Monday, 27 July 2015

#AAAinCroatia: The Villa, Day 1 and Fresh Island Festival

Hey everybody! If you caught yesterday's post you'll have seen the first of my photos from my time on the island of Pag in Croatia with ASOS, Slydes and Croatia Wave. In today's post I'm going to talk a little bit about the absolutely stunning villa we stayed in and what we got up to in the first couple of days so prepare for a very photo heavy post but I promise they're good ones!


Amelia and I were staying in the villa with a number of other journalists and PRs and as you can see it was nothing short of stunning. I think my favourite thing about it was the location. We woke up after arriving in the middle of the night and opened our curtains to absolutely breathtaking views of the mountains in the background, the deep blue sea and a lovely garden, complete with a pool and comfy seating area. The second photo down? Yep that was what we woke up to every morning. Paradise. 

The villa was part of Croatia Wave, one of the companies which were sponsoring our trip. Croatia is a hotspot for music festivals on the beach and Croatia Waves makes it easy to book your festival tickets, villa or apartment and transfers all in one package. They offer 5* villa experiences or apartments depending on your budget and offer packages all over Croatia, from Dubrovnik to Hvar. While they are holiday/festival package specialists, they also encourage you to explore and experience Croatia itself, which is what we did on our trip and it was right up my street. Wherever Karl and I go on holiday we get out and explore the place and experience as many different things as we can so although I did enjoy a day of chilling by the pool, it was the experience I was really looking forward to.


So, on our first day we headed to the beautiful Boskinac Hotel, one of the finest restaurants on the island, for a morning of wine tasting and lunch to follow. As you all know I don't drink so I'm definitely not accustomed to the taste of wine so it definitely was an experience! Wine all tastes the same to me so I can't really vouch for it but Amelia is a seasoned wine drinker and assured me that it was good wine! We were served with a plate of posh nibbles with the red wine, including Pag cheese and octopus which was absolutely lovely. Despite not being a drinker I did really enjoy the tasting of the different wines, even if I didn't enjoy the taste of the wine itself; it is always nice to experience the different foods and drinks a place has to offer so the Boskinac wine tasting was definitely great for that!

After the wine tasting, we headed upstairs onto a terrace for a three course lunch which was absolutely spectacular. I don't eat meat at home but when I go abroad I do as like I said above I like to properly experience the cuisine a place has to offer. We were served rib eye steak for our main course which was sliced into chunks of tender meat (it was delicious!) followed by a duo of desserts. This was without a doubt my favourite part of the meal - apple pie is always a winner in my eyes! The meal and the wine tasting together cost 25 kuna a head, which works out at about £25. I was so shocked when I realised it was that cheap but it was similar throughout the trip - Croatia is such an affordable place, I had no idea! 

The other guys headed off to a Croatia Wave boat party later in the afternoon and then onto the festival but Amelia and I chose to chill by the pool. We were still exhausted after our flight the day before so just had a nice afternoon reading books with our feet in the pool. Bliss! Plus, I was very stressed out after losing my passport in Zadar airport, so much so I actually got quite sick on the night! Luckily one of the Croatia Wave taxi drivers, Tommy (who was one of the nicest guys ever), got a hold of my passport and brought it back to the villa for me. How amazing is that?! Tommy is definitely my hero! 


On the second day we visited Krka National Park (more on that in my next post!) and after having a beautiful dinner we were headed to the festival. On our way, the guys said they had a surprise for us and we were taken down to the harbour where we were picked up by two speedboats!! Coolest. Thing. Ever. We sat on the front of the boats and spent so long racing each other and zooming around the sea with great music playing and I cannot tell you how much fun it was! I don't think I've ever laughed so much as I did then, taking photos with Amelia's hair flying everywhere and pulling "rich laugh" faces (Joe?), it was such a fantastic experience.

It's safe to say we arrived at the festival in style (travelling by car back at home is now such a bummer) and I'll admit I didn't think I would like the festival. I've only been to one other festival in my life which was Download (obviously the two are very different!) and as a non-drinker I didn't think it would be my cup of tea. I was so wrong and actually ended up having a really good time. The DJs we saw were insanely good and played some amazing mixes, including tracks from Snoop Dogg, Calvin Harris and hip hop music I wasn't familiar with but did enjoy! Tim Westwood was my favourite DJ of the night (although he did say some rather bizarre things during his set that I couldn't possibly repeat ha!) and even though staying up until 3am isn't my usual thing considering I'm usually in my pjs with a cup of tea by 11oclock I really did have a great time!

Stay tuned for my next post, where I'll be talking about Krka National Park and Zadar Old Town!

Amy x

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Sunday Post: #AAAinCroatia in Social Media

I can't believe it's been a week since I got back from the amazing #AAAinCroatia trip to the beautiful Island of Pag *cries violently*. Seriously, the island was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life, with mountains in the background, clear blue waters and fresh green scenery all around, I could have simply looked at the views all day. Our Croatia Wave villa was simply stunning, with a spacious pool overlooking the sea and wildlife all around, it made for an amazing view to wake up to! Overall I had an absolutely fantastic time and made some amazing buddies and I'll tell you all about it in a series of posts this week but for now I thought I'd share a few highlights of the trip with you in social media snaps!

1. I couldn't go on holiday without my trusty stripes! This particular top is a halter neck one from ASOS with an open back; perfect for 38 degree heat! (You can find the top here)

2. Standard "I'm on a plane, look at the clouds" photo (sorry) ha

3. The view from mine and Amelia's room window. Absolutely breathtaking.

4. Amelia and I at Pag bridge. I'm starting to wonder if it is possible to take a bad photo in Croatia!

5. Lounging by the pool. You can't have enough photos of such a beautiful view right?!

6. Personal full body massages at the villa. My first ever massage and it's safe to say it won't be my last.

7. Me and my vampire skin "sun bathing" (I haven't changed colour. Not even a shade. #palegirlproblems)

8. Swimming in the absolutely stunning Krka National Park. Photos cannot do this place justice and you'll see lots more photos of this in my next posts!

9. My trusty *Slydes by the pool. Best. Shoes. Ever. (and so cheap!!)

10. Amelia and I looking a bit windswept on the speedboats that took us to Fresh Island Festival. I promise I do have a face! 

11. Strolling down by the sea on our final day. Oh how I miss the view!

12. From wear I stand pic by the pool, wearing *gold Slydes and ASOS 70s playsuit (in the sale!!)

Look out for more Croatia posts this week!!

Amy x

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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Festival Essentials With 3


As you may already know if you follow me on social media, I was lucky enough to be flown off to Croatia last week to attend Fresh Island festival, an absolutely fantastic hip hop and R&B festival which is held on Zrca Beach on the island of Pag. The only other festival I'd been to was Download Festival a few years ago and as you can imagine, the two festivals couldn't be further apart but both were equally as fantastic! 

Anyway more on that later. 3 were kind enough to send me over a festival pack for my trip, with some amazing festival essentials which really did come in handy, not just for the festival itself, but for the rest of my trip too. Obviously selfie sticks are essential on a daily basis but they become even more at a festival - your selfie game has to upped even more! I think my favourite item out of the set though had to be the screen protector. I'm always a bit dubious about them as I think they look like they coat your phone but this one was amazing! As a very clumsy person (ask anyone who was on the trip with me!!) this was so essential for me - the glass is bulletproof for crying out loud! Even I couldn't smash my phone screen with this baby! 

Also, have you ever seen such a pretty charging as this one? I think I may actually be in love with it (well, as much as you can be "in love" with a charging block) and this was a lifesaver. It's common knowledge that iPhone battery life isn't the greatest meaning that these can come in so handy somewhere like a festival, where you spend 99% of the time outdoors with no electricity or plugs. 

Thanks to 3 for sending this over -it helped out a lot!

Amy x

Thursday, 23 July 2015

#ThisIsUGG - Going Green


I'll admit, I'm usually the first to complain about all of the greenery we have here in the North East (trust me, it can make taking blog photos hard) but in the summer it becomes so much nicer and even becomes quite beautiful. The flowers bloom, the grass gets greener, the trees become full of bright green leaves and I begin to realise that actually, the green isn't so bad. That's why when UGG challenged me to style up these gorgeous gold sandals in a blog post themed around a summer colour, I knew it had to be green.

The green always reminds me of walking my dogs, Luna and Charlie with Karl, which is one of my favourite things to do in the summer. We have an absolute abundance of fields around our area, meaning there are so many beautiful places to go in the summer and they're right on our doorstep. Some of my favourite summer memories include Karl and I sitting on a bench in the park while the dogs happily zoom around us (it is my ultimate goal in life to be as happy as Luna is when I let her off the lead!). 

In the outfit, the gold tones compliment the khaki green of the dress perfectly. It's subtle and simple but outfits like this can have such an impact as they just scream casual elegance. I did forget to add my black fedora hat which I was gutted about as it is my summer staple but you've probably all seen quite enough of it by now! 

What's your favourite summer colour?

Amy x

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Scunci InstaTwist and An Exciting Announcement


So today's post is all about one of the coolest little products I have ever had the pleasure of trying: the Scunci InstaTwist. It's a handheld battery powered device (woop no wires!) which puts twists in your hair, leading to amazing hairstyles, meaning that if you're like me and absolute suck at doing anything more adventurous than a ponytail in your hair, this can be an absolute god send. I thought I'd use my sister Sophie as a guinea pig for this as she has beautiful long hair and to be honest, she has been absolutely begging to be on my blog for months! 

As the InstaTwist is battery powered, it means that it's ideal for festivals and for holiday. I know just how unruly curly hair can be in the festival environment so if I were going anywhere similar this year this would definitely be coming in my suitcase! 

I thought I'd recreate Scunci's milkmaid twists on Sophie's hair as it's such a classic hairstyle and the InstaTwist makes it so quick and easy too. All you do is section the hair into two, and section those two into two, putting a strand of hair underneath the clamps. Simply press up to setting 1 on the device to twist each of the hairs until it's twisted to the top, and then down to setting 2 to twist them together. Secure with a hair tie and do the same on the other side. Pull each twist over the head and secure with bobby pins and if you're like me and like the braids to look a little bit messier, you can pull some strands of hair out to give it a grungier look. And it's as simple as that!

Anyway onto the "exciting announcement".... I've started a YouTube channel!! You can subscribe to me HERE where I'm hoping to get into the swing of uploading vids very soon (if I'm brave enough) but as my first video I thought I'd show you guys how the InstaTwist works so you can really get a feel of it and see just how cool it is. It's only very short but remember it is my first one! Eeeek! Let me know if you subscribe and if you have any suggestions or requests for videos from me! Exciting times are ahead!

Amy x

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

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Monday, 20 July 2015

The Travel Outfit



Travel outfits can be extremely tricky to get right - what is the perfect balance between chic and comfortable? What can keep you warm on the plane (cause we know how bloody chilly planes can get!) but also be cool enough for arrival in a roasting hot destination? How can we keep our hair from getting more and more dishevelled as the journey goes on? I think I found the answer to all of these questions in this outfit - culottes and a hat. The culottes are so comfortable and light, meaning you'll be comfortable but still well dressed (a very hard combination to find!) and teamed with the Slydes, this may be THE most comfortable outfit I've ever put together. These Slydes have fast made it into my favourite pieces of footwear in the past week; they're so light it feels like you aren't wearing shoes and they are unbelievably durable (watch this space for more on that!!) and with them being SO cheap, I honestly cannot fault them. 

I always try to wear my hats for travelling when I'm flying anywhere. They keep your hair nice and neat but also, it stops them getting battered and squashed in your case. How many poor hats have we lost through that?! 

Amy x

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