I think we can all agree that January has been the longest ass month in the history of the entire universe and for that reason, we all deserve some new beauty products right? With Valentine's Day just around the corner, there's all the reasons in the world to treat ourselves (because we all know that V Day is really about treating ourselves right...?) and I've been using quite a few new beauty products over the last few weeks, for my hair, body and skin, some of which have definitely become a permanent staple in my everyday routine.

First up, we have the hair shizz. Now anyone who knows me will know that my hair routine is basically get out of bed and do absolutely nothing at all with it cause I'm a lazy lil bitch most days. However, Sam McKnight has recently come into my life with four amazing new products that have fit in with my "bed head" style perfectly. Sam McKnight is the legendary hair stylist behind so many of the dreamy styles we've seen on catwalks and magazine covers and his new products are everything that a "done but undone" girl like me could ask for, plus the packaging is absolutely dreamy - just look how sleek those bottles are! One of these products has absolutely saved my bacon over the last few weeks and that is the Lazy Girl dry shampoo. I've been lathering my whole head in this before bed when I'm not washing my hair, scrunching it up and sleeping on it and it's a saviour for when you need to stretch your wash out for just one (or five....) more days. It completely mattifies my roots and gives texture to my fringe so I can easily keep my grungy hair without much effort at all.

The Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist has also become a staple for me, especially when I'm going for something more "styled." I was at a formal event the other week and this was amazing for adding a little bit of oomf to my hair, something which is essentially when you don't really do up-do's or typical "formal" hairstyles. My hair didn't budge all night (even after one or ten vodkas...) so it's safe to say I was very impressed with this beauty. 

You can purchase the Hair by Sam McKnight collection from Cult Beauty here

Call me materialistic but these next two pink products fit in perfectly with the Valentine's Day theme I've got going on here (cause obvs everything has to be pink or red in February right?) and first up we've got the Gatineau Gentle Silk Toner, a toner that is gentle on the skin, made to soften it, remove make-up and impurities and I've been loving using this on a morning as part of my skincare routine. It leaves my skin feeling so clean and fresh, creating the perfect base for my daily make-up and although I have been quite lucky with my skin over the past few months (touch wood!) it's been looking very glowy and very clear over the past few weeks too. I use Pixi's Glow Tonic on an evening followed by a heavier moisturiser and the Gatineau Toner is the perfect way to follow this on a morning - it works like a dream. 

Finally we have a product from one of my favourite brands of the moment - Antipodes. Obviously a blogger's favourite, Antipodes has brought me some of my favourite ever skincare products, from eye creams to moisturisers to face masks and of course, hand creams. Their "Delight" hand and body cream has long been a feature in my bathroom so I couldn't wait to get my hands on the Joyful Hand and Body Cream and I was not disappointed. The smell is literally my idea of heaven (not that I can actually smell it at the moment as I sit here writing this with the worst blocked nose I've ever had in my life, obvs without being dramatic), with berries and hibiscus scents coming through. As always the cream itself is thick but not heavy or oily and leaves your skin feeling absolutely bloody amazing, definitely like that Peter Griffin dolphin gif we all know and love. I've been keeping this on my bedside cabinet and lathering my hands in it every night and they've just felt and smelled wonderful ever since - I'll definitely be repurchasing this one when I get through it. 

What products have you been loving recently?

Amy x


I've never been away in December before. All of my trips have been in the Spring, Summer or Autumn and although I've always wanted to do a really festive, Christmassy, cosy winter trip, I've just never gotten round to it. Well, I did book one last year to go to Berlin's Christmas markets but my dog Harry ate one of the passports the day before I went so that didn't end up going ahead needless to say! Anyway, the week before Christmas, I finally got my wish this year and headed to Budapest for a long weekend of festivities, exploring and drinking endless amounts of hot chocolate. Budapest isn't a place I see too many people going but I absolutely adored it as a city and it has so much to offer! Here are a few of my favourite things about the city.


Obviously this is only applicable if you're going at Christmas but I had to start with the wonderful Christmas markets of Budapest, one of the things that drew me to the city in the first place. There are two major Christmas markets in Budapest and the first one I visited was Vorosmarty Square, which opens from mid-November each year. This market sits right in the city centre, surrounded by shops and beautiful buildings, a big Christmas tree sitting in the middle and Christmas stalls everywhere. There was a little stage with live acoustic music on while we were there and I picked up a few little trinkets from here, including a handmade candle with crushed flowers inside, an independent artist's work and a classic fridge magnet. The markets in the street outside of St Stephen's Basilica are also absolutely brilliant and in fact I think these ones may have been my favourite. There's a mini ice-rink in the middle of the markets that's free for kids and the markets here are amazing. The food is traditional Hungarian, you can get Baileys hot chocolates (best. thing. ever.) and the stalls are full of handmade Christmas decorations, baubles, keepsakes, mugs and anything else you can think of and they extend right around the Basilica itself and down the street opposite. There's also a really cool little light show on a night that's projected onto the Basilica and if I remember rightly it's on every hour. Wrap up warm if you do go at this time of year because I was freezing my little arse off for 100% of this trip!

Dressing casually in winter without looking like Joey from that layering episode of Friends can be difficult if you don't want to freeze to death, especially when you live right in the north where winter really does hit us and it can be hard to wear clothes that you actually like when all you want to do is put three hoodies and a pair of walking boots on. I have built up quite the impressive collection of coats over the years and I just find myself adding to it constantly but with good reason, as I think in winter a good coat can make any outfit look stylish and well put together, even if you aren't wearing the most "out there" things underneath. 





I love a statement coat for winter and this leopard print number is no exception. This is from the Amelia Lily collection with Jane Norman and I honestly think this has been one of my favourite celebrity fashion collaboration yet. The collection totally embodies Amelia's casual rock chick style, with lot's of animal print, textures and styles perfect for a Christmas party, including lot's of velvet, lace and metallics. I love Amelia's style and it's quite similar to my own so I was so excited when I started looking at it. The coat caught my eye straight away - it's the perfect easy way to add a slight touch of grunge with leopard print whilst making a statement to your outfit - I love wearing this with all black underneath and a black pom pom hat too!

I've also had a few bits and pieces delivered from Farfetch for the winter months, including these amazing boots. I spoke a couple of weeks ago about investing in certain pieces and one of those pieces was of course boots. This little pair of beauties are definitely an investment piece but I've worn them non-stop since they arrived on my doorstep and I know they're going to last and last and last. However, although they are more pricey than your average shoe, they make putting my winter outfits together just that little bit easier because they're simple enough to go with most things but still have buckles to switch it up a lil bit. Black is obviously a failsafe at this time of year for accessories and the like (soz bout it but I'm a blogger cliche) and with the hat, the bag and the boots, a simple jeans and tee outfit ends up looking fierce (yes, I have been rewatching all 9 seasons of RuPaul).

Overall this kinda look is my favourite type of winter outfit for sure. Simple but chic with a lil hint of grunge and sass. What's your go-to in this absolutely diabolical, arctic, frozen, beyond the wall weather? And no that's not being dramatic at all.

Amy x

Living alone has it's perks. One of those perks is that you can leave cups of tea dotted around the house for days and there's no one there to moan at you about it. Another is that you can eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and tea without anyone judging you. Not that either of those things happen on a regular basis of course....But one of my favourite perks of living by myself is that I have complete creative control over the interior of my house. My home decor reflects me and only me and if I want to change something then I bloody well change it. In the past 6 months I've become one of those people who is constantly buying new bits and pieces of homeware for my house, moving things around, taking things down, putting things up and basically being a huge pain in the arse. There are certain things that I just can't stop buying, no matter how many different kinds, varieties or patterns I have. Is it a blogger thing? Who knows, all I know is that when it comes to these three homeware bits, I just cannot help myself. 




I have an abundance of mugs. Even when I lived at home with my parents I just bought cup after cup after cup, to the point where my mum tried to ban anyone in the house buying any more because they wouldn't fit in the cupboard. This obsession of mine has come with me into my own house for sure and I can barely close my cup cupboard because of it. I just don't think you can beat a good mug or glass in a kitchen. Don't you think that a cup of tea tastes better out of your favourite mug rather than one that you just feel a bit "meh" about or am I just weird? Sainsburys is one of my favourite places to shop for mugs and that's where the one you see featured in the photos above is from with my A initial on. They also quite often have a number of their mugs reduced and I think I got this one for £1.50 in their sale. IKEA is one of the places I got my mug sets from, you know the ones that are just plain block colours? Well they're around a quid each so I stocked up with light pink ones and I love them. From an Instagrammers point of view, mugs are essential too as you couldn't get that amazing breakfast shot without a super cute mug in right?!

I also have a habit of buying mugs from wherever I travel too. Granted, a lot of them have ended up smashed or chipped over the years but I just love buying them. I got one from Walt Disney World in September, I've got a Hedwig one from the Warner Bros Studio Tour and I used to have about four from Amsterdam from all of my stints over there but I just can't stop myself. Plus, don't mugs just make the best prezzies for yourself or for someone else?!


The second thing that I just cannot get enough of is home fragrance. I would spend every single penny I had on candles and diffusers if I really could and that's only a slight exaggeration. I completely underestimated the impact that a scent can have on your home before I lived by myself and I have a drawer dedicated to my candles that I'm waiting to use. I don't think there's anything I like more than opening my living room door and being hit instantly with the smell of the candle that I've been burning recently, especially when it's freezing cold and wintery outside; it just makes your house feel so much more "homely". Yankee Candles are an obvious choice when it comes to home fragrance but recently I've been venturing outside the typical box and trying some new brands.

Firstly, I've tried Monsoon's home fragrance and I must say I have been impressed. I have their Sea Spray and Cotton Candle and matching diffuser and they both smell incredible. I have yet to burn the candle (but take my word that the scent is strong enough to fill the room!) but I've had the diffuser in my bathroom for the last few weeks. Every time I walk in I can smell the scent and it hasn't faded into the background like a lot of diffusers do. Their candles are so pretty too that you can use the tub after for storage or decoration and that's what I've been doing with a lot of my candle jars - they come in so useful! You can shop more of Monsoon's candles here.

Another one of my favourite haunts when it comes to fragrance is TK Maxx. There's one that's very local to me and every time I pop to the supermarket I have a little nosey in TK Maxx, you know just "for a look" and come out with my arms full of candles. I got a huge one for about £12 in there the other day and it smelled glorious and filled the room with just as much fragrance as any more expensive candle. It's definitely worth a look as their candles also have the pretty little packaging too! Finally, one that I was really surprised with was none other than Aldi. I have their No.2 reed diffuser in my office and it smells incredible and although it's really budget, it's certainly not one of the ones that only smells for two minutes. It's lasted so long and is only half empty and what's more is that it looks much more expensive than it actually is so it would make a cracking gift for someone too.


I never thought that I'd be someone who changed up my home interior depending on the seasons but I've found myself spending a fortune on "wintery" pieces of homeware. You know what I mean; the thick cosy throws that you can wrap yourself up in while the frost bites outside, the little bronze stag heads or the festive bedspreads. My favourite this year has got to be Sainsburys - I got so many things from there last week ready for decorating my house for Christmas and they already have loads of little bits in their sale, just like with the mugs. My house is really old with a log burner in my living room so it's super easy to make it feel really cosy but my favourite things have been the little tree light on my mantlepiece and some of the decorations for my tree. I love the tree light because it's not explicitly "Christmassy" if you know what I mean but still gives off those cosy vibes that we want at this time of year.

Also I've got to mention my outfit for a minute here. I am obsessed with baker boy hats at the moment and this checked one from Boohoo is just a lil bit different from the usual black ones. The jumper is so cosy I want to actually live in it and although it is getting slightly nippy for bare legs, it looks a treat paired with the denim mini skirt. My watch is from Timex (which isn't so different from usual as they're one of my favourite watch brands! This outfit is just me at this time of year - cosy, comfy and laidback.

What have you been buying from your bedrooms or homes recently?

Amy x


When it comes to dressing smart or for formal occasions, I'm usually not your gal. I have one of those awful habits of being underdressed to formal events and overdressed to casual events. Tell me that there's a wedding and I'll whine that I hate dresses and I hate heels and I hate fancy hats and that I'm showing up in boots and skinnies. Tell me that you're wearing joggers and trainers and I'll show up wearing a ruffled floral dress and some heeled ankle boots. I can't help it but it's just the way I am. However, there are some occasions that you really do need to follow the dressing guide for, the aforementioned wedding being one of them, work events, interviews...you know the drill. I used to really struggle to find "smart" clothing I felt comfortable with but I think I may have finally cracked it and have mastered the art of looking smart, stylish and comfortable, both physically and mentally. 

When it comes to splashing out and investing in something for our wardrobe, we want to make sure that whatever we choose, is worth it. Afterall, I know that for those of you who are like me, we save and save for that one special thing that we've had our eye on, the piece that will become a staple in our style lives for years to come and when you're spending a lot of your hard earned money, you need to make sure that that piece is the right decision. For me, I always find myself gravitating back to the same three things to invest in and it's because these are things that I know will stay with me. They won't become something that's shoved right to the back of my wardrobe, forgotten about and collecting dust like so many of my impulse buys do. Investment pieces are things that we put a lot of thought into, a lot of money and hopefully, a lot of wear, so I always find my way back to the pieces that I know will serve me well.


When I think about investing and really putting some pounds into a purchase, my thoughts automatically go to my feet. Whether it's a boot, a loafer or a trainer, shoes stay with me and I never really feel the need to "update" season to season as I do with clothes. You know when it gets to the end of the summer or winter and you suddenly hate all of your clothes, you want to burn every single thing you own and start completely from scratch? Not that we're dramatic or anything. I don't feel like we get that with shoes because we just rotate them to suit our needs. I have so many boots in particular that are years old that just stick with me because they're such a foundational part of our wardrobes they come out to play time and time again.

For me, it's the boots that I love to invest in. I have my beautiful nude calf-high boots which come out for special occasions or I have my black KG ankle boots which have been my saviours on many a winters day. Farfetch is the site that has been behind most of my high-end deliveries and it's definitely the place to go for any kind of inspiration, particularly if you want to make some new discoveries in their marketplace style website. I recently came across Rick Owens, a designer which features gothic grunge, simple feminine silhouettes and pieces to form the perfect wardrobe base. Shoe wise, it's thigh high boots, chunky chelsea boots and black sliders, the kind that you can just reach for and add to any outfit to complete. These are the shoes I'm drawn to but I know that when some people are splashing the cash on a pair of booties or going out shoes, they want something a little bit different. I absolutely love these trainers from the Rick Owens x Adidas collab - they're just so edgy and are definitely something I'd over wear with dresses, dungarees and casual wear!

This is something that I never thought I'd have to be writing, or at least not for a very, very, very long time. There has been a slight radio silence on Salt And Chic over the past few weeks, the reason being that I lost my baby Harry, a little dog who any social media followers of mine will have undoubtedly seen plastered all over my channels over the past two years. 

Harry came into my life in September 2015. The family who were looking after him then weren't able to keep him due to having two young children who didn't understand how careful you need to be with puppies and so after seeing him on Facebook, my parents and I couldn't resist him. I named him Harry (after Harry Potter of course) and Luna took to him straight away, meaning that Harry never left my side. He turned into the most cuddly, affectionate dog you'd ever know who loved everyone he met and of course, he was ridiculously naughty (read: a loveable, cute little shit). He emptied bins, he chewed through a pair of brand new GHDs, ate a £100 underwear set, stole and ate an entire 10" margherita pizza while I turned my back for one second...you name it, Harry ate it. It was part of his personality that he was naughty but he'd wait at the door for me coming home from work, he'd throw his own ball down the stairs and chase it in a little game with himself and he'd take up the entire bed every night. He was best friends with Luna and had an ongoing beef with my parent's cat Oscar but he was clearly a huge part of my life and it was an absolutely huge blow to lose him.

I live on a busy front road and have a little yard on the side of my house where I let the dogs out. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago Harry managed to open my gate (such was his nature to constantly be doing things that he wasn't supposed to be doing!). I looked outside and saw that he was gone, with the gate open and went out looking for him and it was then that I saw him trot into the road and he was hit by a car right in front of my eyes. It's easy for a lot of people to say "it's only a pet" or "it's just a dog" but I can tell you I felt like my whole world had been ripped apart in that second. I was absolutely hysterical and ran down the street screaming, picked him up and ran back into my house with him but it was very obviously too late and speaking from the heart I can say that it was the worst thing that's ever happened to me in my entire life.

Pets become huge parts of our lives and the bonds that we build with them are like no other. Whether it's a dog, a hamster, a cat, a fish or any one of the unorthodox pets that you may have, the relationship we build with them is like no other. My dogs, both Luna and Harry, were with me through some of the most difficult times of my life, including the breakdown of a long-term relationship and adjusting to living alone. They were with me when I was with my grandma when she died over the summer, when I was struggling with personal issues and also, through some of the best times of my life. They were waiting at the door for me when I arrived home, I'd often wake up with Harry literally laid on my face in bed cause he loved me so much he didn't understand the concept of personal space (something which I had absolutely no problem with - doggy cuddles are the best). To lose all of this in a single minute, totally unexpected and out of the blue, is absolutely devastating.

It still feels empty when I come home and there's no Harry there. You go through a grieving process, feeling numb and in disbelief until one day you're driving home and it hits you like a blow to the stomach. I don't think you can truly understand what it's like to lose a pet that's such a huge part of your life until you've gone through it yourself and felt that sense of loss. It's hard to put it into words in real life as I still think that there is that sense of feeling judged, feeling like you're being "daft" and whether that's there in reality or not, it's still very difficult to put into words. There will always be a Harry-shaped hole in my life that will never be filled; he was only two, just a baby and only just at the start of his doggy life and I can honestly say my life will never be the same without him. 

Amy x

Jewellery is something that can totally define an outfit, particularly when you're like me and your fashion lines between casual, smart and dressy. It can dress up or dress down any piece of clothing and for me, jewellery is a really easy way to put my own twist into my looks day to day. I'm sure any regular readers will notice that I rarely leave the house without a choker around my neck, for example. I'll admit that I don't have a huge collection of jewellery but the jewellery I do have is timeless and the pieces I own are the pieces that I know will stay with me for not only seasons to come, but years to come and that's why I love Thomas Sabo; the entire jewellery brand brings us classic yet modern pieces of jewellery that will never go out of style and they really are great investments that you will not regret snapping up. For me, there are three key things you need in your jewellery box and all of these things are available in Thomas Sabo's new collections.


Did I even have to say it? Like I mentioned above, I barely leave the house without a choker or two around my neck so I couldn't resist adding another to my collection. For me, chokers completely transform an outfit, especially a quite simple and casual one like I'm wearing here. This one is Thomas Sabo's Black Lotus Choker, a beautifully simple piece that caught my eye straight away. It's got a real nineties vibe with the necklace itself being double-sided black velvet and the beading having stunning detail on the lotus. It's quite grungy too which is right up my street but the detailing also makes it rather feminine, meaning it's got my favourite quality when it comes to anything, whether it's jewellery, clothes, shoes or accessories and that quality is versatility. I've never been one of those people who wears something once or twice then lets it gather dust in a drawer somewhere so I'm constantly attracted to things that will easily fit into not only my everyday wardrobe, but also my going out wardrobe and this is the style of jewellery that does exactly that. Expect to see lots of this necklace on my blog and Instagram this season - I've worn it nearly every day since I got it!

It's fair to say I've been on my fair share of city breaks and have written blog posts about nearly all of them with my thoughts, advice and of course, a hell of a lot of photos! I've written about Paris at Christmas and the amazing city of Reykjavik, as well as Funchal in Madeira and a girls trip to Amsterdam. This time, it's all about Prague, a city that has always been on my "to travel to" list. Last weekend, I headed over to the Czech Republic with a group of mates to celebrate a few birthdays that were happening in October and if I'm being honest I wasn't sure what to expect from the city but as soon as our taxi pulled into the Old Town I knew it was going to be a place that was right up my street. 

If you've been reading my travel posts for a while, then you'll know I'm someone who gets quite restless and bored on holiday and can only spend so much time chilling out. I like to be out there, exploring and seeing things, probably eating a lot of food and drinking a lot of cocktails. Prague was perfect for that for me. We stayed in Amethyst Hotel that was about a 30 minute walk from the city centre but the walk meant we got to see a lot more of the quieter parts that you wouldn't normally see and the entire place is absolutely beautiful. Imagine cobbled streets and roads throughout, horse and carts and vintage cars showing tourists around, the Vltava River running through the city with boat trips and restaurants on it... it really is beautiful but as the beer capital of Europe, Prague really does have the best of all worlds when it comes to city breaks. 

So one of my favourite parts of Prague was the Old Town and I know I'm definitely not alone in this. The square in the Old Town is home to Prague's famous (and beautiful) Astronomical Clock and it's lined with museums, bars, cafes and restaurants, with of course some great beer. It wasn't warm by any means while we were in the city but it was lovely to sit outside the bars with a pint or a cocktail taking in the details of the intricately designed buildings that are all over the Old Town Square. However I must say that we did pay €6 to go into the worst and creepiest wax museum that I've ever been to but I'll leave that one for you to discover yourself as you wouldn't want to miss out of course....The Old Town Square also has some lovely horse and cart trips around the city and there are crepe stalls with mulled wine and I hate to say the C word this early in the year but it would be an incredible city to visit at Christmas time. 

Wenceslas Square has a more modern feel to it as it's lined with the shops that we all know and love. There's a Sephora (yes, it did take all of the will power in the world for me to go in), Footlocker, M&S...the list goes on as it's quite a big area! There are a lot of bars, clubs and restaurants around this area but it's definitely worth noting that it can get quite pricey on the main street. The Baileys hot chocolate you see in my photo above, as delicious as it was, cost me the equivalent of about £14 and my friend's pina colada set her back over £20 (much to her pleasure when the bill arrived!). However, step just off the main street onto the quieter back streets and into the traditional Czech pubs and you'll find pints for around £1.80 or less and food that is just as nice but so much cheaper. Be sure to try the Czech soup that's served in a bowl of actual bread and the traditional Czech dessert trdelnik or "chimney cake" - you won't be disappointed! 

When you're in Prague, you must walk over the Charles Bridge. Not only is the view of the city incredible but the bridge is home to some beautiful sculptures and there are so many talented street artists that pitch up around here, painting and sketching the views of the Prague skyline. I really wish I went to see it at sunrise though as I've heard the view is absolutely amazing; would it be bad to go back to Prague just for that reason? Just a short walk from Charles Bridge is St Vitus Cathedral. I'm not religious at all but I find cathedrals and religious buildings simply fascinating so they always make it onto my list of places I want to visit. The view of the entire city from the top of the many steps to get to the Cathedral is worth the tiring climb alone and presents some fabulous photo ops for any photographers or Instagrammers out there! 
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