So far in my house I've shown you around my living room and my bedroom but I haven't yet shown you my kitchen. As you'll have probably gathered, my house is old and when I say old, I mean old. That's what drew me to it in the first place because it has so much personality (not to mention the insane log burner in the living room!) but other than a few Instagram photos of my breakfast like the typical blogger I am, I haven't shared much of my kitchen. It's exactly how you would imagine an old, well-used, countryside kitchen to look and I absolutely love it. Yes, it's really old and no, it's not the typical style of kitchen that you'd see on Pinterest with white tiles and edgy decor, but it fits into my house perfectly and I wouldn't have it any other way.

As you can see, my kitchen wouldn't look out of place on Escape To The Country and I love it. The wooden beams on the ceiling, the brown tiled floor, the old fashioned cupboards with keys on the's no surprise that my house is so "countryside" that the other day I walked outside to find a vegetable growing competition happening on the village green outside my house (true story). I know that my style of house isn't everyone's cup of tea and I've become so accustomed to seeing the same modern style of kitchen on Instagram that I was slightly worried about sharing my own as it's so much more vintage but hey ho I love it and  that's all that matters right?! 

I accessorized with copper bits and bobs of course. My kettle is from good old Next and I also got some copper cutlery to match it. I picked up my tea, coffee and sugar pots from none other than Home Bargains would you believe!? They were a couple of quid each which is incredible considering I've seen them going for ten times that across the net so I snapped em up straight away! Like every other room in my house I've got fake plants everywhere, from huge floor plants to lavender on the shelf to sunflowers in the window. I don't know what it is about fake flowers but they just make me feel so much more relaxed, so much more peaceful and overall I just feel like they make me feel better (and sadly I don't have the dollar to keep buying fresh ones!). I've got my cookbooks on the shelves, from old pasta classics from the 80s to new and up to date blogger books (Tanya Burrs baking book is a personal fav!) and since moving into this house, I have done a lot more cooking and I think I'm actually becoming quite good *gasps in shock*. 

There are a few more things I want to do in my lil kitchen though. I do want some plants maybe putting on the walls, a few more pictures putting up and a new dining table but for the minute, I'm pretty happy! It's big enough to decorate for Christmas too so although I'm definitely not someone who waits for festive season to come round as soon as August is over, I'll admit I have been thinking about it a lil bit! 

What do you think of country kitchens?

Amy x

I've always loved to read. I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for the first time when I was just six years old and went on to go to the launches in the local bookstores of all of the ones that followed with my Grandma. I always had my head in a book and loved to escape to my own little world, surrounded by magic, adventure, comedy and everything else. My love of reading stayed with me well into adulthood and although I now don't have as much time to read as I would like but when I travel or when I sit down in front of the fire while it's raining outside, there's nothing I love more than getting stuck into a book and that's why I love my Kindle so much.

I got one of the first Amazon Kindles for Christmas when they first ever came out. Remember the classics that didn't have a backlight and just looked like you were reading off paper? I absolutely loved mine and took it everywhere with me and naturally, I got the Kindle Fire when it first came out too. I had it for years and basically ran the poor little thing into the ground but the Kindles have always been sturdy, long-lasting and well worth spending on. My old Kindle had been on its way out for a few months so when the brand new Fire 7 Tablet turned up on my doorstep, I was absolutely over the moon!

The Fire 7 is Amazon's best-selling tablet and that word is the very beauty of it - it's a tablet. Now I'm no technology buff so I understand virtually nothing about the core-processors and all that jazz but I do understand that it's so much better than any of the past models. It's much less glitchy, it's faster, smoother and the battery life is great too meaning it's perfect for slipping in your bag, whether you're going on a long travel or just nipping out for a coffee. Plus, this tablet comes in a variety of super cool colours too, including canary yellow and blue and retailing at around £50, the Kindle Fire 7 is an amazing Christmas gift for any bookworm.

Any problems I did have with my tablet were quickly resolved by the Amazon Customer Care team who were great, really understanding and fixed things right away. After having a bit of a play around with the tablet, I worked out how to use it, connected my Amazon account and synced all of my previously bought books (which is pretty damn cool if you ask me) and then downloaded all of my fav social media apps, including Netflix which was a godsend whilst on a long flight a few weeks ago. I downloaded a couple of episodes of Drag Race and ouilla! I was set for the entire flight.

The Fire 7 also now includes one of Amazon's latest and most famous creations - Alexa. Press the home button, ask questions, make commands and Alexa will do it for you. I'll admit I haven't had much time with Alexa but it's very responsive when I have tried it and I'm definitely going to experiment a little more with it! Overall, I'm really happy with my Kindle. I know that a load of people do the typical "I like an actual book" complaint but for me, I'd rather have all of my books, social media and everything else in one place, easy enough to carry in my bag, flit between books and also, spending less money overall as we all know that e-books from Amazon cost much less than ordering the hardback.

You can check out the new Amazon Kindle here.

Amy x

I don't know about anyone else but the changing of the seasons makes me hate all of the clothes in my wardrobe for at least a few weeks and I have an insatiable need to buy clothes, buy more clothes and keep buying clothes until my bank account is empty. However, new season collections are always my favourite and I love filling up my house with brand new outfits and although I am loathed to say goodbye to holidays and nice(ish) weather for now, I can't wait to get cosied up in the AW17 collections. I've put together some of my AW essentials for the coming months as well as some of my favourite picks from the good ol' high street too.


Florals, for Autumn? Groundbreaking. I love a good floral dress but not the typical, very feminine style that we all automatically think of when we hear the term "floral dress". I'm into the grungy, wear with boots, casual type dress and that's especially true for this time of year. The one I've featured here is from Nasty Gal and I just absolutely love the navy print on it as it's quite understated but so pretty and I think it'll look amazing teamed with a pair of nude boots. Plus, the ruffles on the sleeves are right on trend for the coming season and are great if you're not too sure about going all-out ruffly. Warehouse are another high street brand that have some amazing floral dresses in right now and I always find that for their price point, Warehouse's dresses and their clothes in general are of such good quality, they're real investment pieces for your wardrobe (I'm desperate for this carnation dress). I've put together a few of my fav floral dresses from all over the 'net together below - just click on them to be taken to the product page!


If you'd had a little bit of a nosey in the shops recently, you'll have undoubtedly noticed the huge amount of red clothing that has made it's way onto the rails and I'll admit, I didn't used to be the biggest fan of red. However, it's truly won me over and I had to invest in this pair of simply beautiful red patent boots from ZARA. The footwear in ZARA at the minute is incredible and the prices? Well, ZARA has shocked me with how good it is. These boots cost just under thirty quid, which was a bloody lovely surprise considering I was expecting them to be around 80! Laaaaavly when that happens, isn't it?! It's not just reds that I'm loving at the minute either but also burnt oranges and those lovely warm Autumnal tones, yellows and the like. I know this isn't strictly style related but Lord & Berry are celebrating their 20th birthday with a beautiful 20 in fashion set including a gorgeous yellow eyeshadow, perfect for A/W. I've been experimenting with the colours and teamed with a little bit of gold and a dark brown eyeliner, it creates a beautiful AW make-up look. I've also rounded up my fav red pieces from the shops below so you can hopefully be inspired by the red too!


And finally, we have the ruffles. I recently got a really cool white shirt from Nasty Gal with open sleeves with ruffles all the way down and it just made me fall in love with the AW favourite. Ruffles are definitely something I'm always drawn towards at this time of year and last year, my favourite piece was a white Victorian style blouse with ruffles all the way down so I don't see this changing any time soon. Yes, I know that ruffles have just been a Spring Summer trend but for me, they're more of a winter thang and to be honest, even though I love new clothes, I don't follow trends to the tee and I'm more likely to just wear whatever the hell I want. I love to wear ruffled shirts with skinny jeans, some statement boots and a slash of winged eyeliner and that's probably one of my favourite AW looks ever.

What are you loving for the change of seasons?

Amy x


I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love festival fashion. At festivals, literally anything goes and you can literally walk around in a pair of sequin hot pants with glitter stars over your nipples and no one bats an eyelid. Now, I'm not saying I go that extreme but I just love getting creative, wearing things I don't normally get to wear on a day to day basis and just being super chilled, laid-back and, well, basically drinking and dancing in a field while doing so. I went to Leeds Fest when it was August Bank Holiday and it was bloody great. Granted, the toilets were not of the best standard (think a hole in a piece of wood where you may as well be peering into the depths of hell when you look down...) and there was some questionable behaviour from a minority of other festival goers (booing a women's rights charity who are trying to make festivals safer for girls and women is not cool in my book), but the overall weekend was amazingg and the music? Well, with Eminem, Muse and You Me At Six involved how can it not have been beyond incredible?! 

Anyway, here's the lowdown on what I wore at Leeds Fest! 

Like every festival I've ever been to, I wore my trusty Dr Martens every day and I can't tell you how great they are for festivals. They literally get through the muddiest of bogs (even around the fresh water tap on the campsites!) and even when they do get covered in mud, they still manage to look super cool and we all know the same can't be said for the poor white trainers that we always try and drag to festivals. On the first day, I teamed my pink floral slip dress (which is less than half price in the Topshop sale FYI!! Linked above so don't miss out!) with a layered white tee and my absolutely banging faux leather jacket that I picked up in the Zara sale. I feel like I've just walked out of an 80s music video every time I wear it and I think if I was going to be reincarnated as clothes (lmao) then this jacket would actually be me. 

The rose tinted sunglasses are also something I wore every day of the festival. They're from super cool Skinnydip, who not only supply us with the most Instagrammable phone cases imaginable, they also give us magical accessories for festivals. 


The second day called for something a little easier to wear in the form of a simple shorts, tee and jacket combo. The jacket (which is also in the sale right now! I'm bringing you all the bargains in this post) was something I knew I was going to take to Leeds with me because (a) it's cool as f and (b) I hate being cold and a lot of festival inspo outfits don't cover that much skin (but they look amazing) so I wanted to make sure I could keep my lil snowflake self warm. The space buns were essential after the first day because a fringe is not something that's easy to have at a festival because when I wake up I basically look like Cameron Diaz in that fringe scene in There's Something About Mary and the glitter from Gypsy Shrine just about managed to hide my greasy roots. 

For the final day, it was passive aggressive slogan time in the form of this classic Lazy Oaf slip dress. I did team it with a sheer tee and my leather jacket later on but it looked so much cool without earlier in the day and it was actually warm in the north for once on the Sunday! This dress is actually about a year old now and I've only worn it a handful of times so Leeds was the perfect opportunity to whip it out again. At home I'd normally wear this with a white tee underneath like in the first outfit as I just think it creates a super laidback, grunge vibe but at a festival, I thought the dress itself had to be the main feature.

Obviously I was covered in glitter for most of the weekend and although I've seen a lot of people throw shade at girls who wear glitter at festivals (I see you!) I don't think anyone who's having an amazing time listening to music and partying in a field really cares! I know I don't and I just wish people would let people live and stop passing unnecessary opinions on things that have nothing to do with them (such as the way girls dress at festivals!). If you are a fan, great! If you're not, also great! Just don't try and make other people feel shit just because you aren't into the same things imo!

What do you think of festival fashion?

Amy x

Looking for a last minute holiday or planning next year's already? Well, if Croatia is on your list then I'm your gal and this is the post for you. Any long term followers of mine will know that I simply adore Croatia as a country and have found myself visiting so many places there and this summer I visited the country for the third year running and stayed in Split. This time, my family came along with me and although my mum and dad are the type who usually lie around the pool doing nothing, they loved the more active, cultural side of of this kind of trip and whether you're an adventurer like me or are simply looking for somewhere hot, beautiful and *gasps* cheap, then you may want to consider looking into Croatia.

So, like I said, I've visited Croatia for three years in a row. I've visited a load of places there and have travelled around it a lot and so can speak from my own experience of the different cities and destinations you can visit. A lot of people I've spoken to simply don't know what to expect from Croatia or where to stay or what to do so these are my top tips for visiting this amazing country.


There are so many different options regarding where to stay in Croatia and the best choice will depend on what kind of holiday you're after overall. Do you want parties? Festivals? Nature? Budget? Pag was the first place in Croatia I visited and if you're looking for music festivals and parties, this is the type of place that will be amazing for you. I went to Fresh Island Festival but Pag's Zrce Beach is home to a whole host of amazing parties and festivals including Hideout and Sonus. As you can imagine, Pag is full of young people and although other than the parties and nightlife, there wasn't that much there, it's a beautiful, serene little island with a whole host of beautiful villas to stay in and hidden beaches with crystal clear waters but if you visit Pag you should 100% look into the festivals.

Dubrovnik was the second place I stayed in Croatia and if I'm being honest, it was my personal favourite. It's absolutely stunning and words seriously can't describe how beautiful it really is - it's something you have to see for yourself. The whole Old Town is a UNESCO heritage sight and if you're into history, food and adventure, Dubrovnik is the place for you. It is the most expensive of the places I've been in Croatia as it is probably the most popular tourist destination and I spent a small fortune while I was there. It's where King's Landing in Game of Thrones was filmed, you can walk the walls of the city, visit the beautiful harbour and the food is just incredible. There aren't many beaches around Dubrovnik and the ones there are mainly small and rocky so it's definitely not a lie and do nothing holiday and if I was to re-visit somewhere in Croatia for a second time, it would be Dubrovnik.

Split is the third place I stayed and it's where I've just come back from a few weeks back. It's probably what I would consider the most commercialised out of all the places I've visited in the country although in comparison to a lot of other countries, it remains virtually untouched. It's somewhere that does have beaches, albeit not many sandy ones other than the famous Bacvice beach and if you have a mind to get on one of the buses for a short ride, you can reach stunning beaches such as Kasjuni. Split is probably a bit of a mixed bag so is ideal for a first visit to Croatia; the nightlife is great with a lot of pub crawls and bars, there's a lot of culture and history, the city is a UNESCO heritage site and it's super cheap too, food and drinks wise.

Something I would say is that I personally wouldn't recommend an all-inclusive holiday to Croatia. Firstly, there aren't many hotels that offer it and the ones that do can be awfully expensive. Secondly, there are so many great budget hotels with bed and breakfast or Air B'n'Bs there really is no need to go all-inclusive. Also, remember that in Croatia the currency is Kuna, not Euros. I wish I had a quid every time I saw someone try and spend Euros in Croatia only to be turned away! Finally, there are so many other great places I've visited but haven't stayed in such as Hvar, Zadar and Mljet and if you want a super chilled, quiet trip they may be somewhere to look at!


Croatia is home to so many bloody incredible natural wonders, it's impossible to see them all in one trip. The country is famed for its National Parks and I've been lucky enough to visit two of them, seeing one of them twice and I can hand on heart say that they are two of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Krka Waterfalls is a must see in Croatia especially if you visit Split, Pag or anywhere close to there and it barely costs anything to get in. It's absolutely magical, wandering through the forest on the wooden path, hearing the birds chirping and the serene sounds of nature with fish swimming all around you. You can swim in the base of one of the waterfalls at the bottom and the aura of the entire national park is so magical, it just doesn't seem real. You think you've seen its beauty until you turn a corner and bam there's another amazing sight for you to drink it. 

Mljet National Park is also somewhere you should consider visiting if you're staying in Dubrovnik. The deep blue lakes stretch for miles and are surrounded by the most fresh, green forests that you'll set eyes on. It feels like you're walking through a fairytale land. You can also swim in the lakes here and as it's less crowded than Krka, it feels so special when you're actually there, swimming with just a handful of other people. You can rent bikes to cycle around as it's huge and we just enjoyed sitting by the lakes in one of the restaurant enjoying some seafood. Absolute heaven. Plitvice Lakes is another Park that I'm desperate to visit - it looks absolutely incredible so if you manage to get there on your trip I'm super jealous! 

Other than the national parks, there are also so many other things to see such as the Blue Cave which is something I saw on my trip to Split. You go through a scarily tiny hole in the side of a cliff (literally, you have to duck right down to get in!) and the light that creeps through the bottom of the 16m deep cavern reflects and drenches the cave in magical blue light. Have a look around where you're staying - there are always tourist operators who will give you advice and offer you some great deals! 


Hold up, I don't just mean go bungee jumping or backpacking through the wilderness but I do mean step outside of your ordinary. Get exploring the cities, walk the walls in Dubrovnik, go on a kayaking trip, climb the cathedrals, experience the culture... there is so much more to do in Croatia than you think with boat trips galore and water sports every where. We went on a full day's kayaking trip around about three islands off the coast of Dubrovnik, we went off-road buggying in the mountains, walked the ancient walls of cities and climbed the hills and the mountains to get the best views. It really enriches your holiday and even though my mum and dad would usually sit around the pool for 10 hours a day on holiday without moving, they loved a more active holiday, exploring the markets, seeing the history and really getting to experience Croatia as a country rather than as the inside of a hotel. Obviously, if you really aren't into leaving the hotel, you can always relax by the pool or on one of the beautiful scenic beaches - the weather is scorching during the summer! 

Other Top Tips:

Try the seafood! Croatia is famed for its seafood. Eat some octopus and some fresh mussels - I ate enough seafood in Croatia and may as well have just grown gills. 

Utilise the boats and buses. Don't be frightened of the public transport and visit other islands or areas. I visited Zadar, Sibenik, Hvar and so many others this way and it's a great way to see places you wouldn't otherwise! 

Visit Bosnia or Montenegro! I know this post is about Croatia but whilst in Dubrovnik we did a day over in Montengro and saw three different places I would never have thought have visiting otherwise in a country that is often overlooked in the travel stakes. Trust me, the long drive is bloody worth it.

Amy x

It's universally known that one of the best things about moving out is decorating your own space. We all spent hours and hours and hours of our youths designing and decorating our dream homes on the Sims (more time than playing the actual game? You bet'cha!) and it was one of the things I couldn't wait to do when I finally moved out of my parent's house a year ago. I'd spent hours in my head thinking about what I'd have in my own house and it's absolute bliss when your plans can finally become a reality with your personality infecting every part of a house instead of only one room. My home is finally (nearly!) done and there are certain bits and pieces that I couldn't have pulled my home together without and I thought I'd write a little post with some of the finer details that have really made my blank canvas into a home that reflects my personality.

As you'll have probably noticed in virtually every single one of my interior photos, I bloody love a good plant. I'm out of the house quite a lot though and have never successfully kept a plant alive yet so I've dotted a whole host of fake plants and flowers around my home. I've especially loved this during the summer as my house has an inherent "winter" vibe with the old wood floors and log burner so having some greenery in the house has made it feel a hell of a lot brighter and fresher over the course of the summer. I have a huge variety of plants from cacti to flowers to simple green leaves and they're actually not badly priced. Some of mine were only a couple of squids from Home Bargains whilst others cost around £40 but for a plant that lives forever I think that's a pretty decent deal!

Chill Insurance are the ones responsible for me thinking about summer interiors with their #InteriorInspirations campaign and their e-book was absolutely full of ideas for injecting some summer into your home. I know that summer is almost over and we're all dying to get out the Autumn candles and the fluffy blankets but that doesn't mean we can't keep a bit of a tropical vibes in our houses and of course, the winter is all about the plants ain't it with the tree we bring inside? (I'm not saying the C word in August I'm not sorry).

I don't know about anyone else but I have an unhealthy obsession with the walls in my house. I'm always looking for news ways to spruce them up, whether that's with a new print, a bit of a paint or a statement wallpaper wall. I am a huge fan of prints and wall art as I've mentioned in a post not so long ago and my bedroom itself has very summery vibes, with a huge "Take Me To The Beach" print, floral frames and green cacti photos hanging on the wall. I love Desenio who very kindly sent me a load of prints and frames over to decorate my new house and they have the perfect pieces to add some personality and jazz to a plain wall. For now, my print collection is complete but undoubtedly it will continue to grow and grow and grow (and probably grow some more!) as I evolve the decor in my home but for now, the ones I have reflect me and my vibes perfectly.

Now, it's very easy for us these days to go neutral on the walls and I know that's what I've done so far in both of the houses I've lived in. However, I love the way bright walls and wallpaper can look, with coloured wallpaper on statement walls in the living room, bright colours in stripes in other rooms and bedrooms that truly reflect the personality of the person it is home to. With my house being very old, the rooms are quite oddly shaped compared to the simple square and rectangular rooms of new builds and I have a lot of what I think of as mini walls protruding and making furniture placement very awkward! However, in the future I'd love to turn these into mini statement walls with a little bit of a wow factor - I love the thought of this silver wallpaper in a thick stripe on my white wall behind my bed!

Decorating gives you the perfect opportunity to support small and independent brands from across the UK. Now don't get me wrong, my house is full of bits and pieces from huge, supermarket giants and most of my furniture is from ginormous home retailer IKEA but there's always room to support the smaller brands. I love buying little handmade pieces from Etsy and got a whole host of little bits including my branch jewellery holder that I use to hang keys on in my hallway, printed calendar for my office and my honey bee wall art in my living room.  I think the things you can buy from smaller and independent brands, artists and creators have a much more personal vibe and it has chance to be something that fits with your personality perfectly.

Here are a little list of some independent/small artists and businesses you might love if you're looking for a way to spruce up your home. Some of them are personal favourites of mine and others were favourites of some of my followers on Twitter so hopefully you'll find something you love!

Now, there are some accessories that truly bring your rooms together, regardless of how small or trivial they may seem. I'm talking the perfect cushion cover or the beautifully potted candle, the patterned photo frame or the tealight holder in the window. My house has a whole host of tiny little details that for me, just complete the vibes in the room. I recently added a couple of things from Rooi to my living room, including the pink and grey cushion and the Paddywax candle. I firmly believe you can never have too many cushions. They make for the perfect cosy feel (especially when winter is coming for us wildlings!) and candles tie the whole thing together with the beautiful scents they give off. I love treating myself to candles that you can keep the container of and find myself hanging onto empty jars. I either put tealights in them or simply put them on a shelf somewhere in my house and it's a great way to get your real money's worth!

So they are my essentials for when it comes to decorating your own home! I'm still making changes and adding bits and pieces here and there but it's still a lottaaaaa fun getting to choose what goes where and whether you want to change things up!

What are your essentials for decorating?

Amy x


Let's be honest, some pieces of clothing can be intimidating. I've heard it countless times, from friends, from family and even from myself and I'm sure nearly everyone has felt the same at some point. When people are sifting through the rails in a high street shop, an interesting piece catches their eye and they say "that wouldn't suit me"! or "I'm too old for that" or "I could never pull that off!". One of these intimidating pieces has got to be the thigh high boot and that's especially true when stepping away from the safer boots-over-jeans look. Public Desire challenged me to style a pair of their wonderful thigh high boots with a dress to prove that actually, they can look pretty dang cool with a number of pieces in your wardrobe and with the loom of Autumn and Winter, we need to find some way to get some wear out of those lovely lil dresses don't we?!





For me, the thigh high boots are all about making a statement. They look amazing teamed with little dresses and personally I think the outfit comes together in a much easier way if there's a slight length difference between the hem of the dress and the top of the boot. Leaving a little bit of leg on show between the two pieces of clothing can just mean that the outfit doesn't look too busy and it gives the sillhouette a bit of shape.

These thigh high Janine Boots are my idea of a perfect boot. The heel height give little old me a bit of a boost (we all know I'm lacking in the height department!) and as my frame is quite small, the ties at the back of the boot mean that it can be adjusted to fit my leg shape. Obviously it's no fun when over the knee boots are hanging off you or are basically cutting your circulation off so this is an uh-mazing feature if you struggle to get the right fit for your leg shape!

My advice for finding your own style with thigh high boots would be to experiment, experiment, experiment! You don't have to feel intimidated by any style and over the knee boots with dresses is far too cool of a look to miss out on this Autumn and are perfect if you have any city breaks or mini holidays booked for the next few months. I think this is my third pair of over the knee boots now and I don't see any sign of me slowing down! Next I think I'd like to push myself out and try some real statement ones like this pair of red over the knee boots - I'm getting so many off-duty model vibes from them and even though they are ordinarily a colour that would terrify me, I think they're what I need to go for as the seasons and styles change for AW17.

What do you think of over the knee boots with dresses?

Amy x

This post is in collaboration with Public Desire. All words and opinions remain my own. 
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