the photos here for obvious reaosns ha...) and of course, 2014's top invention and Christmas present - the selfie stick. Mine is actually made for the camera rather than my iPhone meaning I'm good to go with my camera remote! I cannot wait to use this to snap some selfies of me and Karl wandering around Rome!

4. Plane entertainment: Okay as much as I love the excitement of flying and the plane, it can be extremely boring, especially if the flight is more than a couple of hours. I always make sure I've got plenty to do on the plane whether it's a book (got to be Game of Thrones at the minute!), a handheld video game (yes I am a nerd and love a bit of gaming teheh) or a few snacks and your headphones don't let the plane ride feel ten times longer than it is!

What are your travel essentials? Have any of you visted Rome before?!

Amy x

Friday, 27 February 2015

Skinade: The Results

Hello everyone! You might remember last month I posted about a brand called Skinade which sells collagen drinks designed to improve skin quality, mainly wrinkles. If you missed that post or want to refresh on what Skinade is about you can check out my introductory post here. So now I've finished the 30 day course so can come back at you with the results so keep reading! 

Okay so, I decided that to get the best possible experience of Skinade I'd share the 30 day course with my mum who is 45, just to see how it works on slightly older skin as the main aim of Skinade is the reduction of fine lines and as I'm still only 21 I wouldn't really be able to give feedback about that aspect. 

As you can see by the photo above, the drink kind of looks like radioactive orange juice! I'll admit the taste was...well it wasn't great. My mum found it a lot easier to drink than I did and didn't actually mind the taste (like mango cordial with a funky after taste) so I guess it just depends on each person how you find the taste. But for results like my mum found, drinking something every morning which doesn't taste the best was worth it.

I found the drinks did improve my skin's quality and brightness but as I said above they are primarily for the prevention and reduction of wrinkles so I'll mainly focus on what my mum found. My mum was actually gutted to finish the Skinade drinks as she's found them really effective and people have been complimenting her skin so much in the past few weeks. She's noticed a difference in the small lines around her eyes after just a small amount of the drinks and feels her skin has a healthy glow to it compared to before. She's also noticed a change in the quality of her hair; whether this is from the Skinade or not is hard to say but I think it's almost certainly been a contribution. 

Overall from what my mum has found, the Skinade drinks really do appear to work. Skinade claims that the longer you drink them the better the results so I imagine the results after a longer course of the drinks will be fantastic. Like I said my skin has definitely benefitted from the drinks but I think they are more for more mature skin or for skin which may be starting to lose elasticity to prevent wrinkles occuring in the first place.

So Skinade gets a thumbs up! Have you ever tried anything like this before?

Amy x

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Kiss The Sky


I'm feeling very 70s hippy chic in today's outfit and I love love love it. As you'll have no doubt heard, 70s is in for SS15 and we all know what that means; flares and bright patterns galore. These trousers from Kiss The Sky are absolutely perfect for this and all I need now is a tassel black jacket *dreamy eyes*.... Originally I was really scared of wide leg trousers but now I just think why didn't I get them sooner?! They're such a nice alternative to the classic skinny fit that I constantly reach for and are so. darn. comfy! We all know how great it is when we come across a piece of clothing that is both on trend and comfy right?!

Amy x

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Monday, 23 February 2015

Bonjour Les Garcons


Bonjour! You may have seen this jumper in one of my wishlist posts a couple of weeks ago and yup I went out and bought it. I could not resist. It's right up my street with it's navy and white stripes and French slogan and if you know anything about me it's that I love a little bit of Parisian style! I just had to team with my favourite, brightest, reddest lippy of course, which is Urban Decay's F-Bomb. Seriously this lippy is all kinds of fantastic - it stays on literally all day (seriously it was still on when I got out the bath) and isn't the shade of red just blimmin' beautiful?! I also got out my long lost Ray Ban Erikas which were barely off my face last summer and I can feel the same happening again...oh sunnies how I have missed you!

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Amy x

Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Sunday Post: Every Day Is Pancake Day

If you follow me on Instagram (if not why not?! You can do so here) you will probably have already gathered that I love (read: absolutely adore and couldn't live without) pancakes, whether they be crepes with lemon juice and sugar or fluffy American style with every topping imaginable. To celebrate pancake day, which lets face it, is just another day for me, I thought I'd write a little post featuring my favourite pancake recipe because after all, there isn't a day in the week which isn't perfect for pancakes.

Ingredients list:
- 3 large eggs
- 120g self-raising flour
- 140ml milk
- Butter (for frying)

You'll also need your choice of topping. Here I used raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and lots of golden syrup. I also love these with bacon, blueberries and maple syrup - my mouth is watering just thinking about those! 

1. Okay so first you'll need separate the egg white and the yolk. Mix the flour, the milk and the yolk together in a bowl until the mixture is quite thick and smooth with no lumps of flour. 

2. Take the egg whites and whisk them with an electric mixer (you can whisk by hand but it takes a lot of work) until the whites have tripled in size and are stiff and thick.

3. Fold the whites into the rest of the pancake batter.

4. Heat up some butter in the pan. I use my crepe maker to cook these but any usual frying pan is fine. (I'd definitely recommend investing in a crepe maker if you're a pancake lover like me. Best. Thing. Ever.) Put a small dollop in the pan once it's heated up (if you use a big enough pan you'll be able to do more than one at a time) and cook for a couple of minutes on each side until golden brown. 

5. If you really want to mix things up and get a bit fancy, once the pancake is cooked on one side, put some fruit (I like to use blueberries) into the uncooked side and flip. The blueberries will melt and turn into a kind of jam and it is delicious.

6. When your pancakes are done stack them and smother in maple syrup, golden syrup, nutella or whatever else you fancy. 

And ouilla, you have your perfect pancake brunch! Pancakes are pretty easy to make and most people already know how to make them but I still thought I'd share my little recipe with you. 

What are your favourite pancake toppings?

Amy x

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Saturday, 21 February 2015



I have always been a sucker for stripes and I just cannot get enough of them. There's just something so classic and Parisian about them and they always look so effortlessly cool. This top from Sheinside is no exception with that and with it's cute little collar and jewelled attachment it's a nice alternative to the plain ol' breton tees that swamp my wardrobe. Also note the absolutely faaabulous pointed shoes from Boohoo. I'll admit they hurt my feet like mad but hey we all have to suffer to be stylish right?! The sheer socks are great for giving your feet just a little bit of warmth with the biting February winds but I can't wait to wear these in the spring!

I realise how gigantic my head looks with my hair tied up but I really had no alternative - all bloggers know the pain of trying to take flattering photos in the wind, especially when red lipstick is involved. The word disaster would be an understatement!

Amy x

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