Friday, 27 November 2015

The Under £30 Christmas Gift Guide For Him

Top Row (L-R): Barbour Lambswool Scarf (£19.98 in the sale) / LEGO Star Wars Alarm Clock (£18) / Oat Cable Knit Bobble Hat (£12) / Pack of 3 Calvin Klein Boxer Shorts (£23 in the sale) / 

Middle Row (L-R): John Lewis Checked Pyjamas (£30) / Black Rubber Strap Watch (£22) / 

The second of my gift guides focuses on the guys this time while still keeping the price low and under £30. I sometimes find guys quite difficult to buy for but I think that's the case whenever you're buying for the opposite sex so I always like to think outside the box and get something a little more unorthodox than the usual Lynx sets that guys are probably all too used to receiving at Christmas. Little novelty gifts can be really fun and I especially like the hipflask for this. ASOS have so many different kinds at really reasonable prices and some of them are just hilarious. I love the cartoon effect of this one which is why I chose to include it but really their whole collection is great! Another sort of novelty one is the Star Wars clock, which I class as "sort of novelty" as it is a bit of a funny gift but one that the recipient would probably end up loving once it was on their bedside cabinet! 

Of course, aftershaves are a failsafe and this Lacoste one is a great price, coming in at £28 for 100ml. Men's aftershave can be really pricey but you don't have to spend a fortune to get a great smelling one and the Lacoste ones are lovely! Pyjamas are another classic Christmas gift - I can't be the only one who still gets new pyjamas on Christmas Eve at age 22 right? It wouldn't be Christmas without them! This checked pair from John Lewis fall just within the £30 budget but I think pyjamas are something that are worth spending a bit on. Don't get me wrong I love me some Primark pjs but the difference in quality is something else when you splash out a bit more! 

What do you get your guys for Christmas?

Amy x

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Into The Woods


Cord dresses have been everywhere at the moment and I'm absolutely loving them. It's a great material for winter as an alternative to the usual thin dresses as it's so much warmer without losing the look of the thin cotton dress. This button up cord dress from In The Style is the most beautiful of colours and is absolutely beautiful for the Christmas season. I love green at this time of year anyway but this shade just reminds me so much of Christmas trees and the decorations - it's so festive. Ideally I'd have liked to wear it without the top underneath but as I'm sure you're all too aware, it has been bloody freezing of late. In fact, I'm surprised these photos turned out as well as they did as I spent most of the shoot shouting at Karl to hurry up taking the photos because I was so cold - honestly felt like I was turning to ice! 

The knee high boots have been making a reappearance too. Can you believe this pair are from good ol' Primark???? They look so much more expensive and as Primark isn't available online, I've linked up a very similar and very cheap pair from Boohoo above so if you've been looking for a pair be sure to check those out! The great thing about boots this high is that they aren't ruined by the addition of tights so can give your legs an extra layer on top of the tights without making you look like the michelin man, which let's be honest isn't a good look. 

You can get 10% your whole order on In The Style with the code AL10 at the checkout! Click here to start shopping! 

Amy x

Tuesday, 24 November 2015



Recently I haven't been able to get enough of dungarees. I'll admit I've been leaning more towards my blue denim ones of late but when this raglan sleeve top from Animal arrived on my doorstep I knew it was a job for the black dungarees. In true Animal vibe, the top has a real "skate park" vibe about it and it's perfect for a super casual, super comfy and super grunge outfit like this one. You can't see the print on the front that well but it's got a kind of sheep skull with flowers (think like a tattoo design!) which is perfect for the vibe I was going for with the outfit as a whole! 

I finished it off with my trusty vintage hat which I haven't had out nearly enough since I cut my hair off. When my hair was really short I felt I didn't suit hats anymore because you couldn't really see my hair anymore. Now it's finally almost down to my shoulders I feel a bit more confident wearing them, something which I'm so pleased about as I do love a knitted hat for the winter! 

I did need to stick on a fluffy coat over the top of this outfit - seriously how bloody cold has it been this past week?! I don't know if any of you have had snow but I know for a fact in the next few weeks I'll have gone flat on my bum multiple times - pray for me walking on the ice!

Amy x

Monday, 23 November 2015

Upper East Side


Yep, those boots are making an appearance once again. Those boots that get more attention than anything I've ever known every time I wear them because they're just that beautiful. Seriously, I've never been stopped and asked about a piece of clothing so much - people just seem to fall in love with them as soon as they set eyes on them and it's with good reason to be honest! The colour, the texture, the fit, the velvet. Is there anything not to love about them? 

I took your advice from my last post wearing them as a few of you said that they would look amazing with an all black ensemble and boy, you guys were not wrong! I love how much they stand out against the black and they really do  do all the talking. They really put a bit of "wowwww" into an otherwise very casual outfit and I know this is fast going to become one of my favourite outfits. 

The jumper is another recent addition to my wardrobe and boy oh boy, do I love it! It's the softest, fleeciest, slouchiest jumper I've ever had in my life. I'm sure if you've been in your local Topshop recently I'm sure you'll have seen a whole variety of these beautiful fleecy jumpers doing the rounds and if you're like me and love a good slogan sweatshirt, I'd definitely advise you to pick one up while you can! It's perfect for a lounge day or a study day at uni and is such a versatile, everyday essential for this winter!

Have you noticed a difference in my photos? I recently purchases 50mm lens for my Canon 700d and I think the difference in quality is insane and I'm absolutely over the moon with it. The difference is more prominent in the close up shots but I'm so happy with it and it's definitely been one of my better tech investments!

Amy x

Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Sunday Post: Durham Lumiere Light Festival 2015

Every two years, the city of Durham is host to the UK's largest light festival: the Lumiere. It attracts around 200,000 people each time it's on and with good reason as it really is a beautiful thing to see. Artists from around the world create pieces to display over four days and this year the pieces included giant knitting needles, flying dream creatures, a rose window made of plastic bottles and so much more. The Cathedral also is a main part of the festival, with a new light show projected onto it each year and this year the theme was the universe. 

It can be really difficult to really describe the artworks and how beautiful they were without actually showing you them so I put together a little video on my YouTube channel so that you could really get a feel what it was like and appreciate the beauty of the art and the festival itself. Durham is a lovely but quiet city so it's always great to have something like the Lumiere, to really show off the culture and the beauty of the city itself. Give the video below a watch and don't forget to sub to me on YouTube! 

Amy x


Saturday, 21 November 2015



I'm one who likes to think outside the box when it comes to fashion and I'm always looking for unconventional ways to wear pieces. I've done the dress over jeans and the pattern clashing and today I'm going for the "backwards dress". Believe it or not, this beautiful "duster jacket" is actually a tunic dress from Love. Yep, I'm wearing it backwards and I love it. Now, as a dress this is a little bit long for me and I just didn't suit the style but I really loved the colour and the fit of it. So, all I did was unbutton the back, turn it around and there we go - you've got yourself a brand new jacket that looks fab. Don't get me wrong, it's still beautiful as a dress but I'm not quite tall enough to pull it off. I teamed it with flared jeans and a black slogan tee to get a bit of a grungy yet chic look, perfect for a day out shopping or having a bit of a wander. 

Thanks to the recent hurricane that's hit the UK, I haven't been able to take any photos outside this week so boring white background it is. However, I do think the white background lets you see the colour of the dress/jacket better and see how well it contrasts against the dark outfit. Plus, there's no windswept hair or squinty sun in eyes expression either so hey, silver linings! 

Do you have any ways in which you can make something a bit different?

Amy x

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Thoughtful Christmas Gift Idea: The Book Of Everyone

I'm a sucker for a cute, thoughtful gift that really means something and I'm constantly scouring the internet for something that will make a really nice "awww" moment at Christmas. It sounds cheesy, but these kind of gifts are the best as they give you something to remember, something to look back on and something to keep that won't go "out of date" like the latest gadget will. That's why the Book of Everyone is definitely the kind of gift that instantly catches my eye and makes it onto my Christmas Present To Buy List.

The Book of Everyone is a handcrafted book, full of quirky little statistics about the lucky person receiving it, with personalised pages, photos and quotes, along with drawings and graphics by a whole load of different artists and designers. Yep, I loved the sound of it as soon as I heard about it so I got straight onto the website and created "The Book of Karl." 

Never mind the book for now, creating it was so much fun! It was really easy to navigate and al that was needed for the statistics was Karl's name and date of birth and the book gave facts about his age, his star sign, his year of birth and everything else you can think of related to him entering the world. Some of the pages can be personalisd with quotes or photos like on the first photo - how frickin cute was Karl as a small child?! I've only uploaded a few photos of the inside of the book because I don't want to ruin it for you - it's much more effective if you actually create one yourself for free and view it online - the book wasn't even about me and I loved reading through all of the facts! 

I don't know if it was my browser or internet connection or what, but when I was creating the Book I had some trouble uploading the photos. They just wouldn't load for some reason and I knew I couldn't have the book without the photos - for me they're the most personal of touches and really let someone know you've thought about them and the memories you've shared. I emailed the support email at about 9pm and wasn't expecting a reply until the next morning at least but within about half an hour I had a reply from the support team, who told me to send me the photos and they would add them in for me. I was so happy - it's lovely to receive such great customer service and my book arrived within about 8 days after I placed the order, which I think is fantastic for a gift which a lot of hard work clearly goes into.

This version of the Book of Everyone is the deluxe version. You get the hardback book complete with casing and a digital version of the book too and this comes in at £49.50. Don't worry if this is a bit out of your price range though as there are several other options, including a paperback for £19.50 and a digital version for £7.50, meaning that there is an option for everyone, even if you aren't wanting to spend a lot of money on it.

You can create a Book of Everyone online and see the whole thing for free before you buy it here. It takes about 5 minutes to fully personalise it and it's really worth taking the time to have a look at of you want a thoughtful gift for someone at Christmas. Have a go here!

Do you like meaningful personalised gifts like this?

Amy x
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